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All Lives Have Equal Value -Tenzin Jambey

Inspired by reading the book at our Sunday School. Shouldn't we treat all living beings equally? Don't you agree that animals, plants and insects deserve respect? If you think that they should not, then tell me the reason for that. We, humans, are exploiting wildlife, hunting and poaching animals and trading their body and their body illegally for the sake of earthly things called "money". What harm have they done to us? For what reason are we hurting them? Shouldn't we care for the cow which gives us milk? Shouldn't we care and protect the forest that provides us with a source of living? Plants, flowers, trees and grasses all have equal value in life. If we pluck or take them, they will die like us. We pluck their leaves, and they will get hurt like we get. If we love and care for them, they will grow like healthy human beings.  We don't like plants and animals. And we feel like they shouldn't exist in this world. For example- Mosquitoes and weeds. Si

Is it right to do mercy killing? - Rishona Chopra

Mercy killing is killing a person or animal to relieve their suffering.  When fishermen fish, they bring the fish out of the water and kill it. When out of the water, it suffers, and we kill it to "relieve" it of its suffering.  If an animal is wounded and in deep pain, we kill it to "relieve" it of its misery.  I believe that there is simply no mercy in killing. Mercy killing should strictly only be done when a person or animal is in extreme pain and suffering and mentally accepts that it has to depart.   Imagine if you are sick and someone comes to you and says he/she is doing mercy to you by killing you. Does that even make any sense? If you are ready to leave all worldly desires and go, it would only seem alright to you.   I think mercy killing, when done for no extreme reason, is straight away wrong. If you wish to "relieve" an animal's suffering and have such good intentions, why do you kill it anyway? Most of the population depends on fishing. F

All people have equal value - Aati Pema

In the world that we live in today, we have to abstain from the "our people" mentality which is basically saying me, myself and I but in a more moderate manner.  This is harmful as we stop seeing how lucky we are to have the company we have and end up losing them. Getting detached from reality and seeing the world through prejudice-filled eyes is not good. So for the times when you are either irritated or mad or not in the mood to be with the company you have and think that you are better off alone, keep in mind the thought that all people around are as important as you are to yourself.  "We are fortunate to have the things we have as we just won a lottery of life." Written By- Aati Pema Tseagon   Pestalozzi Children’s Village, India. (Reflection from reading Live Life In Crescendo by Cynthia Covey Haller)

"All people have equal value" - Nishan Karki

                                  Reflection from Sunday School   All lives have equal value. And so you say, 'Why do poor children die when other children don't? Why do some people have enough nutrition or reasonable toilets and other people don't?' So those basic needs that, through innovation, actually it's very affordable to bring everyone. ~Bill Gates Everyone in the world possesses many values. We, people, are the most intelligent beings created by God. God created us as social beings who can communicate, think, walk, eat, play and work by ourselves. God has provided us with many qualities like humanity, loyalty, kindness, honesty, compassion etc. We can look out for ourselves, do our work independently and do many more things. These qualities that we possess, make us unique, unlike animals and other creatures. They may possess some qualities, but not as many as we possess. Despite differences in region, birthplace, class, financial position, gender,

"APPRECIATION" - Geetankshi Tamta

https://goodschoolsalliance. school Small word, huh? Sure is, but it holds a tremendous meaning. Appreciation- A feeling or expression of admiration or gratitude.   Is that it? I don't think so.  We often describe  'appreciation'  as a core value. When in reality, it's a habit. Yup! You read it right. Appreciation is not a value. It's a habit which you have to practice daily.  Now You must be wondering why you should practice appreciation? Shouldn't it come from the heart? Well, yes, my wonderful readers, you are right. It should come from the heart. But for that too, you must be conscious enough to realize the good things happening around you. In a world full of negativity, consciously and willingly choosing to look at the bright side of everything is what makes appreciation a habit.   To appreciate something, you should take the time and patience to realize its value, whether it's an opportunity, a thing, or even a person. You can

