Wednesday 28 September 2022

My Good School Song

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My Good School is one year old this week!

In September 2021, Dr Ashok Pandey gave the whole program a fillip with the My Good School Dil Se show. After that, there was no looking back - Ahlcon Public School, Billabong Thane, Gyanshree Noida, The Doon Girls' School and The Fabindia School - as we found good schools to help spread the joy of learning. Today 435 individuals, teachers and students are part of the My Good School, and we promise they love it!

Joy Of Learning Program, Well-being Program, Happy Teachers, Slooh and Sportify all added values to the school curriculum of the partner schools.

To commemorate our first birthday, we will release the My Good School song soon; the lyrics are beautiful; wait for the release...on all podcast channels worldwide.

Sunday 25 September 2022

Left So Soon - Climax: Reveda Bhatt

Left So Soon-I’d like to thank all those from above watching me as I write this.

To all the RIPs,
Thank you for giving me a new perspective of life to look through-Not to hang on over a
moment, but to let go and move on.
From The One, You Left Behind,

So, hope you went through the series well and got to pick up some morals concerned with
our mortality.

To you,
Life is too uncertain to think about anything else but to live in the moment. This was not for
any other purpose than to give you meaning, the meaning of life, not a definition.

Look, because, anyways, it’s you who defines the word-Life, but the meaning is pre-defined.
Either way, we are born by the same process and even die by the same process, but the
difference appears in the way we live and the motive behind our living-some live to enjoy,
wanting happiness in return, some live to work hard, wanting money and fame in return,
some live to serve, wanting nothing in return while some never even get the time to want
anything in return as they return back. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to enjoy, work
hard or serve, it simply means that you have to keep on doing what you love, but don’t
expect anything in return, Karma returns and it will, WHEN IT HAS TO!

Trailer - BIRTH
Movie - LIFE
Climax - DEATH

We all know our ending, to kiss the soil, the climax for the actor is boring and for the
supporting roles, is sad.
The Director is God.
The Producer is you.
The Audience is everybody else.
Suppose, the Director has given you the starting and the ending of the movie.
The script is what you have to write.
If the Audience laughs, let them, thinking that they are stupid.
If the Audience cries, let them, thinking that they are emotional.
Let them because it’s you who knows the reality behind, because perspectives don’t match.
Yes, they don’t.
Nobody’s does, they pretend to.
Nobody can put you down, unless you let them to.
It’s your stage. Rock it, Superstar!

Before it breaks down!

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan School, Grade 9

Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war - Reveda Bhatt

The renowned English poet John Milton once wrote in a letter to English General Oliver
Cromwell- “Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.”

The fact that the majority of the world demands justice by sole means of war forgets that
there is a concept of harmony in the absence of hostility and violence, known as peace!
The word peace is derived from the original Latin word ‘pax‘, which means a pact,
an agreement to end the war.

Trust me, it’s not as tough as it seems to be; there are millions of people who’ve lost their
lives to violence and many who’ve lost their beloved ones to brutality.

It’s all a perspective-based scenario, a country which loses its soldiers to another
considers them to be martyrs while the other one calls them terrorists, who, instead of
fighting to create peace, get rested in peace.

We, people, do not understand that the peace created after the war is not exactly
‘real peace’ but a helpless and tarnished aftermath of the most severe form of violence. We
do attain peace. We are left with no choice.

On the other hand, the victory procured by maintaining peace is totally and wholly different,
it does uphold happiness and agreement.

Our latest witness of violence was the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which was heartbreaking. On the one hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin constantly sent orders to attack Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wasn’t ready to order his military to back off and surrender. Therefore, I guess we have all seen the aftermath with our own eyes.

Peace was always an option for them, and cooperation was an option for them, but they chose
war, and war it is, then.

Coming back to the word ‘peace’, apart from being a pleasant word, it also refers to a
peaceful society and a beautiful world.

