Tuesday 28 June 2022

My Life - Mrs Elephant

Hello there! It's me, your favourite one - Mrs Elephant. So let me tell you more about myself and my family. I am beautiful, prettier than most people. I have 14, no 17, actually 25 children. Adorable children with big ears and legs and those who fight a lot. Don't even get me started about the things they do. When I go to the store, they create a complete mess. I select some decent clothes for them, but they are so fussy that they want to buy a dress that doesn't even fit them! Do you understand how difficult it is for me? Now enough about my naughty children; let's talk about me.

Besides being the best mother and prettiest, I am a writer and a doctor. I work 24 hours daily and am swamped, so you must not ask me too many questions because I simply don't have the time to answer them. I am excellent at playing games, especially Sudoku and Crossword. I also dream of having an extensive library, which I suppose will come true someday. If you are looking for a job, then come to me. I will surely give you a fantastic job babysitting my children. It will surely help a lot.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School

Monday 27 June 2022

Haiku - Rishona Chopra

A haiku is a Japanese poem with 3 lines of 5 syllables, then 7 syllables and then 5.

Some famous haikus are as such - 

Birds singing their song,
Wind caressing passers by,
Clouds wander the sky!
- Alma

Tree branch sways slowly,
As a child, sing a sweet song,
Gracefully it goes.
- Donna Brock

Here is a haiku made by me:

Stop worrying, friends,
Good things are coming our way,
Have fun and relax!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Out Of The Box - Reveda Bhatt

Thinking out of the box,

People believe the path is hard,

Paved with rocks.

Just come to our world once!

And, here, the world means a new way of thinking,

And not another Earth; it’s not a pun!

Reveda Bhatt
Grade 9
The Aryan School

Totto-chan's Life - Anvesha Rana

Totto-chan has taught me many things, from selflessness to compassion, curiosity to care, pity to love. She has taught us innumerable life lessons just through her mischievous nature and jovial personality. 

Totto-chan had participated in a sports event and that single event had the most profound effect on her. Similarly, even the sports day at my school is not only a day full of fun but also a day submerged in learning. 

The sports day taught me acceptance, that even though I did not win anything, I needed to accept that fact. It also encourages appreciation for others, I learn to acknowledge the rewards of my mates even when I don't have any. It teaches me to care for those who might have hurt themselves while playing, but the most important lesson on the sports day is cooperation, understanding and following your team and leading them in the right direction. The sports day is a day oozing with fun, learning, sports and values. 

Totto-chan had a fun pet, Rocky, who was a German shepherd. Rocky and Totto-chan are best friends, but their favourite pastime together was to play the game 'Wolf'. In wolf, you had to roll down on the mat and face each other only to make the scariest, wolf-alike face possible. Rocky and Totto-chan were simply playing this game, but Rocky, a German shepherd, raised its animal instinct and bit Totto-chan on her ear. It was awful, the ear was dangling down but the only thing that mattered to Totto-chan, while at hospital to get her ear mended, was that her parents should not scold Rocky. This incident demonstrated the pure form of love that Totto-chan and Rocky share. It showed how deeply they cared for each other but after all Rocky was her pet, only Totto-chan considered him a friend.  

We all want to have a pet, even I want one but I think we should not keep these animals caged in our homes, far away from their families. Moreover, owning a pet requires time, honesty, humility, love, care, patience, cooperation, appreciation and quality, and if we want to have a pet then, we should take full responsibility for it. It should not be that we got a dog home and then just got stuck in our everyday life only to forget our pet. We should respect our desires, and if we want to have a pet, then we should also acknowledge our pet. 

Totto-chan is indeed a unique girl. Her enthusiasm is contagious and full of love and passion, and her inquisitiveness is simply enchanting. She found a great interest in creating haikus. A Haiku is a kind of a Japanese poem where 5-7-5 syllables are applied to express daily situations with a unique twist. 

Here's a Haiku I tried to create: 

                 The Joy is found, 

                     Love is spread at the MGS, 

                           Meet us now at 11:00!

Anvesha Rana, 

Grade 10-B,

Gyanshree School

Sunday 26 June 2022

We Were Only Playing - Rishona Chopra

Playing is probably the best thing about childhood. I love playing, going out in the sun and running and having lots of fun; that is childhood. Here's a thing about playing - you don't need toys to play with. All you need is a friend, and that friend can be you.   

