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The Superficial Rosy-ness - Reveda Bhatt

Image “We all love roses, and when I say that, I mean the blooming ones because nobody even cares a bit when they seem to wilt!” You know, the usual-a rose-too common but never seems to get outdated. The emotions hiding behind this flower are too many to comprehend. They stick out everywhere-in happy moments as well as in sad ones. When seen in and out, it sometimes even portrays the human character of being multifaced-tender and mild on the outside but painful or raging on the inside, just like a human heart could be! Like any other flower, roses go through the stages of life where first, as a growing bud, they are provided with everything they need to grow. They struggle through the part of their lives to fully mature, and later, some are plucked by us as we gaze at its brilliance and find a place in a vase, and we keep it till we can gain something out of it-a pleasant smell and a decent look. Happy till it serves us with all that, and then,

The Spooky Indian History - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy, used by Oshi Singh for representation only. It all started on a fine day when the English men made their first visit to India. When we welcomed them to our land, our fields and our culture, unknown what lies ahead. Gradually the visits became more frequent. It was about when they started collecting taxes from peasants and got their Farman issued from Aurangzeb, and in no time, they were writing our destiny, dictating what to do and what not to do.  The focus of children who went to pathshalas to gain knowledge shifted to scoring. The children who were taught on their pace and capability to grasp a concept now just had a year to understand and do a test on it without knowing or learning the practical usage. Not only that, they were now dealing with India's religious, economic and political matters. The country that invented zero made the first university in the world and already knew that the Earth was round before the world was now called "unciv

Cause and Effect - Priya Gupta

My pencil puppet gives me #joyoflearning Reading The Art Of Focus at The Sunday School. Chapter 27, Humility and finding God, the Creator. #God #Humility by Gauranga Das. Cause and Effect: Rationalists will concur that there needs to be a cause for an effect. Puppet: Another example is a puppet show. When we see puppets dance (the effect) beautifully in the story narrated, we deduce that there is a puppeteer (the cause) entertaining us from behind the curtain and running the show. It’s foolish for the audience to think that the puppets are dancing on their own. It’s equally foolish for the puppets to think that they are independent and that they are the source of entertainment. In fact, they are instruments of entertainment. Just like puppets, we are instruments of God, aided by a body with its five senses and the subtle elements (the mind, ego and intelligence). Priya Gupta Pestalozzi Childrens' Village Dehradun, India

The Creator - Rishona Chopra

The Universe, this earth, and us humans and: there is a creator for everything. Who is that genius who creates all this? It is a divine power - God. A message from God: "You thought I decided your destiny; whenever you had a problem, you blamed me for it and prayed to me to resolve it. Sweet children, I am your Father. Can I ever give you illness, poverty, abuse, conflict and natural calamities? Everything in your world works according to the Law of Karma. You are only getting a return for what you have done. You are the creators of your destiny. I can give you the wisdom and power to create a wonderful destiny. But you need to connect to me and study the wisdom I give." In the winter months, it's chilly. We do not see the wind but perceive the wind (the effect) and conclude that air (the cause) must exist. Without air, there is no wind. Likewise, without God, there is no creation.  God is the divine power that creates the base to help us as the creator. He gives us wisdo

How The Dog Found Himself A Master - Rishona Chopra

                                            There was once this dog who wanted a master, He simply wanted to make things faster. He first found a wolf, But even if he held a stick, he would say “woof”. He went to a bear, But he wasn’t that fair. He came to a lion, Who he thought was as strong as iron. He stayed with him for quite some time, But things weren’t okay. The dog thought he was the strongest, At least in the forest! But man was stronger, At least better. So he stayed with a man, And that’s how his peaceful life began! This poem is inspired by one of our English chapters, “ How the Dog Found Himself A Master”. It is said that the relationship between dog and man is indeed a unique one. This poem displays a dog’s journey to finding its true master. “You may have many best friends, but your dog only has one.” Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Ikigai - Rishona Chopra

I am on my journey to find my Ikigai, While wishing I, Could see it sooner. But little do I know, That my journey, Is an army, To find my ikigai, And that itself is an ikigai. All ambitions and dreams, Half-fulfilled streams. Never have I felt this passion. To find my meaning for being. We all were born to do something. But this question always encounters us - What is my reason for being? The beautiful part is that knowing this takes a long journey for most people. Some of us already know our passion - our reason for being. It's okay if you don't. It's a journey that has to enjoy. Have you ever felt that by watching a movie related to space, you want to become an astronaut or perhaps by watching a few video games, you want to be a creator? Many people have gone through this journey, and you know you don't really have to put in any effort. Life unfolds itself with its wonders. Let it. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Nishan Karki on 'Pot of Wit'.

