Tuesday 27 June 2023

Benefits Of Reading - Avni Kochhar

Reading is an activity that may have evolved over time. Reading first became popular in ancient Babylon around 2000 BC.

Reading is understanding it better and comprehending its meaning more fully. This, in turn, allows for understanding written texts independently of oral communication. This also allows people to read more rapidly and with less effort than without reading comprehension. In more straightforward language, reading benefits both body and mind; it's all interconnected! 
At My Good School, all of this is nothing! One hour of weekly reading boosts your confidence, creativity, and critical thinking! 
Remember the 6 C's: Critical thinking; Creativity; Collaboration; Communication; Character; and Citizenship.

Avni Kochhar
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Monday 26 June 2023

A cause that matters to me - Aria Gupta

Future. People say this word a lot of times nowadays. Everyone wants a promising future. It’s not like some students will come to their parents and say, “ Mom, Dad, I wanna be a failure”. But is it pulling an all-nighter every day just to study for some exam? Is it really worth studying seven hours a day and burning yourself out? Is it worth avoiding all sorts of fun just to prepare for the future?. I personally love having fun. I cannot imagine how a person survives without it. Fun is essential in life.

But why have fun when you can spend that time studying?

I’m not saying don’t study; it is beneficial. But fun makes you love life, and when you love life, it can motivate you to keep going even in the worst possible situation.

To sum it up, preparing for the future is good, but don’t burn yourself out. Have fun too.

Aria Gupta

Grade VI - A

Gyanshree School

Social Media - Aria Gupta

Wait! Don’t just ignore this article! I know that you’re thinking, Ugh, this is going to be so predictable; it’s going to be about addiction, fake news, mental health, and blah blah blah, but this article is not like that. Trust me, this will be interesting, so just read it. 

I recently watched a documentary called The Social Dilemma. It was about what social media actually does to us. You might think, "Social Media makes us addicted," but another problem is invisible to most people. It’s based on this saying: "If you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product".

We all know that social media platforms (what we think are products), such as  Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, are free.

I was baffled, too, when I heard this saying. But social media is  actually just selling our attention to advertisers since advertisers are the ones who 
actually, pay.

These platforms’ algorithms can do anything to grab our attention. They know you like you’re their best friend. They know if you are sad, lonely, happy, angry, excited, or scared; they know exactly what you want when feeling any of those emotions. If you want private guitar lessons, they know you want them. If they don’t know, they learn. They will recommend all sorts of content they think you’ll like, and you’ll pick one. The problem with this system is that they’ll recommend content that might be incorrect or controversial, and you might pick one of them. This has huge effects, as it can divide societies. This might turn India from unity in diversity to a separate nation. The algorithm doesn’t care about what is true or false; it just wants more attention from people to sell to advertisers. They can manipulate us into believing anything; they can control entire elections. We’re just lab rats who are being experimented on.

After reading this, you might think, "Oh my god, social media is so bad, I’ll never use it again". This is not against social media completely; this article is just spreading awareness amongst them and you so they don’t accidentally destroy the world.

We can spread more awareness about this by telling more people about it and being mindful about it. We can demand change so that the world doesn’t collapse. Something terrible might happen if we keep ignoring this issue.

But Aria? How do you become the product if you’re not paying for it? I’m baffled.

Fine, Aria, we are the product. So what?

Aria Gupta
Grade VI
Gyanshree school

Love To Serve - Rishona Chopra

It is said that what we do comes back to us. Karma, as some of us would call it. A good act of kindness comes back to us. It may be true and correct, but it should not be our cause to do something good. We shouldn't give, help, care or be kind, just believing that we will do good so good will come to us.

The law of karma isn't something that can be fooled. It is just a power of the universe. It looks at the thought behind it and not just the action. 

When we give something, do we expect something in return? Well, I did, and I realised that when you give someone something - not an item but even an act of kindness and care, not many return the same to you, and we have to live with it. The only way to yet be happy is to first accept it and then know that your deed of kindness has helped somebody. 

When God blesses you financially, don't raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving. - Mark Batterson

It is true what Mark Batterson has said, we should give not only when we are rich in our everyday lives, we should raise our standard of giving, it may not be just giving money, even giving a toy to a person who needs it or a book is an act of giving too! 