According to Lao Tzu‘s famous saying:
If there is peace in the world,
there must be peace in the nations.
If there is peace in the countries,
there must be peace in the cities.
If there is peace in the cities,
there must be peace between neighbours.
There must be peace in the home if there is peace between neighbours.
If there is peace in the house, there must be peace in the heart.

Thank you!

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan School, Grade 9

This is a post from her speech at school.

Peace - What it means for us?

Thank you to all who joined us today; we are over 100, and you will see up to 75 names; there were many sharing devices, for which we are most grateful.

We look forward to more quotes. Our value of the month is PEACE. Is it different from the piece?

Avni Kochhar
"Peace means everyone being treated equally. Peace means harmony."

Shambhavi Nautiyal
A piece can be a piece of mind, but peace is much more than that. It's trust between two individuals; it's having self-belief and perception of yourself. If you have made peace with yourself and your mind, you can have a whole new vision of the world, and simply nothing can go wrong.

Rishona Chopra,
12:03 PM
Peace is one virtue we must maintain in the smallest of things. Even sharing a piece of cake will have to be shared with peace as we tend to fight over the smallest of things, neglecting that this small piece of cake can ruin our relationships.

Peace, for me, is when you gain complete self-confidence without worry or fear. It is mental strength and brings happiness to me.
Kanika Dogra and Tenzin paldon

"Peace is mental freedom. Free yourself to achieve it."

Nidhi Chauhan
Peace allows us to overcome our problems. It will help us to live the best of all possible lives, and "Never let anyone destroy your inner peace".

Tenzin Lhadon
Peace begins with a smile.
When a person has patience and is happy and grateful for all the things

Best post as a Comment as mentioned at The Sunday School. 

Peace - Arav Agarwal

As we are celebrating peace as the month's value, I wanted to share this beautiful article I read in The Times Of India. This article tells us that we do not need to seek peace as peace is already there within us and is our soul's stabilizing and harmonizing strength. 

These days we live in a noisy and stressful world, so we just need to remember the great people who fought all battles of life with peace, like Gautham Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi.

Peace helps us respond and not react; when we are peaceful, we can listen to our inner voice, which is our guiding light. 

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 6A
Billabong High International School, Thane

Friday 23 September 2022

सुन्दर पृथ्वी को कैसे बचाएँ? - Oshi Singh

 सुन्दर पृथ्वी को कैसे बचाएँ? 

Image courtesy,used by Oshi Singh for representation only

पृथ्वी हमारी नहीं हम पृथ्वी के हैं | इसलिए मैंने ये पंक्तियां लिखीं, आशा है कि आप पसंद करेंगे और हमारे ग्रह पृथ्वी को बचाने की कोशिश करेंगे | कृपया इसके बारे में सोचें और जितना हो सके पानी, पौधों और जानवरों को बचाने की कोशिश करें|

स्वच्छ जीवन, साफ मन सुन्दर पृथ्वी , घने वन |

• वृक्ष धरा के साधन है , इनको सदा बचाओ पानी सींचो , भोजन परसों , जीवन सुखी बनाओ |

• सीमित साधन , जल संसाधन , जीवनदायी पानी | भूल गए जो बच्चों इसको, याद आएगी नानी |

पानी तेरे रूप अनेक बारिश, नदिया , सागर देख |

• पृथ्वी सभी मनुष्यों की ज़रुरत पूरी करने के लिए पर्याप्त संसाधन प्रदान करती है , लेकिन लालच पूरा करने के लिए नहीं |

 • जल बचाऐं , वन बचाऐं और बचाएँ जंतु ,मानव जीवन इन पर निर्भर ,    
 ना कोई किंतु परन्तु |

 • धरती बचेगी तो जीवन बचेगा ,और नादान इंसान नहीं तू बचेगा ,अभी वक़्त हैं,अभी भी संभल जा ,नहीं तू बचा तो फिर क्या बचेगा |