My Pot of Wit Everyone's mind keeps on thinking about and discovering many new things. Every time there is something curious going on in people's minds. My mind is also filled with curiosity about doing new and exciting things. My pot of wit means my mind is filled with many new ideas and thoughts. It is interested in reading, playing, writing and doing numerous things.  Nishan Karki Courtesy - Shelja Thakur Pestalozzi World Local Alumni Coordinator and Senior Student Liaison Officer We are reading The Art Of Focus by Gauranga Das.

Respect - Tenzin Jambey

Respect means having inspiration, admiration, and high regard for someone because of their action, work, and achievement. In today's world, if we want to be respected by people, then our actions should awaken a feeling of motivation in them. Respect is something that needs to be earned, but we should always be first to give respect to others. Then only we will be respected back. As the world is changing, people's mindsets and ways of thinking are changing and transforming into a devil's mind. Nowadays, if we even respect someone, they don't respect us back. People only respect you for your position. In school, I see "once in a blue moon" students giving respect to the workers like sweepers, carpenters, guards, gatekeepers, etc. In school, I have seen some students who don't even respect their teachers, who are like gods to us and always try to teach us good things. I have also noticed during assembly that the seniors don't listen to what the Principal

Striving So Hard - Reveda Bhatt

Okay, hold up for a moment, sitting and typing as I do here. Now, ask yourself - “Why do I strive so hard?” It’s like the human mind constantly strives for something or the other. We set a bull’s eye to aim at, but once we reach there, it’s the end of one manly desire but the start of another; we may call it the endless cycle of desire .   Some strive too hard to earn “enough” money, but once they earn it, it never seems enough. As we keep on progressing, so make our desires progress. Some work hard round the clock to gain respect, that too by their power, but bet you knew that even the greatest people around the world have some people who praise them continuously upfront but stab them behind their backs! So, my friends, why? Why do we strive to prove ourselves in front of such toxic people? The moments that pass are precious, and, to be honest, when I am here, I just do what I wish - study only when I want, and write only when I feel like there’s a need to. You know, living in the mom

How did it feel to be found again after being lost? - Tenzing Dhekyong N

This incident took place when I was just six years old. I went on a trip with my grandpa and granny to Bodh Gaya, Bihar. My grandpa made a plan and told my grandmother and me to visit the temple. Meanwhile, he would buy some presents for the monks. So when we reached the temple, my granny was super excited and was having an intense conversation with nuns about his holiness that she even forgot I was there with her. I got really bored looking at the trees and flowers; at that moment, I noticed some children playing Kho-kho together, so I joined them. I didn't know I was lost until they announced that the temple would be closed. I searched for my granny, but I didn't get her. I cried and shouted for help, and one of my friends came and motivated me. Thankfully, after calling for a long time, we noticed one police uncle was there standing. We ran around for help and told him that I was lost. He took me to a child centre and announced about me. After waiting thirty minutes with my

The darkest hour of the day - Vani Pandey

It was the 31st of October and the darkest hour of the day. My parents were out, and I was alone at home. It wasn't the first time I had been like this. This was about the hundredth time I had been all alone. I wasn't afraid, for all I could think was how to paint the wall in my room. It was huge, and it was a giant project for me. I was all blank for inspiration.  " Hmm... What about a giant rainbow and a few of my original made characters in it? Or... What about a beautiful seascape?  That was my mind, all messed up and out of place. Suddenly, I heard a whistle. Maybe it was the wind, or was it, someone? It came from the dark and blank lobby. Did I dare to go there? Well, no. I stayed where I was. And then went to see whether there was a wind blowing. There was a slight breeze, but it couldn't be the wind whistle. But I made up my mind and got back to work. Then again, I heard a whistle. But this time, it was more of a faint cry. My body got cold for a second. It was