Making games to play with yourself is the art of playing. When I am bored, I make some slime and squish it with some chemicals and do experiments or while studying, I act as if I am a teacher and teach all concepts to imaginary children and sometimes to my parents too! 

Totto-chan had a pet. A pet comes with a lot of responsibility, but you always have a partner to share your feelings with. I sometimes wish I had a quiet puppy, but I am not ready to take the responsibility, and I think that if we keep a pet, we shouldn't keep it in a cage and bring it with its sibling or mother, so we don't separate the pet from their family.

The innocence of a child is all about their selfless compassion - In Japan, they call it - Omoiyari, a section of Ikigai. In the chapter, even though Totto-chan was bitten by Rocky, she cared even more and ensured he wouldn't be scolded.

Selfless compassion was mastered by Totto-chan at such a young age. But as we grow, we often start to think more about ourselves and not about others, but I bet when Totto-chan grows up, she will have mastered Omoiyari!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Coffee with the Coach - Anvesha Rana


Maybe it was a grandparent, a colleague or a teacher, someone older, patient and wiser, who ignited your lost mind; crackled the fire of learning in you when you were young and impassioned. It perhaps helped you view the world as a more profound place and gave you sound advice to guide your way through it. It was my teacher, maybe for you, it would be someone else but...

Wouldn't you like to see that one person again, to ask the more important questions that still haunt you and receive wisdom for life the way it is now?

Coffee with the Coach is a conversation between a teacher and his student about almost everything. Most importantly, about the 22 immutable values cornerstone of My Good School. Coffee with the Coach is a magical chronicle of their time spent together.

Anvesha Rana,

Grade 10-B,

Gyanshree School

Saturday 25 June 2022

Can You See Osaka? - Rishona Chopra

The picture shows how Totto-chan's uncle used to pick her up and ask her if she could see Osaka. It was her dream place. She was much more excited when she got to know Takahashi - a young boy in her school who came from Osaka. Now tell me something. Can You See Osaka?

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Friday 24 June 2022

The World of Television - Simar Kaur

Hey, 'how you doin'?'. This infamous dialogue, iconic, I might add, is a signature of Joey from the hit sitcom 'Friends'. I honestly couldn't count how many times it had made me laugh, even when I was at my lowest.

The perfect life of cinema where everything seems to lead to a happy ending is the perfect run-away for me when my life seems shattered. Whenever my life seems too much to handle, I run away to my imaginary friends, with whom I can share everything. The amazingly sarcastic Chandler, the hopeless romantic Ted dedicated to finding 'The One', the motherly nature of Lily, the overprotective Finn, the 'drowning with creativity' Barney, the 'smart guy' Sheldon, they all are the friends I never had. I get scolded every single day for watching television way too much. But the truth is that I love to live another life, and coming back to my regular boring, uninteresting life just seems hectic.

Even if they are just a figment of someone's imagination, they bring joy to me, and I feel happy spending my time with them. Watching television always brings me joy, and I would like to thank them through this article. I am tremendously confused about what I want to do when I grow up. But a part of me wants to pursue the arts – acting, singing and dancing. But um, I am a terrible dancer, but I got a good throat, and over the years, after watching shows, I can somehow cry on cue. So, let's focus on the first two arts that I mentioned.

Don't you want to pursue a more professional career? Nobody asked you, Patrice! That's precisely how contradicting the voices in my heart are. While one part of me wants to become a professional employee with an acclaimed job like a doctor, accountant, lawyer, or engineer, the other part wants to spread the joy I experienced while watching my favourite tv shows and movies. So, frankly, I want to be an actor. But I don't know if I'm down for it, especially considering my stage fear.

When I lost my grandfather, these TV shows and movies helped me in the magnitude of words I cannot express. WandaVision may not be the kind of TV show that teaches you a life lesson, but the line that stood by me was 'What is grief if not love persevering?'. That changed my perspective, and I want this grief to stay with me for years to come.

So many dialogues changed my perception of life and helped me while still giving me joy. 'The biggest mistake would be not to make that mistake because then you'll go your whole life not knowing if something was a mistake or not.' 'It's one thing to not want it. It's another thing to be told you can't have it.' These are a few of the most tear-jerking lines spoken by the characters. But the line that I relate to now is 'I realized that I'm searching for what I really want in life. And you know what? I have absolutely no idea what that is.' Maybe I'll study to become a doctor or engineer in a few years. But perhaps, just possibly, I might be spreading the kind of joy I grew up experiencing.

