Sunday 29 October 2023

How to find happiness in everything I do- TENZIN JAMBEY

Many of my friends say that hard work is the key to success, but I believe that hard work without happiness, peace of mind, love, and knowledge doesn't bring you success.
Happiness is the state of mind when we feel relief and are free from all the worries, and at that moment we feel satisfied. Human activities are never-ending, and they have no end point. Under this human desire is something that is unlimited and endless. The more you have, the more you want. Some people don't achieve what they want. How sad it is that in this short life we won't get what we want so desperately. Life becomes a burden if we do things we don't like; therefore, it is very important to find where our heart lies. Many people on this earth want to achieve everything, but we must understand that we can never achieve everything; we can only achieve the things where our hearts lie.

We will be able to achieve only those things that have a connection with your life and that you love. Therefore, we need to find a way, a medium, a sphere, or an environment where all the activities are to your liking. We would never find happiness in all the things we do.

Just an example of myself I never loved doing math, nor did I get happiness after solving any questions. In this case, how can one find happiness in things in which he has no interest? When I took environmental studies as my subject, I loved it, and I got both happiness and interest from learning it. Now, when I connect my life with this subject, I get happiness, as my life revolves only around the things that make me feel happy, not sad.
As our lives are so short, we should not waste our time doing things we dislike. We should always work hard, keeping in mind that we are putting hard work into things that give us happiness and satisfaction.

Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
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Friday 27 October 2023

Purpose to live - Pasang Sherpa

Like precious metals, gold and silver have a purpose, which is to satisfy people's desire for luxury. Our lives too have a purpose, but it is hidden. We can find it only if we have a hobby. Having a hobby means that we are one step ahead of finding our purpose in life. And if we are very much into our hobby, then that is the time when we change our hobby into a passion. Passion acts as a medium to sustain life; without it, our lives are futile.

Pasang Sherpa
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
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Purpose to live - Nishan Karki

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences." Ralph Waldo Emerson

One should have a purpose in life. Purpose makes our lives better and more reasonable. It helps us to focus on our goals.

A boy loved to climb trees. He often used to climb trees. He climbed trees for fun and also cut grass for his cattle. Whenever he climbed trees just for fun, something happened to him. When he climbed trees to cut grass for his cattle, nothing happened to him. He could not understand what was happening to him. Gradually, he came to know that when he climbed trees purposelessly and just for fun, he got harmed. He could not be satisfied with his work. But when he climbed trees to cut grass for his cattle, i.e., with some purpose, he was able to fulfil his work. Nothing happened to him. He did his work with ease.
From this story, we can conclude that life without a purpose is meaningless. We should have a purpose in life and live to fulfill it. In fact, the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose, as correctly said by a great thinker.

Nishan Karki 
Class X
Pestalozzi Children’s Village Society
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Wednesday 25 October 2023

Purpose To Live - Arfa Khan

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We all have a purpose. Our purpose gives us a reason to wake up each day. Without a purpose, our lives feel meaningless. Our lives become equivalent to wandering on a crooked path with no destination. In a world where money, power, and status are chased, we often forget what truly matters: a meaningful life. These pursuits don’t fulfill our existential emptiness; after all, there is always a question of why we ‘need’ power or status. To boast about it? Is that our purpose? Of course not! Our purpose plays a role here too; just chasing after material wealth won't solve the lack of meaning. Without awareness of the motive, our lives would be stuck in an endless cycle, waking up without a goal and then working a regular job to support a meaningless life financially. To find a reason to work, to live, and to keep going, we must find our purpose, but how?

Imagine you are held at gunpoint. While you’re begging to be set free to live, the criminal says, “Give me just one reason why I should let you live”. What would be your answer? That’s your purpose. A soldier’s purpose is to protect his nation’s land; an artist’s purpose is to amuse everyone’s eyes with their art; a doctor’s purpose is to save lives; an activist’s purpose is to fight for equality; and a mother’s purpose is to care for her child.

Finding our purpose takes time and requires a lot of pondering. Maybe it resides in one’s passions—to care for a loved one or to fight for justice and freedom. It gives us a reason to keep pushing forward—something to live for and die for. Each person has their own purpose, and you can find yours.