A small act of giving could mean everything to a person. Giving not only makes the other person happy but also makes us happy. As said,' make others happy, and you will be satisfied the same way give and give, and you will feel better.

Do we have this life entirely for ourselves? Are we given this life just so we can enjoy and live happily? Well, we are absolutely nothing alone. One cannot be anything alone at all. Mahatma Gandhi alone did not defeat the British. Mother Teresa alone did not help the people. No one has ever accomplished anything alone because it is simply not possible. As brave and fascinating as doing something alone sounds, it isn't. We are all connected; we are all one. We say Unity in Diversity, but do we mean it from our hearts?

We may differ in colour, race, background, education, age, and height, but we are still the same. We are just one soul. 

So why do we believe that all our actions must be for ourselves? Can't it be for others? Will that do us any harm? 
To check, let us just list out what could happen. 

I gave a child my pencil: I had another one
I helped someone tie their laces: No loss
I donated money to charity: I earned some more
Meeting my sick friend: No loss
Gave food to a homeless: Spent little money
Helped someone study: No loss
Complimenting someone and appreciating them: No loss
Sat with someone and listened to them: No loss

These are a few examples of deeds of giving. I may have lost money, pencils and a few more little things, but all these deeds made me happier and were defiantly worth it. These deeds may have taken out some of my time, but they all make me happier. 

What we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others lives on forever. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

Saturday 24 June 2023

A Cause That Is Dear To Me - Tenzin Jambey

Royalty Free Image from Pixabay.Com

Mahatma Gandhi had a cause because of which he started Quit India Moment, 

Mohammad Ali, the legend of boxing, also had a cause to become a boxer, and Mary Kom, a female boxer from India, also had a cause which led her to become a women's boxing champion. Every person has their own ambition and path created due to a cause. 

I don't know about the opinion of others on the cause which is important to them, but whatever happens to me in life, including both bad and happy times, is interconnected. One cause can bring a change upon oneself, and one cause is enough to create another cause. When I think of the journey from my childhood till the present age, all the causes are important and meaningful. 

My causes for something always bring goodness in me, therefore. I want to become a good person in life, and I want to become successful in future. I have a cause to achieve what I want, my causes will lead to finding my way, and the most important causes which always motivate me are my family, the Pestalozzi family and the My Good School family.

Tenzin Jambey 
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

A cause that is dear to me - Veda Varshita Marrivada

Reading the book with Jugjiv Sir

There can be many causes that can be important to us. A cause is a reason which affects an action. Everything in this world has a cause which can be good or bad. Especially humans have one or more causes in life. Grounds are compelling because they give us the power to question something and change our way of life.

I have many causes in life. It can relate to my family, work, academics, and being a good human. But there are three primary reasons in my life to live. They are:

1. My family
It is because of them that I am living. They make great sacrifices for us and help us in complicated situations. They guide us correctly and are ready to do anything for our happiness. They sometimes scold us, which makes us upset, but it's for our own good.
2. My work
I get easily engaged once it comes to work. It allows me to acquire loads of knowledge and increase my creativity. Also, it gives me peace of mind and the feeling that I am a busy adult.
3. To know "THE VALUE OF LIFE"
If we don't understand the value of life, we spend our entire life never enjoying and being happy. If we once experience life as a whole and understand the importance of life, we can spend it wisely and happily.

These were my causes to live, but a human will have a cause/reason for everything.

In conclusion, we should find causes, analyse, think, and act on them daily. We shall indeed observe a change. Therefore, think of reasons every day. 

Veda Varishta Marrivada
Grade 5 Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

Please listen to my blog post.

A trip to SchoolEducation.Com - Veda Varshita Marrivada

It was a fun and knowledgeable trip visiting the SchoolEducation.Com. It is a website created by the Good School Alliance program. It was an outstanding experience with many things to know about. As I scrolled through the web pages, I came across many other programs held by the Good Schools Alliance. There were many informative videos. Some programs were Happy Teachers, Sunday School, My Good School Retreat etc.