But I will realize that I can't run to the past just because it seems familiar and because I'm comfortable with it. I will never be ready to face these obstacles, but life goes on, and you have to catch up with it one way or the other. This stuff is more straightforward said than done. So, I am aware there will be a day when I feel happier and satisfied. There will be a day when I'll share that happiness with people I will love while growing up. But just not today, just not right now…

And that is friends, how I met the world of television.

Simar Kaur from Gyanshree School, Noida 

Too Caught Up - Reveda Bhatt

You call it life?
It’s just a game.

Looking for a shelter,

When under rain.

Thinking about what to do,

Coming out in pain.

Realizing too late,

Figuring out what’s main.

Figured out what to do?

But, now, you’re stuck in chains.

Chains rising high,

All the struggle went in vain.

What for?

Just to have substantial gain!

Reaching your destination,

Looking at a lane.

See where it leads to,

A ring surrounded by canes.

Entered it only to see a spark

Leading to flames

Looking around to escape,

But now you’re too deep,

It’ll never be the same!

Reveda Bhatt 
Class 9
The Aryan School

Thank you - Rishona Chopra

Thank you, god,
For not making me a fraud,
For helping me through my little pains,
You just kept pleasing me again and again.
I have a home,
My family has money to travel to Rome!
I can see and hear,
When I think of this, in front of me, you appear.
I can study, and I can feel,
I can have a tasty meal.
I am healthy,
Thank god I am not nasty.
I can see a new day,
I can play!
I go to a beautiful school,
Which is really so cool.
I can do so much, yet I ask for more,
I already have a lot, and I don't need anymore!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Thursday 23 June 2022

Journaling: My Little Book Of Feelings - Rishona Chopra

Journaling is keeping a diary. You don't have to write long letters. A few drawings, page tearing, or even a few sentences can say it all. I like to call my journal - My Little Book Of Feelings because, in a day, I have so many feelings. In the morning, I am all happy and bright, and by the end of the day, all gloomy and sad. You never know! I am very unpredictable if you talk about my feelings.

You don't need to have a proper diary, just take a piece of paper and vent all your feelings. But then, when you have an excellent journal, and at the end of the week, you look at what you have written, you can reflect on your situations in a better way. I think expressing yourself by writing is much better because when you tell them with a person not necessary, they would actually understand your feelings, but that's just my way of doing it!

On the cover of my diary I have written - Open if you dare, don't you dare try to do that and of course have used lots of stickers and decorations to make it look beautiful. If you open my diary, you'll see torn pages that I pulled out of anger (and sometimes happiness). Even though you know I didn't mean it when I said, "Don't you dare open my diary", I am requesting you not to open it!

Every day is a new day with new feelings,
By writing, you feel you are healing.

Keep a small diary,
Tell all your thoughts about society.

You can boast,
And teel how you burnt a toast!

You can talk about all your friends and the things they did,
And how you want a best friend who is a friendly kid.

Share everything you want,
With no worry about the handwriting or font!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Happy International Yoga Day! - Rishona Chopra

Today on International Yoga Day,
Why don't we pray,
For healthy lives for everyone,
And that bad times don't touch anyone!

Let's wake up with a happy morning,
And exercise a bit which will surely be rewarding!
Butterfly pose or the wheel pose,
You can even stand on your toes.

At least you can do some meditation,
It will free your mind from unnecessary information.
So let's wish everyone a very happy International Yoga Day,
And let's celebrate the moment by being happy and gay!

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Acceptance - Rishona Chopra

Acceptance is considering people as they are. It is not knowing people's faults and not talking about them. That is being sympathetic. Acceptance is to not even realise one has flaws or is disabled; it is just to consider them equal to you.

In the book Totto-chan, Takahashi was short, but no one talked about it because they probably didn't realise that he was disabled or had faults. They just accepted him as a child. 

When we grow up, we know more, we know the faults, we know when one is disabled and when we see that, we even stop feeling pity for them! That is why our brain cannot use it to its total capacity because the more we know, the more problems we create. Life will unfold itself. We don't have to force it to open its destiny. 

In an extract from Peter Pan, Peter says to Wendy: Children don't believe in fairies because they know more than what they are supposed to know, and that's why fairies are fading from the world.

Accepting people is looking at their good qualities, not at their faults, because after all, everyone is different and no one is perfect.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School

Sunday 19 June 2022

Acceptance In Your Heart - Gaurangi Rastogi

Every day, we encounter different people with different personalities, some are very judgemental, or some don't judge according to their appearance. A few years ago, I met a woman who was an acid attack survivor. Her face was very burnt out that the nagging aunties would gossip about her. She heard the conversation but did not say anything.