Arfa Khan
Ahlcon Public School

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Monday 23 October 2023

Purpose to Live - Aria Gupta

Have we asked ourselves, Why do we want to live? What is our purpose for living? How do we find this purpose if we haven't already? This simple introspection can do wonders for us. It can help us find our passion, which can give us happiness.

"Why do you like art so much?" I randomly asked Myla, a classmate I wanted to befriend. She loves to draw and is nicknamed "6D's Artist". "Well, one day, I just sat and drew something, and I had fun, so I continued drawing until art became my passion. She replied. The answer made me think. Could we find our motivation to live? This way. Soon, the bell rang, and we went back home. I sat on the bed and kept on thinking.

Soon, I saw a little bird whose wings had been injured. It was wailing loudly for help. I quickly fed it some rice and gave it water. I also bandaged the bleeding area and allowed it to heal on the balcony. Day after day, the wounds healed slowly but surely. Eventually, all the injuries were cured, and it was time for the bird to leave. The bird sang a beautiful song before flying into the wide world. At that time, something sparked in me. I felt happy. Helping the bird. Maybe this could be my passion.

It has been one month since the incident, and it has helped me find my passion. I now love helping not only people but Mother Nature as well. It turns out Myla was right. You just try and find your purpose in living, just like that.

How was this story? The lesson of this story is to just try to find your purpose for living. Just ask yourself why, and if you can't find an answer, try out everything that might seem mildly interesting until you find your passion.

Aria Gupta
Gyanshree School
Image Courtesy- Reader's Digest

Sunday 22 October 2023

Republic Day - Rishona Chopra

The very thing that decided the law and order of our country was brought into effect on January 26, 1950. The Constitution Of India, comprising 470 articles, grouped into 25 parts, with 12 schedules and  5 appendices. It has been amended 25 times! For us, it is a day full of hope that our next generation will be able to make this country improve and be better. For me, as a student, this day inspires me to make my country proud. Whether it is as a doctor, teacher, engineer, social worker, donator, prime minister or even the president. In every way I want to make my country a better and joyful place. I believe that many people aim very high but if we look around us, the ground is not clear. The actual grim reality lies around us which more of us don’t look at. And even without being associated with the government we can do our bit to make the change. My grandparents live in a colony and while I had gone to visit them I saw the children of the construction workers play nearby. So, I went down and I became their friend. Everyday, they used to come near our gate and I used to offer them a pack of chocolate biscuits. I don't know if they remember me but those memories make me so happy! Therefore, all of us can play our part in helping our country be a better place.

I would conclude this piece of writing by spreading the message to all my dear friends “ Every Indian should now forget that he is a Rajput, a Sikh or a Jat. He must remember that he is an Indian.”- Sardar Vallabhai Patel 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI

Gyanshree School

आभार - रिशोना चोपड़ा

मैं खुश हूं क्योंकि मैं आभारी हूं. मैंने आभारी होना चुना। वह कृतज्ञता मुझे संतुष्ट होने की अनुमति देती है। - विल आर्नेट 

कृतज्ञता का अर्थ है आभारी होना। हमारे जीवन में आभारी होने के लिए बहुत सी चीज़ें हैं। वास्तव में, हमारे पास जो कुछ भी है उसमें हमें खुश रहना चाहिए!हम जो खाना खाते हैं वह बहुत बड़ा वरदान है। हर कोई हमारे जैसा स्वादिष्ट खाना पाने के लिए भाग्यशाली नहीं होता। हम सभी दिन में तीन बार भोजन करते हैं। वे हमें बैठने, चलने, बोलने, मुस्कुराने और कार्यों को पूरा करने के लिए सहारा देते हैं और पोषण देते हैं। 

जिस तरह से भोजन हमें परोसा जाता है, उसके लिए हम जो खाते हैं उससे प्यार करना और उसका सम्मान करना आवश्यक है। हम अक्सर खुद को अपनी प्लेटों में भोजन के बारे में बड़बड़ाते या आलोचना करते हुए पाते हैं। हम इसे इस तरह के बयानों से अनजाने में अस्वीकार कर देते हैं - "मैं इसे हर सुबह खाकर ऊब गया हूं, यह व्यंजन बहुत फीका है, काश मेरी मां इसे बेहतर बनातीं।" हम भी चिंता करते हैं या दोषी महसूस करते हैं - "मेरा वजन बढ़ सकता है। अगर मेरा शुगर लेवल बढ़ जाए तो क्या होगा? इसका स्वाद ताज़ा नहीं है। 