The school song of My Good School was melodious and splendid. It was soothing, lovely, and relaxing to hear. Also, many takeaways from the reflections given by many students were creative and helpful. Coming to the Internships, the reviews provided by the interns made me determined to become an intern in the future.

The various programs listed on the website gave me a sensation of excitement. The website also gave me the curiosity to learn many more things. The Meet and Greet podcasts were fascinating. It was a unique website because it was like an online school. There were several books to read. I could not notice how fast the time passed by just scrolling on the website for half an hour. The various programs also help us to build our vocabulary.

The My Good School Program focuses on the 6 C's, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, character, and citizenship, which are very important to success in our life and career. There is also a facility to buy many exciting books, such as:

Live Life In Crescendo
Blue Sky, White Cloud
Ratan Tata Ek Prakash Stambh

My Good School
Where passion meets education
And many more are based on our daily life and have many things to learn. This website is very inspirational for me as I could understand there are "No limits to knowledge and learning". It was a spectacular trip visiting the SchoolEducation.com website.

In conclusion, we have many things to learn, and what we know today might help us tomorrow, and whatever we learn is a drop or a pond compared to an ocean. The trip to SchoolEducation.Com will allow us to learn many new things and succeed in our life.

Veda Varishta Marrivada
Grade 5 Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

Please listen to my blog post.

Being Human - Veda Varshita Marrivada

Being human is something which everyone cannot do. It depends on whether an individual is human, but what is being human? It means being a very generous human being. It is also a part of Humanity. Being human can also reflect on the character of a person. Donations, Charities, Adoptions, etc., come under the category of being human. A person requires a pure and kind heart to be human. Being human gives a feeling of satisfaction and happiness and teaches us to be good human beings.

The reality of the world hides in a mask where most people claim the good deeds and blame the bad deeds, but rare people are good humans from the inside. People show off their acts for the sake of status but not with good intentions. Humanity is becoming extinct, and many people hate each other. The percentage of cruelty in the world is at a high intensity.

Everyone should be treated fairly and equally. ALAS! I am still a child, but once I grow up, I shall donate money to old age homes and orphanages, give money to the poor and help anyone I see in trouble without hesitation. Also, I shall try my best to be a good human being as an honourable citizen of India, but my parents currently arrange food banks at orphanages and old age homes on our birthdays. Helping them gives us a feeling of happiness and joy. My parents always help others, inspiring and motivating me to do the same.

Helping others makes everyone happy. Humanity is an essential virtue which we should follow for a better world. Being human also applies to animals. Treating them fairly is necessary too. Many people torture animals such as horses, elephants, lions and other animals for entertainment.

In conclusion, everyone should do their best to be a good human being.

Veda Varishta Marrivada
Grade 5 Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

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Tuesday 20 June 2023

A Cause That Is Dear To Me - Keyura Rao Cheeti

Reflection from reading the book.

Everyone is connected and moved by what is happening around them. They must decide if they need to take up a cause and bring about change. They are reasons for action to be taken or action to happen. For something good to happen, the cause needs to be good too. It gives us a reason to live. I have thought about this since a very young age. My heart aches to see poor people begging on the road. Older people are beggars too. They have a right to live happily, too. I would like to set up a charity for them when I get older. In the charity, people will donate money, clothes, food etc. We will provide them with good education and ensure they get a job to live independently. We will set a small goal first, and if we achieve that, we move on to completing something bigger, thereby trying and making sure that they have a good life. They need to live as peacefully as we do. We must take care of them as our responsibility as good citizens. We can educate others on how to help them.

Keyura Rao Cheeti
Class VI
The Hyderabad Public School

Monday 19 June 2023

A cause that is dear to me - Rishona Chopra

I often wonder what the purpose of life is. Why are we alive in the first place? 

I do believe that we all are here to do good and that is our cause and reason to live but I think that there is something more to that. We all have our unique qualities and talents that perhaps have something to do with it. 

People who have the gift of writing and are masters at it perhaps were sent to write stories and tales and make the world a better place. People with singing as their passion were sent to write beautiful songs that touch hearts with their deep enriching meaning. 

For me, the cause to live that is dear to me is my family. They are the ones that keep me going. Career talents are important to make the world a better place but to make it better we need to be strong and get by with hope and happiness. 

