Thursday 30 September 2021

Appreciation - Varad Sadvilkar

All of us have been appreciated at some point. I can recollect being appreciated by my class teacher as the “Student of the month” for having completed all my classwork in spite of a fractured left hand.

Similarly, pre-primary graduation day, science project presentation, class paintings, annual day performances, etc. have all been appreciated. 

Participating in much loved sports such as Skating and Swimming have also been rewarding. Most of all, appreciation from my parents has always encouraged me to take up newer challenges and perform at my very best. 

Varad Sadvilkar 
Grade - 5A  
Billabong High International School Thane

Appreciation - Aaditri Bhise


We want to be appreciated for what we are, what we do and what we achieve.

Aaditri Bhise
Grade - 5 A
Billabong High International School Thane

Wednesday 29 September 2021

The Joy of Appreciation - Aashay Nimish Gaitonde

It always feels great to be appreciated. It is a beautiful feeling when people around you encourage you for the different things you do in life, both big and small. Appreciation motivates you to try harder in whatever you do and be a better version of yourself.
I would like to share a couple of incidents recently that I remember when I was received praise and appreciation.
Winning an inter-school roller-skating race
I once participated in an inter-school roller skating event where I came second in the Finals. I won a trophy & my parents were elated. I have been skating since I was six years old, so it was a wonderful moment. They hugged me and rewarded me by taking me to a “Marvel Studio” to visit my favourite comic superheroes and their film set. Here are some of the pictures taken -
Even today, my mom & dad always take time out to drop me at skating class every day & this motivates me to keep practising and being a better skater day by day! 
Securing the First rank in the NELTAS examination
The second incident was when I came first across all schools in India & UAE in a competitive exam for English language (NELTAS). I have been giving this exam for four years & this was the first time I ranked first in the Grand Finale.
I was thrilled when the results came out but was happier when everyone in my family & my teachers appreciated me. They have supported me through thick & thin; hence their applause was all the more special for me.
There are many such times when I have been complimented & supported by my family and friends, even when I have failed. It’s only when you receive such tremendous support that you feel that you can excel in anything you put your mind to!

Aashay Nimish Gaitonde
Grade : 5 Division: A Billabong High International School, Thane

Appreciation - Asmi Patankar



I quite vividly remember the first time I needed some appreciation. Many years ago, when I was in Playgroup, I heard my teachers say that I could not scribble properly like the other children in my class. Later, when I came home, I told my father all about what I heard. He said, "Asmi, I know you tried your best. Now, please show me your drawing."

 After I showed him, he replied, "But these are beautiful! You can really improve once you are older."

And honestly, with the help of my art teachers, now I can draw much better than anyone could have expected from a girl who once could not even scribble! I am sure that this could not have happened without my father appreciating me or without the support of my art teachers.

Asmi Patankar

Grade 5

Billabong High International School, Thane

Appreciate Everything - Rananjaysinh Rajput

 Appreciate Everything!

I’m thankful for the invention of cars.
But also, for ice cream and chocolate bars!

I wonder which I appreciate the most?
But while thinking, I remember, I even like to eat toast!

And by the name of toast, I recognize butter.
But then, I think that jam is a much bigger competitor!

Oh! I can’t stop liking things!
And yes, I even like paintings, birds and many more.
Besides, how can I forget a toy store!

Now I know what I appreciate the most.
It’s not a car, neither a spring.
In fact, it is everything!

A poem appreciating all the joys in life! 
By Rananjaysinh Rajput 
Grade 5A, Billabong High International School Thane

Monday 27 September 2021

Appreciation - Luke Daniel

An appreciation from my teacher made my day!

Hello everyone! I am Luke Daniel from Grade 3C from Billabong High International School Thane. I would like to share my experience on appreciation with you all. My Hindi tuition teacher appreciated me because I got the first rank in Neltas International Exam. She was kind and said getting medals at such young age is remarkable and you should get more prizes and awards and study well.

That made my day! I felt happy, and I am thankful to my teacher for appreciating me.

Thank you,

Luke Daniel
Grade 3 C
Billabong High International School Thane

Sunday 26 September 2021

Appreciation - story by Arjun Rohilla

Arjun Rohilla of Grade 5 Gyanshree School Noida shares a beautiful story to explain the Value of Appreciation. This story is about trust and betrayal, a fable about animals and how they have extra-sensory perception and live in harmony with nature. #JoyOfLearning

Appreciation for my school - Advik Aggrawal

Appreciation for school
Advik Aggrawal
Grade 3B
Billabong High International School, Thane

Appreciation - Arav Agarwal

Appreciation Poem For Teachers 

Dear Teachers, a heartfelt thank you for all the things you do, 
Overcoming challenges and making our dreams come true! 

You have not only taught us to read and write, 
But also taught us to be kind, loving and polite! 

You were the true warrior in this pandemic, 
And made sure that we have the best academic!

 You are awesome teachers and work tirelessly to make our future.
Thank you dear teachers!!

  Arav Agarwal 
Billabong High International School Thane

Amazing Hostel Life - Linisha Agarwal

 Hostel life gives the flexibility to fly within as well as outside in the open and seek knowledge from all dimensions. This life brings out the best in you and offers extremely valuable memories forever. Not all memories are pleasant, a few of them are unquestionably terrible; however, most of them are beautiful and priceless. 

During the hostel stay, students learn to live with different types of people, and hostel life also increases their level of patience. It prepares them to easily accept practical challenges in life. The students learn many things within the hostel. Students help and assist one another in the hour of need and become lifelong friends and are ready to endure any kind of hardship with each other and for one another.  