मुझे उम्मीद है कि मैं बीमार नहीं पड़ूंगा।" एक बार जब हम खाने का निर्णय कर लेते हैं, तो भोजन का आनंद लेते हैं, न कि उसके प्रभावों के बारे में सोचते हैं। आइए भोजन से पहले और भोजन करते समय कृतज्ञता और प्रेम के विचार बनाएं। गुणवत्ता या मात्रा हमेशा सही नहीं हो सकती. कोई बात नहीं - हमने हजारों स्वादिष्ट भोजन का आनंद लिया है (और आनंद लेना जारी रखेंगे)। कुछ खामियों से भोजन के प्रति हमारे सम्मान में बदलाव नहीं आना चाहिए। जो भोजन हम प्रतिदिन खाते हैं वह हमारे शरीर के लिए पोषण है। हम वही चुनते हैं जो स्वस्थ है। हम यह निर्धारित कर सकते हैं कि क्या स्वादिष्ट है, लेकिन अगर हम कहें कि जब हम कुछ विशिष्ट खाएंगे तो हम खुश होंगे, तो हमारी खुशी हमारे भोजन पर निर्भर करती है। आराम से बैठें, और भोजन करते समय अपने आप को खुश होने की कल्पना करें और अपने भोजन में प्रसन्न ऊर्जा का संचार करें। 

जब हम कोई ऐसी चीज़ खाते हैं जो हमारे लिए स्वादिष्ट नहीं होती तो हम अक्सर चिड़चिड़ापन का कारण बन जाते हैं। खाना भले ही स्वादिष्ट न हो... लेकिन ख़ुशी या चिड़चिड़ाहट हमारी पसंद है। अपने भोजन को अपने दिमाग पर हावी न होने देने का आज ही अभ्यास करें। आप जो खाते हैं उसकी आलोचना करने से भोजन में नकारात्मक ऊर्जा फैलती है, जो बाद में आपके दिमाग पर असर डालती है। आज प्रत्येक भोजन से पहले, रुकें और पुनः पुष्टि करें, "मैं अपना भोजन खाते समय खुश और शांत हूं। मैं अपनी खुशी से भोजन को ऊर्जावान बनाता हूं।"

रिशोना चोपड़ा
कक्षा सातवीं
ज्ञानश्री स्कूल

We are not the master of our fate, we can only make our future better - Tenzin Jambey

Some people say that we are the masters of our fate, and we can create our future however we want it to be. I'll believe that I am the master of my fate, but I can only contribute my efforts and good deeds to make my future better. I strongly believe that our destiny and fate are things that no one can evaluate or change. Sometimes I feel like God has control over our future and destiny; therefore, some people don't get success or achieve the things they want, and even those who love each other don't get to spend their lives together. 

Now, shall I say that we are masters of our fate? If we were masters of our fate, why don't some people get things they want. "Your future is in your hands," my teacher said, and I thought, If my future is in my hands, then what will happen if I die suddenly? In this case, shall I say I am master of my fate? Our future is unknown; we people can only guess the future but never calculate it. Time is the medium that breaks the law. "I am master of my fate". It is so well said by someone that "time is a changer of seasons." With time, losers can become winners and winners can become losers. As said, we cannot evaluate our future but only guess what it will look like. 

Time and the future are just perfect, full of excitement, adventure, journey, battle, sad and happy events, and many, many more. If I were to choose between becoming a master of fate or staying without the ability to control fate, I would choose to be an ordinary person without any powers to control fate. I love the journey of life, which with full of adventure, challenges, new experiences, and facing and overcoming things that I never dreamed about. I feel so delighted, and it gives me huge happiness and satisfaction when I think about what my friends and I will become in the coming future. As I said, we can only guess about the future; similarly, sometimes I give a shot at guessing what my friends will become. I wonder if some of them might become YouTubers, engineers, doctors, nurses, footballers, scientists, social workers, and other things that I had never heard of. 