My family is that cause that never lets me lose hope and it is very dear to me. 

As said, not attending a meeting, not going for a business trip, missing out a conference are things we won't regret but not spending time with our family is one thing we will definitely regret. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

A cause that is dear to me - Aria Gupta

Parents often make their children study in school and get into a prestigious college so that they become successful. Initially, it might not seem much of an issue, but they pressure children to study in school and ace all exam papers. If the child fails one exam, it’s game over for them. They are probably also judged like this regarding their other skills, such as sports. This can affect youngsters’ mental health and make them feel worthless because they think their parents will never be proud of them even once. They’re also compared to other children like ‘The three - year old living nearby who has supposedly already completed college in IIT and runs a business with his left leg and another business with his right leg’.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating.

But you can’t deny that children are compared to other children by their parents. “Why can’t you be like him?” and “Learn something from her” are some statements that can shoot a bullet straight into a child’s mental health. Then they start trying harder than ever to avoid failure at all costs.

We all can agree that failure is inevitable. I don’t need to write an entire paragraph on that, right?

Returning to the topic, it’s okay if a child fails one exam; it doesn’t define their entire life.

Boy: Dad…

Dad: You got your exam results today, right?

Boy: Yes, Dad.

Dad: C’mon, spill it out

Boy: I failed my maths exam 😭!


That is not how life works; your future isn’t something you can determine based on a couple of tests.

To sum it up, the cause that is dear to me is that parents shouldn’t force their children to become Albert Einstein at age 13, which can significantly affect their mental health.

Albert Einstein only said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.”

Aria Gupta
Grade VIG
Gyanshree School

Saturday 17 June 2023

My visit to SchoolEducation.com - Tenzin Jambey

After visiting the website, I found that the focus on the development of the thinking abilities of the students is the priority of My Good School, and it also focuses on the improvement of reading, writing and speaking skills of children. 

My Good School gives us a platform for sound learning, and its teaching is among the top schools. Instead, it teaches many life lessons and excellent morals, which would be helpful to till our last breath. 

On the website there is a picture of a book named My Good School which is a great book written by Sandeep Sir the book tells about the ways of making a good school better, a place where everyone can enjoy the teachings and learning. 

I think My Good School is teaching us many many lessons and gives messages that would prove productive in our future.
Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children’s Village India

Thursday 15 June 2023

Vist to SchoolEducation.com - Aria Gupta

I’ve loved reading for a long time, so I chose to join the Sunday school. We read every week, every Sunday, which might sound boring, but it’s actually quite fun. Schooleducation.com is My Good School’s website meant to tell more people about it and its programs. Scroll down, and you’ll see what affordable education is to My Good School.

Then, as you scroll down, see the Happy Teachers section. This section is for all the teachers. Last but not least comes the Joy of Learning fund. You can donate there to ensure good quality education for more children. 

Click here if you want to visit too.

As a bookworm, I recommend you join it. You can think of it as a ‘special book club’ where we discuss the story and its hidden meaning.

Aria Gupta
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Meet and Greet with Deepti Mehrotra

Learning Forward Podcast Season 10 Episode 16, produced by the students at My Good School, where passion meets education. The My Good School Program is brought to you by the students and interns who spread the joy of learning, focusing on reading, writing and speaking.

Meet and Greet is our event to celebrate the work and writing of authors and guests who join us at our Sunday School, hosted online weekly. In this edition, we speak with Deepti Mehrotra, whose books are published by Rupa Publications Pvt Ltd and are available worldwide.

History narrates tales of courageous, brave, patriotic men who sacrificed their necessities to fight for a more significant cause. Still, while highlighting the men down the ages, we often undermine the women of the past who had performed more dangerous deeds and fought for causes which ameliorated the lives of later women. Her Stories: Indian women down the Ages is not just a novel but a keepsake where the tales and stories of Indian women are preserved. It is a way to hear those unheard of and appreciate their efforts for women at large. Consider this beautiful conversation where Dr Deepti Priya Mehrotra deciphers her book. This podcast is an ode to all these Indian women down the ages.