Oshi Singh
Gyanshree School 

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Autobiography Of A Pen - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy, used by Oshi Singh for representation only

I remember what a refined personality I was born with. My journey started when a lot of metal, ink plastic were put together in the factory. After some finishing touches were made, I was born. I was eagerly waiting for my brothers and sisters. After everyone came, we were sealed and ready to travel. We were kept on the floor in the carton. At first, I thought we were being thrown, but suddenly I heard an appealing voice from the back saying, "Take this carton to truck no. 5, which is going to London." I was really excited! Suddenly, there was a loud thud and the box opened partly. I quickly looked outside, and it was all dark. I slid inside with fear of what might happen next. After we reached the airport, we were kept in a cargo plane, and no one saw that the box was partially open. After everyone had fallen asleep, I came out and saw outside. Everything looked so small from above. After 2-3 days of travelling and sneaking out, we finally reached London. 

After all the sweet moments we spent with each other, we were separated from each other and taken to different shops. I was in Pen Heaven (a pen shop). I was kept in the front display and was the most expensive pen on my street as well as of that time. Many people stopped to take a closer look at me, but because of my price tag, they couldn't afford to take me home with them. And always decided to buy a cheap pen. Now comes the day when my life changed. Put on your seat belts because everything is about to change. I remember it was about to rain that day when a rich man entered the shop and took me home as a gift to her younger daughter, Celery. And I was her favourite pen, her precious possession. 

After a year, a new pen came on the market, which, unfortunately, Celery bought. I couldn't help noticing her writing with him all day long, in front of my eyes! I would get furious, and to be honest, I was a bit jealous too. One day when she was writing with both of us, I started feeling weak and trembling, and my worst fear came true. My ink was FINISHED. Luckily Celery had one last refill, and she quickly filled it in. But now I know my end is near, and only a few days are left in my life. Next month, the same thing happened; I thought of me being Celery's favourite, she would still keep me with him besides that new boring pen, but she did something unbelievable! I still can't believe she threw me in the trash can! How mean can these foul creatures get? 

In no time I was lying in the dark, stinky dusty garbage bag but then unexpectedly something unbelievable! I couldn't believe my eyes; I saw my refill and quickly filled myself. I dusted myself as much as I could and made my escape. I pressed the nearest doorbell of someone's house and lay down on the floor. It was an old man in his red gown whose doorbell I rang. I believe it was Christmas day when he gave shelter under his roof. Just like Christ, even I was reborn. I guess I am no less than a god. Anyways, the refill that I had used wasn't actually working. Quite a bit of a bummer! Today it's been exactly a year, my refill is empty, but I am still with the old man. I sometimes miss Celery, but I am grateful to the old man. I wish I could show him my gratitude after all he has done for me. But, yes, at last, I at least have a peaceful retirement.

The message:

Just like Celery replaced the pen in the story, we humans, too, have a terrible habit of giving all our attention to something or someone new in our lives. Our full attention goes to the new person or thing in our life. We forget to be grateful for our old precious possessions during this period. The same thing happened with the friendship of Swami, Rajam and Mani. When Rajam arrived, all of Swami's attention went to him, and he started to ignore his old friends. Although he didn't mean to, he hurt Mani's feelings on the way.

Oshi Singh
Gyanshree School 


Sunday 11 September 2022

A Threat To Our Society - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy, used by Oshi Singh for representation only.

In the twenty-first century, from Jeffrey Bezos to an ordinary man, everyone has the most valuable thing in their hand twenty-four seven is their gadget. In a world as busy as ours, crime can happen anywhere and anytime, especially Cyber Crime. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole nation has been working through the internet and gadgets; the internet is probably the top place where crime can happen. The first case of Cyber Crime reported in India was in 1992, and it has been increasing. Now that everyone is in their homes and on the internet at all times, it is an ideal situation for people doing such woeful activities.  