I was a little judgemental at the time of the situation. I dared to talk to the woman, but the aunties made her go away from the avenue. Was it essential to make her go away? As she is not beautiful like others. That's what Acceptance is... accepting others, not based on looks, clothes, or wealth.

Accepting limitations of friends and family important, like: Snoring, Sleepwalking and incidents like the story of Takahashi. In addtion we must follow some habits of friends too.

'Takahashi,' the value is Acceptance, like Totto-chan accepts the boy as her friend.

Can't we accept others as our friends? Will you still not receive a person if disabled or with any other challenge?

Gaurangi Rastogi 
Class VII 
The Doon Girls School 

Reflection on reading Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window - Takahashi

Totto-chan - Simar Kaur

My reflection post reading Totto-chan. 

What are the similarities and differences between Totto-chan and Simar?

Totto-chan is a free-spirited person who loves to find joy in the most mischievous and different activities. Even though, I try not to engage in playful activities, I love to try new things. Totto-chan is not outcome-driven. She likes to live in the moment and enjoy something to its extent. However, I am very much outcome driven and am a future-oriented person. She wants to just go for things. While, I am someone who creates a list of pros and cons in my mind even before taking small steps and think of worst-case scenarios and best-case scenarios and all the possible outcomes of taking that step. And thus, I take a long time to make even the simplest of decisions. I wish I were more of a spontaneous person like Totto-chan but growing up seems to get in the way of that.

But nonetheless, I try. I try to take chances and just go for it. But at the end of the day, I try to safe steps. Despite many differences, Totto-chan and I have some similarities in the Venn diagram above.

Why did Totto-chan need to lie to her mother about the dress despite knowing she wouldn't get scolded?

Even though Totto-chan was aware that her mother is a very patient and considerate person, she felt the need to lie to her mother about her torn dress. I believe that our parents, despite their patience, are our parents. They are the force that drives you to do good deeds so they are proud of you. However, when something terrible happens, many of us ought to lie to them to not upset them and clear our names off. According to some people, Totto-chan lied for her mother's sake so she wouldn't get upset on hearing about her favorite clothes getting torn. According to others, she lied for an hour's sake to avoid getting blamed for tearing the dress. But according to me, her reason for lying to her mom was a mixture of both. She didn't want to upset her mother and did not want to be the reason for her mom's disappointment. And thus, she chose to lie.

Many children lie to their parents even for the most minor things, but the ultimate truth, they are superheroes who have their ways of finding out everything. Their superpowers make us tell the truth without realizing it. The same thing happens with me. I have a bizarre habit of smiling vivaciously whenever I lie about something. For some reason, it also happens when I say the truth but get asked if I am lying. For instance, whenever I start watching YouTube without telling my mom at a time when I'm not supposed to watch it, and my mom comes and asks what I'm doing, I manage to change the screen, but the vast (and unflattering) smile on my face gives it all away. I perceive that as a superpower because as a kid, I am lovely at making stories for not doing something when its anyone other than my parents. But my annoyingly honest nature gives it away at the end of the day…

Written by Simar Kaur, Gyanshree School at Noida

Totto-Chan - Anvesha Rana

I wish I could be a little more like her, 
for Totto-Chan would be a true dreamer, 
Her incidents can make you laugh out loud, 
and her innocence can create love around. 

Totto-Chan is so much fun, 
      She can pass through barbed wires without a grunt, 
  She makes up her own crazy games, 
and plays them without any aims. 

I have never seen another like her, 
So sensitive and empathetic, 
and yet so succumb. 

She can make anyone a friend, 
from Takashi to Yasuaki-Chan, 
all of them are mates. 

Totto-Chan is truly a gem, 
living the way she loves to, 
by sliding down a cesspool, 
or standing in the sand for a
time too long!

I wish I could be a little more like her!

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

Totto-chan and me - Rishona Chopra

This is the Venn diagram I created for Totto-chan and me.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Avni: Inside the Hunt For India’s Deadliest Man-Eater - Rishona Chopra

On November 2, 2018, tigress 'Avni' or T1, as she was known officially, believed to have been responsible for the deaths of 13 people in Maharashtra in two years, was shot dead in the Yavatmal district of the state.