Anvesha Rana - Host from Gyanshree School
Dr Deepti Priya Mehrotra - Author of Her Stories: Indian Women Down The Ages
Jugjiv Singh, Rishona Chopra - Guests

Tuesday 13 June 2023

War and Peace - Aria Gupta

We all can agree on one thing, which is that war is a horrible, horrible thing. It was a war that tore our country apart, which is how the Britishers were able to take advantage of us. It also takes the lives of innocent people, leaving their loved ones in immense pain.

If war has such negative consequences, then why does it still happen?

What’s even worse is that they try to cover up their greed and selfishness and say they’re doing this for the people or justice.

How can they say that they’re doing this for the people if they end up so traumatised and malnutrition after a war?

Instead, they should live peacefully and try to share resources; there is no denying that humanity is trying to achieve that. The United Nations has prevented many conflicts between Countries from arising. But humans should try harder to avoid war and encourage peace to live happily and peacefully without violence.

Aria Gupta
Grade VI
Gyanshree school

Visit to SchoolEducation.com - Rishona Chopra

"A book is a gift you can open again and again."

- Garrison Keiller

I WAS SHY AND QUIET when I first joined My Good School. I still remember when I was the first to join and then realised that I immediately left the meeting and joined when other people were there! 

Looking back at that time, I understand my changes and how I have learned to open up quickly and be confident. It's the perfect environment for anyone who loves reading, writing, drawing, blogging, podcasting, creating, or participating in discussions. They provide many opportunities and experiences that can really help you (they did help me!). 

Writing to just pass my time or to express my feelings has been my favourite thing to do. The Joy of Learning Diaries is a website where students can post their reflections on My Good School's reading program every Sunday. They can literally post anything they want. We publish the Joy Of Learning Diaries, and our blogs go in an extensive diary where many students can post. Just by listening to the name, you know it's a diary full of reflections, learning and joy!

The Sunday School, as it is fondly known, is the weekly session where students read books, reflect on them and learn. We have both the Hindi and English sessions where we simultaneously read three books, and by the end, we can see the connection between them. 

The website, www.schooleducation.com, sums up the whole idea really well. When you open the website, it gives you such a bright, warm and happy feeling! It feels pretty welcoming too! Several options come up when you open the website. The first one is "Good Schools".

As you scroll down, you see the school song. It has a great beat, it's easy to learn, and it's something you can sing along to any time you want. Next up is our learning programs:

These are the seven steps to joy.

 1. The Good Schools Alliance
 2. My Good School is our Sunday School, where we read, write and reflect!
3. Happy Teachers, which is a program for teachers.
 4. My Guide Inside, a program held by Christa Ma'am, we explore our inner voice and learn to face daily issues much better.
5. Kidspreneurship is a program where we learn entrepreneurial skills to help us for life.

6. Dil Jeeto, which means "Winning Hearts". We do bring a smile to everyone's face with our entertaining podcasts. 7. Last but not least, Slooh is where we explore space and its beautiful sights.

The next page is Internships. The word sounds heavy-duty and tiring, but it is definitely not. It is fun. Earlier, my weakest subject used to be Computer Science, and now it's definitely one of my most vital points. I have learnt to make posters, videos and several other things.

The page beautifully sums up all the benefits of our program and what we do.

Then comes the page about our Book Cafe. It tells about the My Good School Book, which was why this program started in the first place!

It also details the Bookshop - The English Book Depot, established in 1923, which has served the education sector for 100 years, with a maiden bookshop at Dehradun. Our inherent strength is in offering a delightful book-buying experience for the family. In 2010, EBD acquired the brand Book Cafe.

Last, we have OER, which is Open Education Resource. This page lists documents that tell us all about our school in detail. 

This website is indeed detailed and quite well-maintained. You can all visit it here:

It has been an awe-inspiring experience, and I recommend joining this program. It has been quite enjoyable for me to be on this journey of joy, learning and passion. As said, this is the place where passion meets education!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

Sunday 11 June 2023

Advice From An Owl - Rishona Chopra

Hello, my dear friends! I am an owl. Through all these years, I have been sitting right outside your window, looking and observing you. My family is out there, hearing each of your foolish conversations and looking out for those creative inventions of yours. Speaking of inventions, I must say, your inventions clearly show your witty evil brain. First, it was those nets and then it was those obnoxious guns. Why, do you have nothing better to do than to kill us?

