Friday 30 July 2021

Honesty - Rehan Raza

A major component for developing moral character is honesty. Honesty helps in developing good attributes like kindness, discipline, truthfulness, moral integrity and more. Lying, cheating, lack of trust, stealing, greed, and other immoral attributes have no honesty. Honest people are sincere, trustworthy and loyal, throughout their life. Honesty is valuable, and it is a habit of utmost importance. There are famous quotes, said by a great personality like “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. It holds good due to its ability to build, shape and motivate integral values in one's life.

First of all, honesty promotes authenticity. It reflects one’s own feelings and thoughts. Honesty certainly helps people in knowing who you really are. Hence, one must be honest in self-expression.

Honesty removes fear from the heart and makes a person courageous and confident. It certainly takes a huge amount of courage to speak the truth. Speaking truth is a sign of bravery. The one who lies is a coward. Speaking falsehood is a sign of low self-confidence.

Another notable benefit of honesty is maturity. Honesty certainly reflects the maturity of a person. An individual is probably mature if he regularly speaks the truth. Furthermore, a mature person speaks the truth in a non-hurtful way.

Honesty strengthens and improves relationships between people. It certainly helps in bringing people together. Most noteworthy, it fosters a connection between individuals.

Rehan Raza 
Class - Xll Science 
The Fabindia School

True Happiness - Ronak Devda

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, there was a worship in Lord Hanuman Temple. On this occasion, kheer, puri, and a vegetable were made as prasad and offered to everyone who visited the temple. A group of people performed bhajans, and little children enjoyed listening to them. It was like a small treat for the poor children who lived nearby. The children who usually expect sweet dishes at some festival in their homes enjoyed them there. This was arranged by my family. Many times to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions, we spend a lot of money on parties and hotels. I feel great happiness giving small treats to the needy ones and seeing big smiles on their faces. Further in the future, we will try to arrange these types of treats to have smiles on their faces. 

Ronak Devda
Class XII
The Fabindia School 

Thursday 29 July 2021

Save Environment - Simran Soni

The word environment refers to all ecological units naturally present on earth in the form of land, water, air, soil, forest, sunlight, minerals, living organisms, etc. The earth is full of natural surroundings, some are biotic, and some are non-biotic. We should save our environment by planting more and more trees. World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June and is the United Nations' principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action to protect the environment.

On world environment day, we all take a day off from our work and join various campaigns to spread awareness about environmental protection. Moreover, we all plant small saplings in a barren land to grow and flourish in the land area after some years. We also take part in various processions to make people aware of this day to protect our environment.

Simran Soni
Class VI
The Fabindia School

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Grow More Trees - Budh Kunwar

Trees play an important role in our life. Without trees, we can't imagine our life. Trees give oxygen to breathe, and it takes carbon dioxide. They purify the air. They give us flowers, fruits, wood, and shade. They are also home to many birds and insects. Some trees are used to make medicines. We make beautiful furniture from wood. Without trees, it's difficult for us to get rain. Sitting under a tree for few hours relaxes our mind and body. 

I would request everyone not to cut trees, instead grow more and more plants and trees for themselves. 

Budh Kunwar 
Class IV
The Fabindia School

Service - Tanmay Singh


Today I wish to share my farming experience with you.
Last week I visited my farmhouse. I saw that a farmer was ploughing the field. I saw a group of birds twittering and hovering on the field. I was moving around the field in the evening. Then the rain started. The farmer sat near the bullock, and the birds flew away. When the rain stopped, the farmer started ploughing the field. I asked him to teach me how to do it. I also ploughed the field. It was my first day when I ploughed the field. I really enjoyed it. I learned that farming is not an easy task; it takes lots of effort and skills to grow crops. We must be thankful to all the farmers for the food we eat.