The most intriguing fact about cybercrime is that it can be done knowingly, and it can be done unknowingly as well. Especially teenage children are on the internet at all times and can be targeted easily.  

People commit financial frauds, leak inappropriate videos and photos without one's consent, and catfish for various reasons, which results in psychological damage. Several people commit suicide because they trusted someone over the internet, and now that person is threatening them for several reasons. The maximum number of people in this country are not even aware of cybercrime's impact on a person. Cyber Criminals commit crimes, including stealing people's money and identity.   

A Cyber Crime that happens to you can change your perspective towards life and leave you with a cyber trauma. The Indian Government has also created many laws related to Cyber Crime, but there are times when one never knows that they are a victim of a cybercrime, and many people do not even report such cases. In conclusion, I would like to say that Cyber Crime is a threat to our society as it is a growing concern, and anyone could be a victim, so we as responsible human beings should be cautious while dealing with the internet. 

Be Unstoppable - Gaurangi Rastogi

The line is motivational to me. 
People just say, “ Stop! it’s enough!” But why is it enough? 

There is a story about a girl named Sara. She was from a humble family. She was always keen to learn something, whether dance or singing. She would go from house to house to sell her creations to earn a living. Somebody would give her an Rs. 100 notes or a coin. She used to accept it humbly. She used to collect the money to go to a good university abroad.

Once, her family got to know about her work. She was beaten very severely. She had scars all over her body for at least a month. They decided to get her married. On her wedding day, she ran away and came to my home. I had to hide her inside my room. After 12 years, she went to a law college in London. She is one of the best lawyers today. Her family was furious at first, but they supported her at last.

The story is motivating. Isn’t it? But, there is a big lesson I learned don’t stop yourself, or you will stop being a beautiful butterfly. 

Gaurangi Rastogi 

Class VII 

The Doon Girls School 

The Art of Focus - Anvesha Rana

Handling other people is a tedious task, and that, too, with care becomes even more difficult. We expect the best treatment, facilities and equipment when it comes to us, but we seldom realize that to receive the best, we also need to treat others at our best. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. 

Each flower in a garden is unique, yet they all wave off different fragrances. All five fingers are not equal, yet they have additional capabilities to help us. Our unity lies in our diversity; we are together because we are different. We should learn to respect the differences of each individual and have the courage to be who we are and not be what others think we should be. 

Life is best seen as a constant journey in which sometimes we run, walk, crawl, slither, but all matters is that we keep going on. Even if sometimes we fall back and reach square one, we should have the strength to fight back and be even stronger because that is how we take our learning forward. 

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

Monday 5 September 2022

Happy Teachers’ Day - Arav Agarwal

Dear Teachers thank you for all the things you do,
Overcoming challenges and making our dreams come true!

You give us the support we need, 
And with a smile do whatever we plead!

Because of you we experience the real joy of learning,
 We become a better person under your mentoring!

You are the best teachers,
Who work tirelessly to make our future!

Thank you Dear Teachers!

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 6A
Billabong High International School, Thane

Left So Soon: Part 2 - Reveda Bhatt

Rolling the rim of my life back to the year 2020, when my 12th birthday (So as called MY FIRST BIRTHDAY by my family and doctors) was knocking at the door of my life, a significant achievement of mine for the previous year was that I came back ALIVE! As always, there was a party about which I had been blabbering for months to my parents, and my blackmailing dialogue for this one since COVID-19 had knocked at the same door before I was at - “Mom, Dad, I couldn’t celebrate it last year, so this year before me was that I have a chance!’

Amusing, right?

25000 COVID cases per day across India, post-traumatic me, my tensed parents, my worried family… It might not seem possible to have a party, right? But how could my parents deny it!? After all, the “Me, Coming Back” was true.

October 20 passed, 14 days to go for my birthday party on 3 rd November!