Like we humans think of killing animals and banning them from the world the same way animals want to kill us because humans and animals can both live in harmony, but fear causes us to create trouble. Just imagine yourself as a tiger who people want to hunt down and hurt; won't you want to hurt those who hurt you? Sometimes, when I look at a tiger's eye, I feel the sadness, fear and pain in her eyes. 

After all, the cause of animals hurting us are only humans. We cut trees and make buildings in the forest, harming the animals. Imagine people charging in your home and ruining your place. You now have nowhere to live.

We blame animals for hurting us, but actually, we hurt them primarily because of fear.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Poem on Books - Arav Agarwal

Oh, books! They are lovely;
When I see the books, I go crazy.

They have many new things to share:
How many times I read a book, I don't care.

They are inspiring;
And all books are fascinating.

They take me to their own world;
And I like them so much.

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 6A
Billabong High International School, Thane

Their Worst Clothes - Rishona Chopra

Not every school allows their children to wear their dirtiest clothes to school, but as usual, Tomoe does! 

Wearing the dirtiest clothes to school so that there is no worry about the student's clothes getting torn or soiled is a very good idea. At my earlier school, they used to allow us to dance in the rain, play in the mud, jump over fences and do many more fun things. The idea of letting children play is all about letting them enjoy and cherish the fun of childhood.

At my earlier school, wheat used to grow in the gardens, so my friend and I used to go into the gardens and pluck the grain and eat it as it was so that nobody would take them. We used to hide them under our tables on the floor and, without washing them, eat them again.

Childhood is the best time to enjoy this fun, so why not cherish our time and make the best of it!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

National Reading Day! - Rishona Chopra

The National Reading Day is celebrated on the 19th of June in India. It is to honour our teachers and books. The celebration started in 1996.

Read a book,
And don't judge it by its look!
By reading a book, you can become a cook.
Or a doctor and author too!
Just read a page a day,
And you will find your way,
Just make sure you read something,
A magazine, a novel, 
And trust me, no book is awful.
Fiction, non-fiction, Autobiographies
And biographies! 
You can read anything you want,
Reading a book about your knowledge will make you flaunt!
So my dear friends, do read a book,
You can read one every Sunday with My Good School!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

National Reading Day - Arav Agarwal

19th June is celebrated National Reading Day in India to honour the Keralite teacher P.N. Panicker. Puthuvayil Narayana Panicker is the father of the library movement in Kerala. As a tribute to the legend, we celebrate National Reading Day.

We, the children at My Good School, love reading books in the Sunday School. Our Sunday School is fun and full of lifelong learnings. Join us every Sunday at 11AM and experience the absolute joy of learning.

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 6A
Billabong High International School, Thane

Happy Father's Day! - Rishona Chopra

This is for my father,
Who always stood up for his daughter,
He cared for me,
Like family.
He told me to brush my teeth,
And stay tidy and neat.
He played with me all sorts of games,
He stood with me through my little pains,
We have lots of fun,
Yet I don't realize he loves me more than anyone.
We often talk about the unconditional love of a mother,
But in the world, there is the love of a father,
He often scolds me, and I sold him,
He allowed me to go to the gym and for a swim,
He was there with me to help me face my fear of dogs,
He is my father and my god.
I say I don't love him,
But really, I do love him more than anyone in the world, yes, I do.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Happy Father's Day - Arav Agarwal

Fathers are fabulous and our real superheroes.
Thanks to our fathers for making our life beautiful and happy.

Fathers are fabulous; 
They guide us and take care of us.

They are our real superheroes; 
Supporting us to achieve what we want to. 

They teach us what is right and wrong; 
And help us to become strong. 

Thank you for all the hard work you do; 
To make our dreams come true!

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 6A
Billabong High International School, Thane

Friday 17 June 2022

The Art of Storytelling - Rishona Chopra

Storytelling ain't something everybody can do,
You need some content and rhythm too!
A little music with some effects,
Everything should be set and perfectly correct.
Just add some feelings,
The story could be lovely, so it works like healing!
Just add some voice modulation and thought,
So it stays in people's minds as if it was taught.
The story could have a moral,
Or a quarrel.
All you need to do is hook the audience,
By being a little more patient!
Like in a movie theatre where people feel the water splash,
Hook them with your words, so they clap with a clash.
Make people feel like they were in the story
Make them feel all happy with glory.
The fundamental trick is just to feel the theme,
And the story will come out like a beautiful dream!
Along with storytelling, we need to be good listeners too,
We need to understand the story and try our best to reflect too.
If you know how to tell a story,
Make one yourself and tell me the story quickly!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

It's because of you - Rishona Chopra

It is because of you - that is what we say. We blame people for our troubles and failures, and believe me, even you do. If you get a cold, you blame another person in the family who also had a cold. You don't blame yourself for having a weak immune system! If you couldn't go somewhere, then you blame the weather. When you spill water on your t-shirt, you blame the person who bumped into you.