The best thing about our lives is that the future is unknown, which makes everyone treat the other person equally. Who knows, someday the other might become the most respected person in the whole world.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
Image courtesy- iCreateDaily

How has strictness and hard work helped you? - Nishan Karki

"Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose." —G.K. Nielson

Strictness and hard work have helped me a lot. It has helped me to control my actions and emotions. It has helped me to exceed my potential, think outside the box, and explore my inner strength.
I came to Pestalozzi when I was 10 years old. I was an innocent little child. After six months of training in Pestalozzi, I and my friends were selected for different schools. I was selected for Ann Mary School.
My first day of school was very interesting. I was also a bit scared. I managed to speak with a few pupils and make them friends. Days passed, and my school life was going normally.
The biggest problem that I faced at this time was in my studies. I could not understand many things. I also received very low grades in sixth grade. My percentage was just in the 60s. I was not satisfied with my results.
I had to study classes 7 and 8 online. This time also, I faced many problems, like Internet issues and again lacking focus in my studies. I managed to get a 70 to 75 percentage in class 7th, but in class 8th, my result got worse. I totally messed up. I got 54 percent, which was unattractive and unsatisfactory.
After my 8th grade result, I decided to put extra focus on my studies. I became strict with my studies and worked very hard. I managed to get above 80 percent in my first unit test. After getting my results, I believed that I really worked hard. I maintained this throughout 9th grade. At finals, I got 87.8 percent, which made me the topper of my class, 9F.
Now I am in class 10. I am again maintaining this on the 10th. In fact, I am trying to be more strict in my studies and working hard. I am hoping to get a good percentage for my boards.
I am strict and hardworking in many matters. This was just a small part of it.
Name- Nishan Karki 
Class- X
Pestalozzi Children Village Society
Image courtesy - Gympik

Reflection on I am the master of my fate - Shristi Khulal

When I consider the word fate, I think of luck and fortune. The above line talks about controlling our fate. A person born into a royal family becomes king even though he doesn't deserve it because of fate. He is not loved by the people of his kingdom. On the other hand, a person born as a common person who has all the qualities of becoming a king becomes a king by fighting and winning the throne, is loved by all, and is the real king.

We can see in the above story that the person who was born into the royal family got the position by fate and was not a true king by virtue. On the other hand, the person who was not born into the royal family was a real king who was loved by all; this shows that fate is not as powerful as hard work and qualities.

We can either be the first king or the second; it all depends on us. Whenever a person gets success by chance, the person never knows the meaning of hard work and cannot taste the real success in life. The other person knows that he and his actions are responsible for whatever happens in his life.

At last, I want to say that mastering our fate is important, as it gives us confidence and improves our way towards life.

Shristi Khulal
Pestalozzi Children Village Society
Image Courtesy- Story Planets

Saturday 21 October 2023

Price of happiness- Aati Pema

Beneath the scorching June sun rays the dark tar road was sweltered and made road seem to wobble from afar. I was standing underneath a thicket by the road talking about the tests we gave, when I noticed a person walking almost aimlessly. Though it is not a usual seen as poverty still reigns here amidst those who were left behind by the "progressive world". An impulse nudged me to observe him. He was a middle-aged man but his state seems to age him, his hair ran down from the back of his head, his eyes seemed other worldly to me as it seemed to be looking for something but he was not observing anything. All of a sudden, he stopped and looked down. A look of curiosity and confusion bore on his face as he slightly tilted his head from side to side as if wondering what he is seeing. 

After observing for a few moments, he stood and looked up. I followed his gaze but nothing was there. He bent slowly and picked the object up; it was then that i saw what it was. It was a ten-rupee coin which must have been lost by a passerby. He looked at it with dearness and his countenance became jolly he held it against his chest looking up again he thanked. His eyes were like an empty space but it felt as though it looked for something. After thanking a few times, he carefully kept it in the pocket nearest to his heart and gave it a few good pat. Then again, he set on in his way, I had not known him there was a lesson. To be happy is a choice, to be grateful is a choice and our character is thus made by our choices. Situations are unpredictable but what we do in turn are our choices, and so are we defined. 

Aati Pema

St Thomas College 

Image Courtesy- Science News


Monday 16 October 2023

My bedroom greater than any paradise ! - Saikiran Sahu

My bedroom is the one place that gives me solace and helps me find my inner peace. Coming from any vacation or staycation in the most luxurious hotels but still feeling homesick and wanting to rush to your home and lie on your bed in your bedroom is another feeling. My quiet room with golden and pink hues calmed my restless mind full of a thousand memories and apprehensions about my academics, cocurriculars, and the things that scare me the most: my future. The soft pillow and mattress immediately put me into a deep slumber. The garden attached to my room where the blooming flowers and their lovely smell feel like welcoming me. Waiting for me to come back home. In a nutshell, my sweet bedroom is more fantastic and better than any paradise on Earth. 