We started making the list of invitees, and all my friends and teachers knew what had happened to me, so no one could deny their coming. I called or sent a message to all the invitees- my relatives, friends and teachers -who are close to me. Dropping messages, I sent one to my teacher, Ritu Ma’am, who came to see me often in the hospital and at home. A few hours passed; I had gotten confirmation from many except her. Waiting for hers, I kept checking my WhatsApp repeatedly until a notification dropped in from her number, and I was eager to talk to her. But, you know, sometimes the reality turns out to be not what you expect, but something better or worse, and it was the second option.

The message that came to me was-
“Dear Reveda, your beloved Ma’am left us on the 17th. Unfortunate husband, Pawan”
Bummer, right?

First, it took me a while to comprehend, but then, a flashback to my memories with her ran through my mind, and I ran to show it to my parents. They remembered what she had said when she came home,” You’ll be fine soon, brave girl!” Now that I was, she left…I called him, but after the first ring, my Dad refused to do so. He asked me to give her contact number to him, and he called via phone. Sir picked up and later, after speaking for long and passing condolences, in the middle of the conversation, they learned that they knew each other, school friends!

Coincidental, right, but was it, though? As soon as he hung up on the phone, my Dad told me that she had passed away due to cancer overgrowth in her body. Soon, it struck me that when I used to go to school, she had started taking many leaves, and those days, in her classes, we had tests, but she did not just take them. Her health forced her to! Just as I spoke to my other classmates, they told me she wasn’t coming to school for a month before her passing.

Just like that, an invitee to my birthday party wasn’t there because she had been invited by
the BIG ONE to the BIG PARTY above. That’s why, you know, live in the moment because thinking about the time passed, more will. Thinking about what’s next, anyways, be it good or bad, you’ll have to face it one day. These were the bummers I have had, and hoping not to have more!

Nobody should.
Stupid circle of life.
What has left, you won’t come back, and what is about to come to you, wouldn’t just vanish if you don’t think about it. The body is temporary, but the soul is immortal, and the time the soul gets to live in the body is limited.

Reveda Bhatt
Grade 9
The Aryan School

Teachers' Day - Yashraj Sharma


Joyce Meyer rightly said, “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.” 

Here is my tribute to my beloved Shreegurus and mentors on this auspicious “teacher’s day” occasion.

I have written an acrostic poem:

T - Tenderhearted

E - Enthusiastic

A - Amazing

C - Creative

H - Humble

E - Energetic

R- Responsible

Yashraj Sharma

Grade: VIII

Gyanshree school

Thank you to all my teachers - Rishona Chopra

Drawing by Rishona Chopra

Teachers are an essential aspect of our life; they help us to grow, learn and enjoy. 

To my teachers:
I learned so much because of you,
You helped me become like a humble bamboo!
You helped me grow,
You helped me know.
The way you taught me to dance and drama,
And about Barack Obama.
English and maths,
You made me laugh!

Thank you so much, and a very Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers of the world and especially to:
Mrs Geetika Chopra (Mother), Ms. Apoorva Kathuria, Ms. Anju, Ms. Monisha, Ms. Sayanatnee Mishra, Ms Sunita Mehta, Ms Sukhpreet Kaur, Ms. Naina, Ms. Neha, Ms Tanya, Ms Deepika, Ms. Divya, Ms Jyotsna, Ms Nibbrati, Ms Geetanjali, Ms Sonali, Mr Sandeep, Mr Jugjiv,Mr Manoj, Mr. Anoop and Mr Satyam!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 4 September 2022

Endless Cycles Of Desire - Rishona Chopra


We all have so many wishes in life. We want so much more, but it is through natural materialism that our greed grows. Like Mahatma Gandhi said - There is enough for everyone's needs but not for everyone's greed.

Greed is this emotion that is never endless and will continue forever, desire leads to sorrow and the end of desire is the ned of sorrow. The more we want, the more our ego increases; if we don't get it, we are unhappy. These are endless cycles of desire and sorrow. If only we realize that we have everything in the world and we don't need it anymore.