Furthermore, in a hostel, the individuals learn to become independent. Within the hostel, students should sleep in keeping with the rules of the hostel. They have to return to life on time, work on time, have food on time, study on time, in short, follow a disciplined life. This helps in maintaining discipline in their lifestyles. 

In a hostel, the students learn to do things on their own and not rely on their parents. They learn to be independent. School children staying in hostels are guided by a group of adults like wardens and teachers; a system like that of a joint or extended family. Hostel life makes the student’s life regular and systematic. Life in a hostel instills confidence in students and makes them responsible. This develops their personality. They learn to face problems in life without feeling the pressure and even if they feel the pressure they know how to handle it. In turn, they learn to be self-disciplined, regular, and punctual

Another major advantage of a boarding life is that it develops respect for other religions and cultures and talks about inclusion in all walks of hostel life. Students learn to help and cooperate with one another. They learn social etiquette and lead a more robust and disciplined life. Hostel life thus helps them to develop many good qualities and makes the students good citizens. 

I would say that living in the hostel is very conducive to a healthy lifestyle. The atmosphere is quite congenial for studies and suitable for the qualities of domestic life like co-operation, fellowship, and self–managing affairs. If a student takes it seriously, he can develop all qualities of an honest citizen.

1. Lifelong connections-I don’t care about the cleanliness of the hostel or whether the Wi-Fi connection works or not, what I care about most is the connections and friends you create inside. You’ll find all forms of amazing folks that won’t allow you to feel homesick or lonely.

2. Free advice -One thing you may find in every hostel you stay in. That is a free advice. There's always an admirer who is willing to assist you out with the weirdest of questions you've got.

3. Opportunities-You are allowed to travel around exploring numerous fields that you simply have not explored before, in new places among new people. You get to open up many new doors 

4. Time management Whether you’d shine at any other thing or not, managing time will be a sure shot. From the gossip or laughter or giggle or crying sessions with friends and running between other kinds of activities that you are required to try during a hostel, you learn to manage your time very well. 

5. Independence and freedom-Independence is something that almost all people barely get a chance to learn while they are staying at home. But in a hostel, you're in control of everything from getting up in the morning, to having meals, to washing clothes and every other thing. Hostel life gives the flexibility to fly within the open and seek stuff you couldn’t pursue otherwise.

6. Experience and Exposure When you move out of your home into a hostel you actually soak up a good deal of things, specifically, making new friends, adjusting to an entirely new environment, doing things on your own, taking initiatives, and living with freedom. Experience comes with time, from the problems, distress, frustration, and heartbreaks. A student who lives in a hostel is free from ordinary anxieties and cares. We can concentrate fully on our studies. Besides, we can take part in social activities and can learn many virtues from our senior students and adults around us.

We can also increase our knowledge and do away with our weaknesses. Thus, we become mannerly, polished, and cultured. Our shyness fades always. We learn to talk fluently and express our ideas. It's because we are living together with various kinds of scholars. We learn the way to behave in society. We acquire personal manners and, becomes a disciplined person and a good citizen.

- Linisha Agarwal, Class VII, The Doon Girls’ School

Appreciation - Anushri Palnitkar

Appreciation is a feeling of gratefulness.
Appreciation makes us feel valued, responsible and acknowledged. 
It gives us confidence and motivates us to work hard. 

Wednesday 15 September 2021

मेरी माँ - खुशान बम्बोली

मेरी माँ का नाम कामिनी है।   
मेरी माँ बहुत प्यारी और समझदार है।                             
वह खाना बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट बनाती है।                                  
घर में सभी उनका सम्मान करते है।                                     
मेरी माँ मेरा खूब ख्याल रखती है।                                          
मेरी माँ रोज मुझे स्कूल का होमवर्क करने में मदद करती है।       
मेरी माँ बहुत ही धार्मिक है।।        
मेरी माँ मेरी सबसे अच्छी दोस्त है।।                                 
वह मुझे सारी चीजें बहुत ही अच्छे से समझाती है।                   
वह मुझे हमेशा आगे बढ़ने की प्रेरणा देती है।।                          
वह मुझे सोते वक्त अच्छी कहानियाँ सुनाती है।                     
मुझे मेरी माँ पर गर्व हैl

खुशान बम्बोली 
कक्षा I
दी फैबइंडिया स्कूल

Monday 13 September 2021

Happiness - Vedvee Solanki

Happiness seems to be the thing that everyone searches for and desires.

These days there are so many different things that can make a person happy. Happiness to me is a sort of inner contentment that deep down. I desire just as much as any other person. The word happiness is a complex one and comes in many definitions for every different person. Happiness is not just a word. Instead, it is related to one's whole life or feeling. It is difficult to describe happiness in words; it can only be felt.
Vedvee Solanki 
Class - VI
The Fabindia School

My Good School - Tamanna Solanki

If I could...
Erase all the pain,
Etched on each and every face.
Reach out to all those,
Who are famished to death.
Console all the hearts,
Who are mourning their lost ones?
Kill the helplessness, 
Of not meeting each other.
Return all the smiles,
Missing in every face.
And finally, 
Open all the closed doors,
Of my beloved learning centre ‐ my school.
My school that is my energy drink,
My school that is my power nap,
My school is 'My Good School'.

Tamanna Solanki 
Class ‐ VII B
The Fabindia School

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