When we blame others, we are avoiding some truth about ourselves. We can blame other planets for our fault; we blame nature, people, and even our parents! It's always easy to blame but challenging to find and correct your faults. This also connects with one of Dr Sibal's values - Making mistakes, and accepting flaws.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Thursday 16 June 2022

Ignorance - Rishona Chopra

Ignorance is when we ignore the law of nature.

When we think life will never end and we are immortal and will live forever is ignorance. When we forget that things change, we and ignorant.

 If you think you have come out of the world of ignorance and have achieved something great, and now you are more extraordinary, this thought simply displays that you are in the world of ignorance.

Ignorance is thinking that you are greater or your success will never end. Once you achieve something big and instead of being greedy for more, you cherish it: being free from ignorance. When the thought does not come to your mind that your success will never end, you are free.

The most prominent example is Lord Buddha. Did he ever show off his success and strength? No, because he was free from ignorance. And as he rightly said, desire is the cause of pain. This doesn't mean we shouldn't have ambitions and dreams. There is a simple difference between the desire of want and need. If you desire to be selfless and humble, then be it but then don't be too proud over that because once you link want and greed with need, all the pain begins.

Ignorance leads to ego, and ego leads to anger and greed. To stop this connection, we need to be humble.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School

Ignorance, Evolution and the Avatar - Anvesha Rana

It is uncanny that we sometimes just need a short story or a mishappening to make us realize our position in this circle of life. We all are human, yet we stand at different steps of the same staircase. Our mindset defines the place we idealize, but there are many positions to choose from: 

Realization of Ignorance is the first stage of development. It is the state where we think we are superior to our fellow beings, but in reality, we are just the same. Ignorance makes us turn a blind eye to the tiny creatures; it fills us with a sense of pride and destroys the humility within us. When the worms discovered the ray of light, they felt that it was meant for them to find and that they were special, but if the worms had been a little wiser, they would have decided to share this finding with the entire the worm population for everyone's wellbeing. Ignorance makes us immature, and after some time, it will cause us to rot. There is no development in ignorance; when we blindfold new learning opportunities and avert our eyes from new people when we disregard new things, that would stop our learning. Ignorance stops us, but observance adds a boost to our life. 

The second stage of development would be Evolution. Evolution is simply letting go of all sad things, destructive grudges, negative emotions and guilty practices; it transforms yourself and then rises above others. Evolution is perhaps the final and supreme stage of development for all humans; it is exploring and experiencing such a level of spiritual consciousness that no pleasure can be more significant. It is simply breaking free of all the chains that hold you back and then unfurling your wings to fly in a free and limitless sky, only to discover the real deception of life. We can live genuinely only when we have evolved, grown, learnt and understood, for Evolution is the true joy. 

The third stage of development would be The Avatar. The Avatar is the truest, pure, divine form one can pursue. It is a reconciliation with the almighty to develop the utmost level of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical being. The Avatar is definitely hard to reach and even more challenging to maintain. The Avatar is not god, but it can be us if we attain the final enlightenment possible. Buddha and Mahavir were ordinary people, but the course of their actions was so holy that they acquired the form of The Avatar. The path is not hard, but it is filled with thorns and pricks until the rose. 

The development that I hope for is Evolution. Some day I do expect that I can be the worm who could spread its wings, cross the horizons and truly realize life.

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

The Worm I want to be: Story Reflection - Anusha Jain

My reflection from the story Ignorance, Evolution and Avatar

After reading this beautiful story about enlightenment and awakening, I think most people would want to be like the last group of worms which grow wings and fly away from the canal, those yogis, saints and sages who raise beyond the belt of ignorance to the supreme freedom of spirit.

It is wiser to first be the initial group of worms who represent the first stage of ignorance, those who cross the physical and vital evolution phase and rise to the higher mental being and live content and satisfied. It is because we live in a world where we run an endless rat race and chase after money.

We are told to make a promising career and think about our aspirations. So, practically, if we can become like the first group of worms, we would be able to decide about our future in a better way whilst living up to society's expectations. By doing so, we would be able to help other people attain enlightenment and make a difference.