Don't we feel the want when we see someone has something that we don't, and it's all about material possessions. It's never about noticing that we made mistakes in life or never did good deeds and the want to be a better person but we think that being big doesn't lie in the heart but in what we possess.  

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School  

Friends and Family - Rishona Chopra

We unintentionally push people away from us when we meet someone, even if we have known them for a long time. I have faced situations like this. We all need that one friend who is entire to us and no one's friend. We often run after those who don't want us but forget those who want to be with us. What I mean is that friend who wants to be our friend; our parents and god are always there, and they have no one to run after. In this world, we start considering strangers and people outside the family more and start neglecting the friendship in the family. Family, a six-letter word, has 6 meaningful meanings: F -Fair A - Attentive M - Merry I - Impartial L - Loyal Y - Yours To spend time with your family and friends, you don't need friendship, a mother, father, or family day, but love and trust make you love them every day! This doesn't mean you neglect friends, but a balance is needed between friends and family. A fight that can only be resolved by words, I saw one of my friends crying yesterday because he had a fight with his friend, and then the next day, everything was water under the bridge, and the two friends were hugging each other. It sure is an inspirational story! Swami is a boy who loves making new friends and is very amiable; he loves Somu and Sankar, but when he becomes friends with Rajam, he unintentionally neglects them, making Somu and Sankar feel sad and jealous, and they think Swami doesn't care about them anymore. Even though Swami realized his mistake, his friendship with them couldn't be made again with their strong bond earlier. Even though he became friends with new people forgetting old ones isn't considered a good friendship. It hurts to see your best friend become friends with another one, but it is vital to clear misconceptions and patiently forgive. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Swami and Friends - Anvesha Rana

Swami loves being amiable to everyone, especially to his best friends. He loves Somu for his geniality, Sankar for his intelligence, The Pea for his connection, Mani for his strength and Rajam for his personality. Swami is a fun-loving boy; his friends mean the world to him. Often friendships are a two-way street; if one of the givers in a bond of friendship stops contributing, this bond can also break. 

Something similar happened when Swami became friends with Rajam and unintentionally pushed Somu, Sankar and Samuel out of his life. Still, when Swami realized his mistake, it was too late to correct it. 

We pamper new people and forget the ones whom we have known forever. We often have so many desires that we change friends and relations to fulfil all our wishes. But fulfilling our desires does not lie in completing them but in controlling them. 

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

Patience @ My Good School, a Podcast by Learning Forward

The rainy month of August brings us to another unique topic - Patience! Anvesha and Simar are back as our hosts! 

'Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one in your mind. It is not passively waiting; it is how we behave while waiting and whether we keep going even if things are hard.'


Patience is truly a vital virtue on the road to success. But what does Patience mean to you? Can you remember any instances where you were patient? Who is the most patient person you know? Do you think Patience can be found in small things? Make sure to ponder these questions and share your thoughts in the comments section! Tune in to listen to our special guests - Arav and Monisha ma'am - as they share their valuable thoughts with us. 

So, please grab a cup of hot coffee, sit near the window, watch the rain and listen to our upcoming podcast. Comment below and let us know if you liked the podcast. If you want to be part of similar podcasts, join us! We hope to meet you again when we return with a podcast on 'Peace' next month. 

My Good School celebrates Patience and has developed this podcast, scripted and produced by our interns!

Anvesha Rana and Simar Kaur - Hosts from Gyanshree School, Noida

Arav Agarwal - Guest from Billabong High International School, Thane

Monisha Datta - Guest from The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun

Enjoy our shows on
You will love the stories our students, teachers, and passionate educators share.