"PEOPLE are more important than THINGS" - Nishan Karki

https://goodschoolsalliance. school "Most of the important things in the world have  been accomplished by people who have kept  on trying  when there seemed to be no hope at all." ~Dale Carnegie People and things are very different from each other. People are social beings who can communicate, interact, work, play, and share their thoughts, ideas, emotions and opinions, like other things. Things cannot do all the activities mentioned above. People possess many important values which make them more important than things. Things are just objects which have a physical presence. Things include utensils, stationery, chair, table, electronics, etc. People only gave the ideas to invent these things. It shows that things exist because of the people who invented them. Therefore people are more important than things. There are many reasons why people are more important than things. Some of them are listed below: ● People can take care and look out for each oth

People are more important than things - Tenzin Jambey

Reflection from Sunday School Some people will choose expensive things, luxury items and valuable commodities over human beings, and some will give more importance to humans than any other things, even over the bag of gold and diamond. We all know very well that everyone is not the same. And therefore, one person can not change or bring goodness to others. First, we should be one to improvise our mindset, and we should be the ones to bring a good change in ourselves. It is so true that people who have been close to death always give importance to other humans. These people respect all classes of people- from young to old and from poor to rich. I still remember the tragedy of my uncle, who once almost lost his life after being stuck under a rock while working. Nowadays, he is earning his life by serving as a driver. He has a very kind heart. He respects everyone. And sometimes he gives a free ride to the labours and workers as he has also been a labour and he knows their conditions of w

People are more important than things - Aria Gupta

Reflection from Sunday School Dear Readers, From now on, I’ll be writing most blogs through short stories. I took this decision because I believe stories can share a message and captivate the reader at the same time. Feel free to give feedback in the comments.  Here’s the first story:- Amongst the mountains lived a young girl named Nidhi. She had heard of a precious stone called 'Diranma'. It could give powers to the owner and strengthen them in some way. Nidhi had been fascinated with the stone ever since she heard about it. One day, she told her parents, “Mumma, Papa, I want to look for Diranma!”. “Are you out of your mind!” exclaimed her mother. “It’s too dangerous, sweetheart,” said her father. She didn’t listen to her parents. At midnight, she woke up and packed a sack containing five loaves of bread, two apples, some cashews, some water and a sleeping bag. She ventured out in the dark. After walking for a few hours, still determined to find the stone, she found herself in

Imperfectly perfect! - Bob

  Hello, Dearies! I hope you remember me! It is me, Bob, from the EBD book cafe, Dehradun. Just when I thought my life was perfect, everything changed. Everyone in the bookshop takes my dear friend 'Speaker' away from me. Why? Why on Earth? How can people be so cruel and heartless? Can they not listen to music with me? They took my happiness and companion away from me. Oh, how I miss my friend 'Speaker'! I have realised that humans are up to no good. They are useless. So now, I have decided to take things into my own hands and have adopted Toblerone (not the chocolate!). Toblerone is a sweetheart. He is kind and a great companion. He stays right in front of me , supporting and helping me sit up straight, resolving my back pain. He is also really cute.The only drawback is that he steals the spotlight from me. But still, he is a wonderful companion.  He is a really great person and companion! I believe this change was good, not the best but good. Now, Toble is under my gu

"What Might Not Have Been....☮️ -Oshi Singh

  What Might Not Have Been… Image courtesy,used by Oshi Singh for representation only.  When two nations are at war, the fight is not only among the nations or the soldiers but also between innocent lives- the fight between life and death. During times like these, the quality of cooperation helps us a lot. Cooperation is a quality which helps us to co-exist and create a world where we can all live without fear. I mean, let's imagine a world with no fights. A world full of people moving around freely with no fear. Many might say it isn't possible, but being the optimistic person I am, I say it ' IS POSSIBLE '. Not immediately, but gradually it is.  Speaking of wars, here is a poem which captures the emotions of a soldier who lost his mom in the war, but didn't he do the same to so many other people? What is right and what is wrong will he ever figure out? Or will he ever  UNDERSTAND ? Is this karma? Something to ponder on... It was the last ti

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