Saikiran Sahu, IX

Illustrated by Decoholic

How your relationship with your parents has evolved with time ? - Saikiran Sahu


"A father's goodness is higher than a mountain. A mother's goodness deeper than a sea."
-Japanese Proverb

Every child has an extraordinary bond with his/her parents. Even if they scold, punish, or even sometimes ignore you for teaching you a lesson, they do this for our betterment. I have loving parents, who I sometimes want to get away from, but I know they will always be in my heart and soul.

When I was a baby or even when I was a toddler, what I could remember, they used to get me a lot of gifts and toys for me to play with. They used to coddle me a lot, and even now, as circumstances have changed as I have grown up and have a lot of burden for my studies, they have always given me what I want and shown support for every decision I made. I have many loving relationships, like with my mother and my grandparents, but the one I have an extraordinary place in my heart is of me and my father's relationship. My bond with my father is very unique. We are called a fantastic duo in our family. His opinions have always mattered to me a lot. My father rarely scolds me, and if he does, it is basically due to my academics, but if he has told me to do something, I make it my mission to improve it and make him proud. After all, even if a child becomes an adult, he/she will still be their parents' small children.

Saikiran Sahu

Class-IX, Gyanshree School

I am the master of my fate - Sakshi Singh

I am a composer and conductor in the Grand Symphony of Existence. Each decision is a note; every action is a melody. With unwavering purpose, I sculpt the contours of my destiny, crafting a masterpiece uniquely my own. The score may challenge, but I wield the baton, guiding my life's composition onward a crescendo of fulfilment and purpose.

Sakshi Singh, 
Class 9, Gyanshree school

Image Courtesy- Lazuardi Medium

Sunday 15 October 2023

Two men looked out prison bars; one saw mud, one saw stars - Rishona Chopra

 Image Courtesy - Twitter

Perspective changes something completely. We can be happy even in the worst times with a positive view of the situation. Every cloud has a silver lining; we just have to find that lining. 

Suppose two men look out prison bars; one only sees the bars, and the other looks beyond it and sees the immense beauty of nature. It is our choice to choose what we want to see. It is our choice to be happy, and it is our choice to look at the good sides of a situation. 

In every situation, there is a choice. Either look at the positive and optimistic sides or find faults and be sad. We just have to see that choice. When something happens that is not to our satisfaction, we get negative feelings about it, but we don't realise that there is always a choice to be happy about it. To rejoice in the smallest of things. 

Two men looked out prison bars; one saw mud, and one saw stars. 

It is our choice to look at the positive things in life. After all, peoples' perspectives and thoughts define who they are. There is so much sadness in the world, and it is easy to find faults, but the real challenge is finding happiness in everything. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII Gyanshree School

Competition with Ourselves- Rishona Chopra

Image Courtesy - Petsy

It is vital to compete not with someone else but with ourselves. We can continually improve ourselves by doing better than before. In every situation, we can improve. Competing with ourselves is one of the keys to success. It helps us to set up a better goal each time. Slowly, as we improve, we can reach the sky. 

Suppose during exams, if I got 93% last time, I'd set my goal to be 95% this time. Setting small goals helps me achieve big ones with time. 

Therefore, competing with oneself and being the better version of ourselves is great. How others see you is unimportant; how you see yourself matters. 

These are a few lines I would like to quote:
"If you continuously compete with others, you become BITTER, but if you compete with yourself, you become BETTER. "

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII Gyanshree School

The Ocean's tales - Rishona Chopra

Photo by - for representation only

The ocean has many tales to tell,
From a seashell to a fish’s farewell.
All the stories have a uniqueness,
Each is enriching and fresh!

So why not take a break from our day,
And hear the ocean say.
The whales go jumping upside down,
The school moves together in their town.

A salmon’s funeral takes place,
They all grieve and cry, calling humans a disgrace!

On the other way,      
The penguins find their prey.

The seagulls run after the small fish,
Eager to make them their dish.
Haddocks swim as far from the Shark’s home,
Wishing they were in Rome!