Tanmay Singh
Class VIII B
The Fabindia School

Teamwork - Bhumika Nimbark

Teamwork is an activity in which many people work together to achieve a goal. The most important person in a team is the leader. The leader is the one who brings the idea of team spirit among his teammates so that they work properly in a cooperative manner. If the leader doesn't complete his duties, then his team can never achieve success. I learned the value of teamwork when my teacher told me to prepare a play on Human Rights within a week for an upcoming occasion. I was given a team of 20 students, and only a few of them were cooperative. I was apprehensive about how we will do it, but then, as a responsible leader, I prepared the dialogues for my team, and I was very strict towards them so that the task could be completed on time. In 6 days, my team was ready with their dialogues, their pretty props, the different scenes, and on the last day, we performed our play in front of the whole school. By that day, I learned the importance of teamwork and leadership in a team.

Bhumika Nimbark
Class X
The Fabindia School 

Friendship - Priyanshu Adha

Today I will share what friendship means to me. Friendship is a small word, but it has the whole world in itself only. That’s why this relationship must be pure, and the whole relationship is based on simply trust. It is the most precious gift of life. Friends are those who help you, enjoy with you, understand you. We know many people in our life, but not all are friends. Friendship is the most valuable relationship in the life of a person.

Real friendship is the relationship of two or more trusting each other and not expecting anything in return. Friendship is the way of being lovable and trust each other. We must preserve it throughout our lifetime.

Priyanshu Adha
Class VII B
The Fabindia School

Caring and Happiness - Aarchi Agarwal

To me, happiness means caring for one another. I have a pet, and it is a Labrador dog. Its name is Dazi. It is white in colour and lives in a kennel. It barks loudly and runs very fast. I give roti, milk, bread, pedigree, calcium bones, etc., to eat. It protects our house from thieves or any other strangers. He chases all the stray dogs that tend to enter our house. It is a very faithful animal. It sleeps very little at night and keeps observing at night. I play with it and click photos of it while playing with a ball. She is more than a family member to us, and everyone loves her. Whenever she is ill, she won't eat anything, and then we take her to the vet. I give medicines with meals and take proper care.  It is so much fun to have such a wonderful and faithful friend who gives a lot of happiness at home. I love my dog very much and take care of it. Being with my pet dog is true happiness to me.

Aarchi Agarwal 
Class IV
The Fabindia School 

Earth Day 🌎- Moksha Sompura

I am the earth
And the earth is me.
Each blade of grass,
Each Honey tree,
Each bite of mud,
And stick and stone,
Are blood and muscle,
Skin and bone.

And just as I need every bite of me to make my body fit, the Earth needs Grass and stone and tree, things that grow here naturally. This Day that's why across the world, we say as long as life, as dear, as free, I am the Earth, and the earth is me.

Moksha Sompura
Class -VII
The Fabindia School

Monday 26 July 2021

I am who I am - Linisha Agarwal

A person’s character should not be judged by their marks or the amount of wealth he or she has or by their looks. The deeds and personalities are what makes a person good.
 I won’t be talking about where I come from, who my parents are, which school I study in or what class am I in or what my age is. Because these are things that just represent me but not define me. 

My character is what defines me.

Why do you want to be like others?

I me

I am who I am

I do what makes me happy.

I live for myself, not you.

U may not agree with me…

But I am not seeking your approval.

I am happy with all that I am!

Don’t let anyone decide what you will do?

You do what you want to do!!!

Just be yourself, don’t think how others will think. Be what you are. Why change? Why look like others or be others or copy others?

Can’t you be real you, we are much more beautiful than actresses, they look beautiful because they are in a mask, a mask of makeup. In reality, some of them are or might be really horrible. And if you think wow they are so thin then don’t imagine yourself to be like them because they do hours of exercise and their diet is way too less. So don’t imagine yourself like them, just live your own beautiful life.

If you say, I am so fat, see she is so slim. Then ask yourself, “why am I thinking about her body? I am cute this way but if I think I am too fat then exercise”. Why judge your body while seeing others?

Can you imagine if everyone in the world looks the same! Can you recognize each other? If not, then why be like others. Would you like it if there were two Jimin in South Korea… I would hate it!

Be you and stay you!

- Linisha Agarwal
Class 6, The Doon Girls' School Dehradun

Truthfulness - Vinisha Choudhary

Truthfulness means the fact of being truth. Truthful people will understand themselves, and know their own strengths and weakness. Be accurate in their descriptions of themselves or others, so that they do not mislead others.

