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Courage - Abhilasha Mansion

Abhilasha Mansion
Courage is the mental and emotional preparedness and ability to deal with difficulties and challenges. Each person possesses this value, and his or her life must deal with various life challenges.

I recall an incident that took place a few days ago at the Vangani station in Mumbai. A person named Mayur Shelkar saved a baby's life in front of the train. The baby was playing at the station, and his mother was blind. While playing, he fell on the track. As his mother was blind, she knew nothing about it. The train got too close to the baby. Mayur Shelkar saw this and ran to save the baby without thinking about his own life. And he picked the baby safely from the front of the train and saved his life. This is true courage.

Abhilasha Mansion 
Class VIII A
The Fabindia School


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