The underwater world is indeed as adventurous,
As the world above is tedious.
These stories are what make it so pretty,
And yet so witty!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII B
Gyanshree School

Inner beauty- Saikiran Sahu

Oneself is not judged by how one looks,

but the soul with that shines bright.

The skin how may ever it look,

at the end matters how ferocious or delicate it is,

Not the most fanciful but the empirical that stands out

Oneself is not judged by how,

One appeals but the power of will and inner beauty within!

Saikiran Sahu, 
Gyanshree School
Image courtesy-  Theda Sandiford visual collaborative

Rainy day from my window- Saikiran Sahu

Rain is a boon; without rain, there is no life. We don't understand its importance until it is taken away. I understood this during my summer holidays. That one day taught me a lot. I was watching the dark clouds hovering over our house, blocking the skin-burning rays of the mighty Sun, giving a great sense of relief after the days of torture that I bleared. 

With a flash of loud, boisterous lightning, the clouds started to pour their precious beads of water with the gush of a cold breeze that slightly touched my face as if wanting to convey a message. 

The soothing tingles and pitter-patter of the rain made my eyes shut, putting me to sleep just like my mother used to when I was an infant. Even the trees were dancing to the beats of the rain as if in a dance party. The smell of the fresh mud gave me a homely feeling and eventually sent me down memory lane!

This was my experience of a rainy day from my window.

Saikiran Sahu

Grade- IX 

Gyanshree School

Image courtesy- Unsplash

Friday 13 October 2023

Two men looked out the prison bars; one saw a mud, one saw stars - Pasang Sherpa

Life is strange, and so are the humans. We have very different perspectives and ways of doing things. Some people get up and continue their journey even after knowing their chosen path is difficult. But some people seem to be hopeless. Likewise, this quote emphasises the different perspectives of two people for one thing. As it is said, "Two men looked out the prison bars: one saw mud, one saw stars". The first person who saw mud was hopeless and thought whatever he was doing was futile, while the other had an optimistic feeling that one day, like stars, he would attain glory and freedom.

Name-Pasang Sherpa
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
Image Courtesy- Flickr

Two men looked out the prison bars; one saw mud, one saw stars - Nishan Karki

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The man who saw the mud was sad and angry. He never remained happy and was very aggressive. He never practised happiness; in fact, he did not know it. He could not control his emotions and actions. He often fought with the other prisoners. This made the other prisoners hate him. They never wanted to be with him except for the prisoners who resembled him in nature.

What about the man who saw stars?   Well, he was a man with a joyful and happy nature. He laughed a lot and made other prisoners laugh, too. The other prisoners always enjoyed his company. They preferred him rather than the first prisoner. Although he was a prisoner, he was soft-hearted.

Everyone has different perspectives, perceptions, ideas, views, opinions and experiences. They usually differ from each other. People's behaviour and actions define who they are. 

To be like the second prisoner, one must have a healthy (pure and soft) heart. He must know how to control his emotions and actions. He must know how to behave with others and enjoy their company. He must be happy. Remember, "the one who gets angry for a minute loses 60 seconds of happiness."

A positive attitude and mindset can also make a person happy and joyful, like the second man. To get happiness, one must have a burning desire for it, which must be mixed with faith to gain it.

"To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions." – Stephen R. Covey. 

Nishan Karki
Class 10, Pestalozzi Children's Village India
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Thursday 12 October 2023

The Moon - Saikiran Sahu

Mond-Wo kann ich dich finden?

Oh! Mein lieber Mond, wo kann ich dich finden?

Die langen schlaflosen Nächte, in denen ich nach dir gesucht habe,

Die dichte Decke aus schwarzem Nebel, die mich verfolgte, als ich mit dir sprechen wollte 

Weder kann ich den großen Bären sehen, noch kann ich dich sehen 

Oh! Mein lieber Mond, wo finde ich dich?

Oh, mein lieber Mond, wo kann ich dich finden?

Ich kann die strahlende Schönheit und die bezaubernden Züge, die dich beschreiben, nicht übersehen,

Der Hoffnungsschimmer in der dunklen Nacht, der von dir ausgeht,

Du stehst allein in der Dunkelheit wie ein tapferer Soldat und der

"Ein-Mann-Armee", die dich treffend beschreibt. 

Aber mit Traurigkeit sage ich 

Oh, mein lieber Mond, wo kann ich dich finden?