Moving on, as I told you I have noticed you and I believe it's time I give you some inputs. First off, you humans speak too much. It is much better to listen trust me. Wherever you go, you keep talking; half of it is absolute nonsense. And even if you talk, you forget to hear. Many of you just hear the other person and don't really listen. You just stay quiet waiting for your turn to talk and running through your mind what you're going to say. My! That is quite disrespectful, isn't it! 

Second of all, you have made your life quite difficult. All you do is practically sleep all day. Nothing like what we do! You have robots doing your work, the autocorrect correcting your spellings and online dictionaries to tell you the meaning. And don't even get me started on your means of entertainment. Our owl community presents an entire dance for entertainment and all you do is just turn on your television and watch some overly dramatic shows on it. How many of you, go to watch classical dances for entertainment or have a cosy family night playing charades and cards? 

Television is quite fascinating, I must say. I also watch it from your balcony when the curtains are open but it's important to spend time with your family doing something fun together. 

Last but not least, you should always be prepared. Most of you are not prepared for change. Here's one owl rule you must know - Always be alert for your predator. And your predator is almighty change. It is something some of you never adapt to but remember change in constant and if there is no change life would be rather dull and boring!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

Unity - Shambhavi Nautiyal

Our Unity should be such that we should be willing to combat any injustice and be conditioned to pay heed to our conscience and presentiments. Our Unity should be balanced but deliberate. There is 'unity in diversity', just as Jawarhal Nehru said. There is Unity in us accepting our differences and rising above them. Forgiveness strengthens our Unity.

Once we accept each other just as we are, we stop getting bugged by our differences. If we are one, we can overthrow the tyrants and free ourselves from oppression by mutinying.

As they say, in today's scenario, the majority wins, so we must ensure awareness about what is going for real, not misinformation. This happens through our education system; a sound education system can proceed to feed the masses with the correct and legitimate information, and then the schools can follow to produce a bright and brilliant future for the country. However, if the opposite happens, then that system's products will become hostile, despotic and haughty individuals who only want to spread their influence and mindset to the entire world. Hence, we should favour what is righteous and not believe any fraudulent information available under the sun!

We can be a reliable asset to society, uniting whenever we need to overthrow any deviousness out there.



What does Unity mean to you, and do you think it is pivotal?


You know how it is when people tell you that you are not setting your aim or wasting your time having fun-the most common one being- "You can have fun later on when you have achieved everything you want."- Well, what is this everything? 

As the word suggests, what is the main point is that-does it owes any boundary? 

Well, yes, it does, but the feeling is so strong that we succumb to it into thinking that it is endless.

The sea of desire is too deep, but only if you find it in yourself to control yourself can it be controlled. Live in the moment, not thinking about the next, and you’ll realise what’s life!

This common definition of life is not right because life does not have a definition.

LIFE IS NOT A STAGE to wait for. IT IS A FEELING to live in!

Live in the moment = L.I.T.M. = Let It To Marvel.

Reveda Bhatt

The Aryan School

Saturday 10 June 2023

Being Human - Tenzin Jambey

Having a good brain, two hands, two legs, two eyes, and a good outlook doesn't make you a human. Being human means being kind to humans and other living beings like animals, birds and insects. Being human means having a kind, gentle heart and personality with a  positive attitude toward everything. Some people have no mercy and love for people, and they do kidnappings and murders. People are killing people than just thinking about the way of treatment given to animals; these people are no less than a monster who has no mercy and love for anything except themselves. A good human has a kind and open heart that accepts other living beings as their own family, and they give love and care; they have mercy upon all living beings, even microorganisms.

I remember the saying of a great monk who once said that he feels sad and pitied to take steps because it kills microorganisms which can not be seen. 

We can not be called human until we feel humanity, humanism and tenderness upon living and non-living. We all should have mercy and love upon everything. At least let's be human with a kind and soft heart with gentle behaviour rather than being a monster with no compassion and love. 

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Friday 9 June 2023

Gyanshree School Noida has helped build our Internship Program

Gyanshree School Noida helped build the Internship Program.