Anusha Jain, X-D
Ahlcon Public School
I am very fond of reading; Harry Potter is my favourite series.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

The worm I want to be - Rishona Chopra

 I want to be a worm who grew wings and flew away from the canal.

They didn't think they were more extraordinary because of little light but tried to attain peace and freedom and did not let pride and ignorance touch them.

The first group of worms represents the first stage of evolution in ignorance. They are those human beings who have crossed the physical and most crucial phase of evolution and risen to the consciousness of the higher mental being. The second group of worms represents the next stage of evolution in which human consciousness or the mind opens itself to a higher light beyond the rational mind and receives intuitions and inspirations from it but still lives within the world of ignorance. 

The last group of worms which grow wings and fly away from the canal are those human souls who proceed further and rise beyond the belt of human mental ignorance to the supreme freedom of the spirit. 

I want to be like the last group. That person who would raise beyond the belt of human ignorance and go beyond the sky. In the wheel of life, I want to be free from suffering and desire like Buddha. All stages represent the worms, and in the end, the first two stages still desire more and live in human and mental ignorance.

I want to be like the last group who open their wings and fly in the spiritual world with a smile.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School

A sprinkle of HHL - Rishona Chopra

All you need is a sprinkle of HHL,
Let me tell you more about it, yes I will speak,
HHL is Hope, Humility and Love,
That will make you shine like a dove,
Hope will make your heart smile,
Humility will take you a mile,
And love will make you feel in heaven, right above!
Make someone else smile,
And your heart will shine,
Some positivity,
Some freedom from pride and negativity,
It will make your day for sure,
And then you'll score life's big goal!
All you need is Hope, Humility and Love!
I am sure it will make your life full of happiness and love.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Tuesday 14 June 2022

A Trip To a Hot Spring - Amaira Bhati

It was getting dark when all the children of Tomoe Gakuen were ready for a three-day trip. It was almost time for dinner when all fifty students had finally arrived. The Headmaster hadn't brought along any food supplies with him, and he had an amusing thing for the students to do. 

The Headmaster sent all the kids to buy the veggies and fish. He knew that some kids would be afraid of this, but he wanted to make them experience the essential things in life. This simple action of buying vegetables could make them more open and make them learn more about doing calculations.

People at the market were eating their food and asking the students about them, and the students were supposed to reply politely. Some students took all the fish and veggies, but others either got lost or didn't get it. Some children went missing and had even cut their feet in the sand since it was filled with glass. This might have not been fun for some students, but in the end, it enclosed a lesson for life.  

When it was time to go back, everyone was sad that the trip was over, but they couldn't stay there forever…Half of the students slept on the way around, and the other half could not stop talking about this beautiful memory of the hot spring trip.

Amaira Bhati
Grade 3-F, Gyanshree School. 

Getting To Know You,life - Reveda Bhatt

So, today, I'll tell you a truth that humans need to face boldly.

First of all, let's ask ourselves once what life means? I think life is just a path leading to a very mournful destination- death!

When you realize the meaning of this one statement profoundly, the first question popping into your mind is that 'Then what am I struggling for!?' If this is it, then you are back on the right path - I mean working really hard to earn money, not being a spendthrift, saving it for your future generations and then, after getting old, waiting for 'the payback' from your children for what all you've done for them but when you get what you expected or have more than you expected, it is too late.

At that particular point in time, all the places in the world long for your presence to be there, but your life doesn't allow you to, and by the time the reality hits you, you get a callback from where it all began. So, see, where you are, at this moment, this place is unique, so why not live life to your best right now, and not think about what's ahead or what's the end, cherish every moment so, at last, you do not blame anyone or anything for not being able to, and that's just life, the sooner you understand it, the better it'll be!

Reveda Bhatt 
Class 9
The Aryan School

Colors Of Life - Rishona Chopra

Painting by Rishona Chopra

Colour - It is the deep mysterious language of dreams

It is a power which directly influences the soul.

Splash colours on a paper, put a stroke of brush and water, and let them flow like rivers of hope and shine through the form!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School

Monday 13 June 2022

Acoustic Life - Reveda Bhatt

Our fate and will to live,

Opens the lifelong gate.

Our love for others,

Makes us feel as gentle as a dove,

But when it comes to playing the blame game,

We should act like a human,

And not an animal who's not tame!