Moon-Where Can I Find You?

Oh! My dear moon, where can I find you?

The long sleepless nights I spent searching for you,

The thick cover of dark and black mist spooked me when I wanted to talk to you 

Neither can I see the great bear nor can I see you 

Oh! My dear moon, where can I find you?

Oh! My dear moon, where can I find you?

Can never unsee the radiant beauty and the enchanting features that describe you,

The ray of hope in the dark night that is showered by you,

Standing alone in the dark like a brave soldier and the

the phrase"One man army" that rightly describes you 

But with sadness, I say 

Oh! My dear moon, where can I find you?

Saikiran Sahu
IX-C Gyanshree School 

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Two men looked out the prison bars; one saw mud, one saw stars - Sakshi Singh

This age-old saying beautifully encapsulates the power of perspective. It reminds us that even in seemingly bleak situations, there exists an opportunity to find hope and positivity. It's a poignant reminder that our outlook on life dramatically influences our experiences, and sometimes, shifting our focus can reveal unexpected beauty and potential amidst adversity.

Sakshi Singh  
Grade 9 Gyanshree School

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Tuesday 10 October 2023

My Sunday School - Manisha Khanna

Today, on World Mental Health Day, I would like to share my reason for joining "The Sunday School". 

IKIGAI, for me, is Sunday School. "Ikigai" is a Japanese word that signifies "life purpose" or "raison d'être." I don't engage in a lot of activities on Sunday. I work six days a week and take Sundays off, but when I learned about SUNDAY SCHOOL, I saw that this was precisely what I had wanted to do all these years as an avid reader. I resonated with the idea of Sunday School right away. We all have a ton to do on Sunday, but after two weeks, I learned that this time is my IKIGAI. This is how my relationship with the Sunday School began.

"Reading without reflection is like eating without digestion." —Edward Burke.

I'm looking forward to receiving everyone's reflections for this week.

Manisha Khanna

Your Sunday School host

Sunday 8 October 2023

The Koala on the tree - Rishona Chopra

There sat a cute koala on the tree, 
Eating all the fruits, he could see. 

There I came and cuddled him, 
We could hear the sound of hymns. 

He sat there lazily, 
Waiting to be petted by me. 

He was missing his family, 
Dreaming of a fantasy. 

Why do we enclose him in these bars?
It simply shows our ugly scars. 

Though we hurt him, 
He never shows he is grim. 

But loves us like anything, 
Waiting for his happy spring. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

Looking for happiness - Rishona Chopra


It is something we all try to look for in everything. Everything temporary. We look for happiness in a cup of ice cream, but when that ice cream finishes, so does our happiness. Why isn't our happiness long-lasting and in our control? If we look for happiness in a pen, once the pen is broken, our happiness will be broken, too. We are the authors of our books. We are the hand that controls the pen. But in this case, isn't the pen controlling the hand? Aren't our feelings going in control of someone else?

When someone does something not to our satisfaction, we lose our happiness. In that way, can't that external person take control of when we are happy and when we are sad?

Another instance is when we see one of our family members or friends sad, we often tell them, "If you are sad, I will also be sad," but that is not the way. Again, someone else is controlling our feelings. Why not cheer them up instead?

The journey of looking for happiness is quite an interesting one. At every moment, we realise that we are giving control to someone else or something else. Even though I always hear this, I have not fully found happiness in myself. I have not found happiness being alone with nothing, but we all learn at every step of life, and so am I. 

There are a few lines I remember from a book I read, they were:
"Never search for your happiness in others; it will make you feel alone. Search it yourself, and you will feel happy even if you are left alone."

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

Friday 6 October 2023

We don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward

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I deeply appreciate the fact and truly believe that people do not know about the true strength they possess until they faces a challenges or an obstacles in their path. It is during this challenges that they force themselves to show the capacity or strength, even they do not know about and it possessed within them.

Taking an example from the Hindu mythology, Hanuman, who is believed to have been the incarnation of Lord Shiva possessed such immense power that he could swallow the sun at one go. But the fact was that he did not know that he possessed such immense power until he was forced to show his true strength which laid unknown within him.

Pasang Shepa
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else

For me, happiness is not always dependent on the presence of any person. Happiness can also be developed within ourselves. Every situation has a choice. It depends on us what we choose to do.