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Saturday 3 September 2022

The Friendship of the Oven and The Fridge - Rishona Chopra

Hello my friends! Oh wait, don't hug me just now, you see I am very hot, I might burn you and then you would never talk to me again. Well, why am I so hot that no one can touch me? I was born this way and I am not proud of it! I hate it, I need more coldness in life, I deserve to be colder and not warmer. Because of this very extra ordinary blessing, which is really not a blessing, I don't have many friends but I have one best friend and that is Fridge. Now this was my side of the story, let's hear it from Fridge!

Hey there! As you might have guessed, I am very cold and I truly need more warmth.Even though I am cold I do not have a cold heart but I very warm and caring one. It's lucky that our owners kept oven and me together. He gives me warmth and I give him the touch of coldness he needs. Our lives have been extraordinarily twisted but we made the best of it!

Fridge and Oven

The hidden truth - Reveda Bhatt

A secret, this six-lettered word might seem normal, but the problems and awkward situations created when it comes out a complex. It contains power, the power of inducing conflicts, so some say it's better if the painful reality is kept to ourselves. They exist in politics and in "the democracy of our nation." One such mysterious secret almost unfolded was the death mystery of "our almost Prime Minister" Subhash Chandra Bose.

It was in the year 1945 that he boarded an aircraft going to Taiwan. The plane stopped midway for a few hours, and when it took off, in the air, its elevator caught fire, and the plane crashed, which was the reported end of this leader's life. His funeral took place, but the remains weren't his, as claims suggest! But the Indian Government stated that it was in the truth, but as evidence suggests, maybe Prime Minister Mr Jawaharlal Nehru did not want the truth to come out!

Many cases about his death mystery were registered, but the Indian Government closed them when they nearly unravelled the secret. Pieces of evidence found suggest three theories. First, he died in a plane crash, but that is not true as the agency denied he crashed his plane, saying that such a plane had never crash-landed in Taiwan from where the incident was reported. The second one says that he changed his identity and lived in Uttar Pradesh as a saint mystic because his stuff had been found, such as the pair of spectacles he used, his books and articles. The third one suggests that he went underground to the public, which is proved by the photo of Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri clicked in Tashkent, years after his reported death. The secret was unravelling, though the Government did not want it to. Soon after this picture was clicked with Bose in the background, Lal Bahadur Shastri even died in a mysterious plane crash.

This was not an 'incident' but a murder, a trick played by our corrupted politicians who didn't want Mr S.C.Bose to come into power and become the next Prime Minister. These are all claims "we, the people", are not sure about, and under such circumstances, his death would remain a secret in the pages of files and continues to be a mystery in history!

- Reveda Bhatt 
Grade IX The Aryan School

I have seen a ghost and this is my story - Diva Gupta

Often we have been told that ghosts and spirits don’t exist. But I have, and here’s my story.
It was the darkest of nights. I was lying in my bed, wide awake. It was midnight, and I wasn’t able to sleep. The moonlight rose into my room brighter than sunlight, so I decided to shut the blinds. I got up, only to see the dark streets of Noida. Not even a soul seemed to be seen or heard. It was like the world had just stopped itself. Perhaps this was called the witching hour. I thought of getting a glass of water. So I shut the blinds, went into the hallway, and turned on the kitchen light. As I filled my glass of water, I felt something move. When I went to check if someone was there, I saw nothing. I went back into the kitchen, and my cup was gone! I quickly hurried to my room, forgetting about my water when the blinds were up again! What was going on? I had no idea, but I decided to sleep it out. And then there was the problem of not being able to sleep.  I lay there in complete darkness once more when someone entered my room. I heard a voice: ‘Diva? Are you awake?’. It was my mom. I told her everything. After my story, she laughed at me and told me to sleep. How could she! After all, it happened in front of me! Either this was another prank, or it was my imagination. After talking to my mom, I was finally able to sleep. But I still couldn’t get it out of my head about that ghost. This incident happened about four years ago, in second grade.  Well, this was my story, and many may laugh and say, ‘How funny! That could never happen!’ But it did, and I still remember the chills that night.

Diva Gupta

Grade VI

Gyanshree School

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