The truthful person is the one that always speaks, uses or professes the truth. It is a value that must be formed very early in children and as any value, it can be worked on all their activities, either at school or at home.

Being truthful makes you a better person as well as a better creature on earth. Truthfulness is essential and it's better to speak the truth and follow the lie. 

Being dishonest will make you lose your honesty and people's trust. The truthful person doesn't have to worry about the truth being revealed.

Truthfulness in public life is accordingly an ethical ideal. Seeking to learn the truth and communicate it accurately to other people are virtues that are necessary to a common form of life characterized by trust, respect and the protection of human dignity.


Vinisha Choudhary
Class - XI Science
The Fabindia School

Tuesday 13 July 2021

हकीकत - खुश राजपुरोहित

कहते हैं वो हमें भींगना नहीं आता
बादल की तरह कभी बरस कर तो देखो
कागज़ की कश्ती एक हम भी बनाएंगे
आंगन से कभी हमारे गुज़र के तो देखो।
कहते हैं वो हमें इठलाना नहीं आता
सर्द हवाओं सी गुज़र कर तो देखो
स्पर्श से तुम्हारे संवर जाऊंगा, मैं
सांसें हमारी कभी छु कर तो देखो।
कहते हैं वो हमें उभरते नहीं आता
सुरज के तरह चमक कर तो देखो
पलकें झुका कर हम सुनते रहेंगे
आंखे उठा कर कुछ कह कर तो देखो।
वो कहते है हम में बचपना नहीं है
बर्फ की तरह बरस कर तो देखो
मासूमियत ज़रा तुम्हें हम भी दिखाएंगे
अपनी गोद का सिरहाना बना कर तो देखो।
भींगना इठलाना हमें भी आता है
तुम मौसम के तरह उभर कर तो देखो
अंदाज हमारा ज़रा हम भी दिखाएंगे
ख्वाबों से हकीकत में कभी आ कर तो देखो।
रोज आते हैं बादल
छेड़ जाता है सूरज,
ये हवाएं भी अपनी सी लगती है
वो छवि जो सपनों में देखीं थीं हमने
वो शायद हकीकत में किसी से तो मिलती है
क्या देखीं होगी उन्होंने भी हमारी छवि
और सपने हमारे और हमारी शिकायतों को लेकर,
चलो अब मिल जाओ कहीं नींदों से परे
सपनों को हकीकत बना कर तो देखो।
मिल जाए कहीं तो जाने ना देंगे
खुद में उन्हें समां लेंगे हम
एक टक हमें बस सुनते रहे वो
और बस हंस कर बातें सुनाते रहे हम
और बस हंस कर बातें सुनाते रहे हम।।

Name :- Khush Rajpurohit 
Class:- XII Science 
The Fabindia School

कोरोना को हराना है - हेतल वैष्णव

कोरोना को हराना है
मिलकर कोरोना को हराना है,
घर से हमें कहीं नहीं जाना है,
हाथ किसी से नहीं मिलाना है,
चेहरे पर हाथ नहीं लगाना है,
बार-बार अच्छे से हाथ धोते जाना है,
सेनेटाइज करके देश को स्वच्छ बनाना है,
बचाव ही इलाज है, यह समझाना है,
कोरोना से हमें नहीं घबराना है,
सावधानी रखकर कोरोना को मिटाना है,
देशहित में सभी को यह कदम उठाना है।

Hetal Vaishnav
Class - VIII B
The Fabindia School

Cooking is Love - Kesar Sompura

Cooking is a good hobby which I have. I cook many dishes at home; I also bake cakes of different flavours like chocolate, vanilla strawberry etc.

I can show my creativity through, and I really enjoy cooking. I love to try new dishes. In the beginning, when I didn't know how to make dishes, I started watching dishes from YouTube and tried to make them so. I used to stand with my mother in the kitchen and watch how she cooked. It is a good activity to engage our minds. I love it because cooking gives me a chance to be creative. Cooking is one of the best ways to learn important life skills. I love to mix flavours and taste them. It's fun to cook. I bake a cake on the birthday of my family members. 