"Being happy is a choice, being sad is a choice. Its just you who decides with what mood your day is gonna go with. "

Tenzin Nyingsel

Pestalozzi Children's Village India
Image Courtesy- New Scientist

Strength - Nishan Karki

“You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength, and say, ‘I’m proud of what I am and who I am".  ―Mariah Carey

We don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward. Strength means not mere physical strength. Weightlifting, carrying bulky things, etc. does not depict our real strength. Strength means more.

Strength also includes our inner strength or our hidden strength. Inner strength means our willpower, courage, confidence, endurance, mental power, and some values present in us. A person with inner strength can do his work more efficiently than a person with physical strength. He analyses, plans and prepares his ideas before doing athe ny work. He does this so as to get best possible outcome.

We need inner strength in th following cases:

● Dealing with our problems, difficulties and failures in life.
● Dealing with stressed people so as to make them comfortable, happy and joyous.

● To develop important and essential values such as humanity, patience, kindness, honesty, trust, etc.
● To take decisions efficiently and following them.

Many people lack in inner strength. They fail to bring out their hidden inner strength forward. As a result, they cannot develop essential values in themselves. They have to suffer many difficulties in life. Hence, inner strength is as much important as physical strength. In fact, it is more important than physical strength. We should learn to develop inner strength and to bring it forward.

Name- Nishan Karki
Class-10, Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Monday 2 October 2023

We don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring out that hidden strength forward

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In life's cycle, we often find 
A dormant strength. 
Unseen, untouched, it lies in wait 
Until adversity tests our fate.

Through trials faced, we learn to see 
The depth of strength that sets us free. 
When pushed, we rise 
Discovering a power unexpressed. 

When obstacles in life come, like the brawny wind 
The courage and fortitude we bear come out 
In moments, we become aware. 

Sakshi Singh 
Gyanshree School, Noida

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

Sunday 1 October 2023

Winter Where Are You? - Saikiran Sahu

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Winter, Winter, where are you?                                             
I am just in my room
Sitting and watching when you’ll come
dusting and cleaning with my broom
Waiting for that day to come
Winter, Winter, where are you?

With Christmas, Halloween and my birthday around the corner
Missing the snow and the snowflakes you shower
The chilly winds you set free
The winter that makes me stand frozen as a tree
Winter, winter, where are you but
Should I be looking out for you!


Winter, Winter wo bist du?
Ich bin gerade in meinem Zimmer
Sitzen und gucken, wann du kommst
Staubwischen und putzen mit meinem Besen
Warten auf diesen Tag
Winter, Winter wo bist du?

Mit Weihnachten, Halloween und meinem Geburtstag steht vor der Tür
Vermisse den Schnee und die Schneeflocken, die du duschst
Die kühlen Winde, die du freigesetzt hast
Der Winter, der mich wie ein Baum erstarren lässt
Winter, Winter wo bist du aber
l ich auf dich aufpassen!


Saikiran Sahu
Gyanshree School 

Learning Forward with Naga


                                                       Learning Forward with Naga

A very Happy Birthday to My Good School; it is a joyous occasion as My Good School completes 2 years today. It has been a fabulous journey with stories to listen to, tales to tell and lessons to learn. All of us here are different, but My Good School has brought us closer, erasing the differences. To commemorate this day and cherish it forever, here is the first episode of Season 13, Back to Bharat: In Search of a Sustainable Future. As you celebrate today, listen to Learning Forward with Naga.

Learning Forward with Naga Season 13 Episode 1. Nagaraja (Naga) Prakasam is a versatile and passionate leader with around three decades of global experience. He enjoys growing startups nationwide and being a lead angel investor; he has led 16 deals, invested in 25 startups, served 12 boards, and seen six exits and two write-offs. He also authorizes Back To Bharat – In Search of a Sustainable Future. He spearheaded Impact thinking in the Indian Angel Network and co-founded IAN Impact. His mantra is "Startups should focus on India's strength – People, Problems, Tech (PPT)."

Back to Bharat: In Search of a Sustainable Future is a book that addresses the present economic dilemma for Indian entrepreneurs and consumers, looking at the past and current situation of India and the developed world to find a way forward. Back to Bharat is an inspiring reminder that change is possible - and this is a moment to be a part of the change, for it will take all of us with it.

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