Being the way you are,

Never makes anyone feel bad.

It makes them feel good,

Even when they are sad!

So, just be kind to everyone, lad,

And, with following that, you'll never go mad!

Never hurt someone,

And, if you do,

You'll never get along with anyone!

And if you say sorry too,

That wound won't fill,

Just give them some time,

And they'll be talking to you of their own will!

- Reveda Bhatt 
Grade IX The Aryan School

Reveda has signed up for the Internship Program at the National Office of the Learning Forward India Foundation; she helps with social media outreach for My Good School.

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Tomoe Gakuen - Rishona Chopra

A unique school it is,
A bright shine it has,
No rules for studying or going in the pool, It was truly so cool!

The headmaster was a musician, And he had great ambitions! He wanted students to learn with passion and fun, He let the play in the gardens and run!

I wish I too went to this school,
There truly would be no strict rules!
They let students learn at their pace,
So that they learnt with grace.

They visited a hot spring at such a young age,
It kept them so engaged.
 It is such a unique place,
It was something to embrace!

I wish I studied there,
But I too have a lot of fun here!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 12 June 2022

My Tantrums As A Child - Gaurangi Rastogi

 My childhood was a colourful one. Full of life, fun and tantrums. Whenever I talk about my childhood to my family, they say, “Beta, you were so fussy about anything you wanted.” 

I still remember one of them: a fuss about a dress! 

Really on a dress! 

I was 5 and very passionate about Disney princesses; my favourite was Cinderella. I wanted a dress like hers, which was unavailable in my hometown. So, I told my Papa to ask my aunt and bring it whenever she visited me. I did not eat anything for weeks when she got the dress. I rejoiced and kept it for my next birthday. For years, I just kept procrastinating about wearing the dress. It’s just kept in my closet and has fungus on it. 

There are many stories like this in my life, but this story made me realise that there is a reason behind our parent’s deeds. 

Gaurangi Rastogi 
The Doon Girls School 

Tomoe Gakuen - Anvesha Rana

I wish I were a student at Tomoe, 
so free and yet so connected, 
I could have met the headmaster, 
and made friends with Totto-Chan. 

If I were a student at Tomoe, 
I would have visited the Hot Spring, 
while enjoying the new bling. 

The Souvenir photo would have cracked me up, 
and the Oops boy would have been a fun hub, 
I really wish I were at Tomoe, 
for it would be so lively. 

If I were at Tomoe,
I would have learnt Eurythmics, 
Though it would be funny to be so Rhythmical. 

I do wish I were at Tomoe, 
but I already have my own right here, 
which is My Good School!

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

Hot Springs - Rishona Chopra

A hot spring is a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity. The Blue Lagoon (Iceland) is the most famous hot spring in the world. Yes, there are hot springs in India - such as Manikaran.

Having trips to hot springs is a fascinating thing. You can do several things like -
- Relaxation
- Swim
Most of all, you have a natural spa with just you around!

I have never been to a hot spring before, but I wish I could have a trip to a hot spring. Maybe our school could take us to a hot spring!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Eurythmics - Rishona Chopra

Eurythmics is the art of rhythmic education. We can listen to a song, but very few can relate to the beats and rhythm. Once you do that, mastering dance and music is like taking candy from a baby with hard work and dedication.

Rhythmic education makes the body and mind equally developed in harmony and peace.
At Tomoe, the headmaster has added Eurythmics as a subject in his school. He teaches students to change their body steps with the beats. It increases focus too.

When I was learning the piano, my piano teacher sang a song, and I had to play the beats with one key. Now, I understand he was teaching me Eurythmics. I am grateful to him for teaching me what I know today.

Having eyes but not seeing beauty; having ears, but no hearing music; having minds but not perceiving truth; having heart that are never moved and therefore never set on fire are the things to fear of.

Children could be taught to hear and feel music in their minds rather than just with their ears; how to make them feel music as a thing of movement rather than a dull, lifeless subject; how to awaken a child’s sensitivity.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Ahlcon's Eyes On The Skies - Slooh

Slooh India partners with Slooh and spreads the joy of learning with community Astronomy.

Witness the beautiful Blood Moon Eclipse of 16th May. Hope you enjoy this excellent presentation!

Slooh makes real-world, real-time space exploration accessible for every student without the hassle of purchasing, storing, and maintaining a fleet of expensive student-grade telescopes.

Presented by (members of Slooh Astronomy Club):
Vanshika, Dakshya and Daksha

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