Kesar Sompura
Class VIII B
The Fabindia School

Monday 12 July 2021

Malala Yousafzai - Advita Chauhan

Advita Chauhan, a 7-year-old girl, strongly believes that education is every child’s right. She is a follower of Ms Malala Yousafzai and considers her as her role model. She thinks that with courage, any battle can be won. On the birthday of Malala Yousafzai, she is presenting a short story in her words.

- Courtesy Nibbrati Rathore is an educator at the Gyanshree School, Noida. She is a Life Members and volunteer on the National Training Team of Learning Forward India.

Saturday 10 July 2021

Kindness and Happiness - Laxman Parmar

Within my 17 years of birthday celebrations, I felt like changing my usual way of celebrating this time. Instead of wasting money on cakes and cold drinks, I went to an ashram in Sheoganj, where I found many aged people with some mental issues. I felt pity for them, but I had the last idea about the reason for their mental issues.

Diverting my mind from the sadness, I decided to give them a short phase of joy. I did my cake cutting and served food to all of them, and was overwhelmed on seeing the joy on their faces as it was perhaps their first time they did the birthday cake cutting with someone.

After all the celebration, I received so many expensive gifts from them in the form of kind blessings, then I had to leave them with a goodbye and some beautiful lifetime memories.

Laxman Parmar
Class XI, The Fabindia School

Thursday 8 July 2021

Take Responsibility of Your Actions - Raviraj Singh Sonigara

The pandemic period has forced everyone to stay in their house. Due to this, there is the storage of food materials. So, the price of food materials is also increasing. The poor people cannot buy this expensive food material, their condition is terrible. 

I would like to share an incident that took place with me on 10th March. When I felt bored during the daytime, I came and sat near the window and gazed outside. Suddenly I caught sight of a beggar sitting in the shade. Expressions on his face showed that he was hungry, so I decided to give a food packet and a water bottle to the beggar. After some, sometimes I went outside to give the packet of food and water to the beggar. When the beggar saw me, he tried to cover his face with his clothes and asked me to stand away from him. This thought left me overwhelmed. I put the packet of food and water and watched from my house to see what he was doing. The beggar got up, cleaned the place, washed his hands, took the packet and thanked me. He sat down under the tree and had his food.

I was happy that even he was also showing his responsibility towards his country and maintaining social distancing. I would like to end by quoting, 'The real freedom of any individual can always be measured by the amount of responsibility he must assume for his welfare and security.’

Raviraj Singh Sonigara
Class IX B
The Fabindia School

Happiness and Me - Susan Marandi

 "All these kids are icebergs; we only see the tip." -a character in the show Castle.

We all are like icebergs; people only see some qualities and a part of us. But how many of us know our real us, our real side? Very few or none of us know 100% of ourselves, but there is nothing wrong with that. If you don't know what you are passionate about, it's ok. If you don't know what your talent is, it's ok. You at least have to give it a try to show the real you to the world and, most importantly, to yourself. Because that is what gives happiness to you. And that's what really matters.😃

Something I wonder about. . . . .
What if life is a dream and death is the end of that dream. When you wake up, you realize it was all a dream, and you have another chance to live and correct the mistakes you made in your dream. And have another chance to fulfil every dream of yours. It might be wonderful, right? But this won't happen in real life, so fulfil and achieve every dream of yours in this life and live every moment as if it's never gonna come back.
Susan Marandi
Class 8
The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Courage - Rishabh Sheikh

I believe that one of the solutions to overcome fear is to develop courage. Courage is the mental and emotional preparedness and ability to deal with difficult, challenging, and sometimes seemingly impossible circumstances. 

Courage is a highly prized virtue, and many famous and respected people have spoken or written about it over the year. We probably all have an idea of what we mean by courage or bravery, as it is sometimes known.

I learned that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not one who does not feel afraid; he is ready to face it.  

Rishab Sheikh
Class III
The Fabindia School 

Don't Judge Me - Rahul Vaishnav

I don't need the army,
I have my sword,
Please don't judge me, 
You are not the lord,
One day I won't have a single but collection of ford,
Your thinking for me won't make me frown,
Your vibes won't let me down,
Beware, I'm coming for my crown.....

Rahul Vaishnav
Class XII
The Fabindia School

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