Why fit in when I can stand out? - Rishona Chopra

We have grown up with values and are taught to be kind to everyone around us. But we often exhibit the behaviour of dependency – we are nice to people only when they are nice to us.  If they behave wrongly with us in small or big ways, we feel an impulse to strike back in the name of tit for tat or an eye for an eye. We copy people's wrong behaviours and give up our inherent goodness. From today, start living by your value compass, no matter what.  Holding on to your qualities when tempted to copy others' wrong behaviour increases your inner power. Remind yourself – "Irrespective of my environment and people, I use my original qualities in every situation. Irrespective of the other's behaviour, I am caring and kind to them. Unique the way I am, That's how I stand. With all my values and principles in place, I will always stay at my own pace! Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

The Wonders Of The World - Rishona Chopra

Are you thinking I'm talking about the 7 wonders of the world? No, not that; I am talking about each of those miracles that we encounter in our lives every day.  Do you wonder where the beliefs gathered along life's journey have come from? Whatever you believe about happiness, love, respect, anger or stress is mainly thrust on you based on your social conditioning. Have you paused to evaluate them, accept what is right and discard any limiting beliefs? Do you wonder why you were born? Do you wonder why the world is there? Do you know why it is such that as it is? Well, to all these questions, there is only one answer - that it is a miracle to wonder about. Talking about wonders, I thought of the word "wander". Does it relate? Can we wander in our wonder? Yes, we do; with all these thoughts in our minds and all things happening, we always try to find a logical reason, get lost in our world, and start wandering.  But let me tell you a secret - The fact that I am alive a

Why Reading Aloud Never Gets Old - Edutopia

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Education - Reveda Bhatt

Education! First, they ask what it is? Then they don't let you have your own definition! Warning: *CHOKING HAZARD* Contains I.C.S.E. - keep out of reach of kids studying elsewhere. We should have gotten that, but sorry, here in India, you don't have a choice but to mug the syllabus up! How do we do it? Does it remind you of something? It reminds me of Doraemon's gadget - the one just eating the bread; you could learn the whole thing from your book. Doesn't exist, but if it did, the top purchasers would be the children of Indian schools. Okay, so I personally don't like the system here. It's like you have to scan all that's printed in your books and make a photocopy of it on your exam sheet! Doesn't matter if even it's the last thing you would need in your life. You need to learn all about it. If you want to become a doctor, you should know the depth of the core beneath the surface. To become a geologist, you should know the names of the human body

Celebrating the Journey - one year at My Good School

One year ago, I got a call which said an Internship was being offered by My Good School.   I was excited and nervous, but as time passed, I settled there, or you can say I now have a family here! In a family where everyone is a good learner, and all accept each other as they are, The best part is we all learn from each other irrespective of our age, place or class. The priority is that learning comes first. We know, excel, collaborate at every moment, and find joy at every flash. There is no point on the geographical map where we met or collaborated. The bond, love and corporation we have are better than other "offices" (We also have an office National Office), and we collaborate there. Learning from books is present over there, but I have learned from people you can call "learning by collaboration" I learn from every personality there Anvesha, Arav, Reveda, Rishona, Simar and many more. We also have mentors. They are not like any other one who makes the path or cre

1st Birthday ๐ŸŽ‰ Celebration @ My Good School

A special podcast to celebrate Children's Day at My Good School Release Date: 14th November  Recording Date and Time: 13th November at 5 pm Hosts: Anvesha and Simar Guests:   Students: Rishona Chopra, Gyanshree School Arav Agarwal, Billabong High International School Thane Yashraj Sharma, Gyanshree School Vani Pandey, Gyanshree School Arfa Khan, Ahlcon Public School Reveda Bhatt, The Aryan School Shambhavi Nautiyal, Ahlcon Public School Teachers:  Sandeep Sir; and Jugjiv Sir, Governing Council members at My Good School.              The Script  No story is ever complete, so with this script! Anvesha: It's crazy how fast time flies and how things progress around us. We are new to My Good School, but a year has passed. We just didn't realise that.  Simar: That is very true. My Good School has been a milestone for me. It has taught me so much, and I will forever be grateful.  Anvesha: This journey has been incredible, full of learning and love. So today, I Anvesha Simar: And I

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