Anvesha Rana
"I joined Good School this month only. I am new here but did not feel that way; all the managers and other interns are accommodating at this organisation. I love being a part of the Good School Alliance primarily because of the honest feedback I get from everyone here, which helps me improve my skills and initiate more company growth. The best thing about being an intern is that I can collaborate with the other interns and brainstorm more ideas for the company's development. As an intern, I complete the managers' tasks and write blogs for the Joy Of Learning Diaries".

Simar Kaur
"I am Simar, new to The Good Schools community. I applied for an internship after attending a few reading sessions. At first, I thought being an intern would be nerve-wracking, but I was wrong! Rather it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Along with my fellow interns, I am working on the My Good School podcast and enjoy working on it. Being acquainted with the program is refreshing, as I can do something productive when I take a break from schoolwork. I also enjoy writing blogs and reflections for the Joy of Learning Diaries. All this is new for me, but what makes me happy is that I went for it and loved it!"

Do you have the courage?
Students, Teachers and Volunteers
Interns are an intrinsic part of the Joy Of Learning Program; they attend Sunday School, the monthly meetings and work remotely. During their tenure, interns are intimately engaged in the school community, and these experiences often create lasting impressions for all.

Critical areas for participation are Instruction and Training, Supervision, Counselling, Marketing and Assessment. Depending on the individuals' interests and experience and the school's needs, the intern may be appropriately placed in an online classroom supporting and occasionally leading core curriculum classes and extracurricular programs.

Two Girls On A Mic ▶️

Our script is ready and we will be recording this Saturday. We are doing the first podcast on mental well-being and Christa Ma’am joins and tells more about My Guide Inside.
Tune in every month 
Oshi and Simar, Gyanshree School

Thursday 8 June 2023

Being Human - Keyura Rao Cheeti

My school, The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

Human beings are unique. But what are the qualities that make us so? Our intelligence and qualities, such as kindness, compassion, love, care, and empathy, differentiate us from other living beings.

We can use these qualities to improve the world by improving our and others' lives. We humans also have a responsibility towards Mother Earth. Some of the little things around me that I observed where I feel humanity can be put to use are children in the neighbourhood can learn to be compassionate towards the stray animals, friendly with other children, adults can be empathetic towards the beggars and the poor.

We must let go of our jealousy, pessimism, greed and pride that will stop us from seeing the good in others. We need to set an example for others to learn from us. We need to bring change in the world to make it harmonious for all of us to coexist.

Keyura Rao Cheeti
Class VI
The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

My Passing Out Speech at School - Keyura Rao Cheeti

Hi! I am Keyura, a student of class 5 who is now graduating from Primary and moving to middle school. How can I ever forget the year I first stepped into this school in Primary. The teachers, the ayyammas, the students, everyone were very welcoming. 

The first time when I saw a Prefect minding the assembly and telling the children what was right for them, that was the moment I knew I wanted to be a Prefect! When I discovered I was selected for the Prefect interview, my heart jumped joyfully!

I WAS VERY NERVOUS when I reached the waiting area, and my heart was beating fast. When my name was called to take the interview, I pushed that nervousness away and felt confident. A few days later, I found out I was a Technology Prefect! On the day of the investiture ceremony, I was super excited. I got to shake hands with the Commissioner of Police, Mr C.V. Anand, IPS! That was amazing! 

I made friends yearly but lost touch with them as we got shuffled. In the Primary, I was also a part of the choir. I got to participate in all the singing performances. Joining the choir made me realize my love for singing and being on the stage. During COVID, when I was in 3rd and 4th grade, I made some excellent friends and stayed in contact with them online. I ended my Primary with a BIG surprise! Me and four of my other friends were selected for a student exchange program, My Good School Retreat 2023.

Good School Alliance also offers a Sunday school program for avid readers. We got to go to Dehradun as part of this program. We were warmly welcomed at The Doon Girls School. We visited  The Doon School. We had a lot of fun in Dehradun by trekking, watching cultural programs and attending circle time, where we express our gratitude daily. There, we had to talk about our state and our school. I enjoyed it a lot
though I was a little homesick. But overall, what a way to end primary school, isn't it? 

We learnt many things here in Primary School that we must apply in Middle School. I enjoyed winning, learnt to accept failure, stand up for what I believed in, let go and always have a good time. My best friends might be shuffled as I speak, but this will allow me to make more. I am leaving here with many memories, advice, friends and teachers that will be in my heart forever. 

Keyura Rao Cheeti,
Class VI
The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

Being Human - Anvesha Rana

We are all human by birth, but that does not make a difference until we choose to be human. God has gifted us with the power of speech, the ability to harness raw materials and turn them into resources, the power to help other living entities and the capacity to develop a world of acceptance, but we have only taken the better out of our birth given right, never considering it to be a boon but an obvious fact. We never are grateful for being human simply because we don’t think we are human.

In this fast-paced world where everyone seems to be struggling for something, we have forgotten what being human means. We only cater to our needs, worry about our goals, focus on our problems, and only look at good things for us. As we forget to be human, we fail to be empathetic, compassionate and helpful; we might say that being independent is the need of the hour and that one should always look out for themselves, but then what is the difference between the predators and us out in the wild which only kill the weak and gullible to rule over, what will the world be if the innocent are further pressed down and walked upon.

Humanity comes to a still, and we forget our virtues as this world nurtures us into selfish and greedy individuals. It teaches us to bite the hand that feeds us and to not help but heap upon the frail ones. The sight of being human vanishes more every day, and although we have seen enough cruelty, we have also witnessed a few instances where love was present, where humanity was finally caught. Even if the bad is growing ever more and it feels that cruel people are stronger out there, never forget that only a little bit of humanity can extinguish a lot of evil deeds. Only a little bit of love can transform millions of hearts. The good is always more substantial than the bad; our positivity is so contagious that it can kill any negativity. 

Being human means not to profit out of someone’s weaknesses,

It means not to have eyes that see gain but that feel the pain,

It means to help without expectations and to love without getting it back, 

It means to be selfless and give more, more and more

When someone leaves a seat on the bus for an old lady or man, 

I understand what it is to be a human, 

When someone goes out of their way to help, 

I know what it is to be a human, 

When a child selflessly gives away their lunch to a friend who has none, 

I know what it is to be a human, 

When a teacher empathizes with a kid who has suffered a loss, 

I know what it is to be a human. 

Being a human is the greatest asset, 

We are human for a purpose and reason, 

Let us not trample upon the ones who hurt us, 

Forget and forgive is to be a human, 

To give more and expect less is to be a human, 

To offer a hand to others and walk together is to be a human,

To listen to the heart rather than the mind is to be a human,

We all are human by birth, but we must embrace it by nature.

Anvesha Rana

Grade 11 

Gyanshree School

Being Human - Aria Gupta

This is an illustration on the cover of The Little Book Of Values

This simple definition often needs to be more complicated.

It is sometimes said that there are specific types of humans, although it’s not true. Humans cannot be categorised into specific boxes like objects can. There is nothing such as cruel and kind, ugly and beautiful, pessimist and optimist, extraverted and introverted, etc.

All of that is just some thoughts in our minds. In reality, we all are unique and special in our own way. If there really were specific types, each would only contain one human. But because of these non-existent types, there is a lot of judgement by many people.

If someone appears cruel to you, they face an internal problem we cannot see from the outside. We all should try not to be prejudiced and fair to anyone, no matter who they are.

Aria Gupta
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Being Human - Gaurangi Rastogi


Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama.

This quote from His Holiness Dalai Lama depicts the needs of humanity. Wherever we go, we always seek love from someone either our parents, teachers or friends. But what about those who have no friends or family and do not have a mentor? 

A few years ago, an Afri-American was killed by an American Officer, then the slogan ‘ Black Lives Matter’. He killed him because of his race. 

This example is of a person who does not have the virtue of love and compassion. 

As in the famous book ‘ To Kill A Mockingbird Bird.’ 

How Atticus takes the decision to fight the case of a black man. Atticus cared about people. This is called Humanity, where people care about others and despise their caste, race or creed. 

Do we act humanely? 

Gaurangi Rastogi 


The Doon Girls School 

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