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Cosmic Fireworks: The Fascinating World of Solar Flares - Yashraj Sharma


What are Solar Storms?

Solar storms occur when the Sun emits enormous bursts of energy through solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). These phenomena send a stream of electrical charges and magnetic fields toward the Earth at about 3 million miles per hour!

  • What are solar flares and CMEs?

A solar flare is an intense burst of radiation caused by the release of magnetic energy associated with sunspots. It is one of the most significant explosive events in our solar system. Flares are seen as bright areas on the Sun and can last minutes to hours.

Coronal Mass Ejections are large plasma and magnetic field expulsions from the Sun's corona (outermost layer).

Effects of the Solar Storm on Earth

  1. Public and amateur radio (used by citizens) is frequently disrupted. Communications, navigation, and even land surveying via land, water, and air use global positioning systems (GPS) to determine routes and locations based on satellite radio waves. These waves are disrupted and/or interrupted by the geomagnetic waves from the Sun.

  1. Blackouts and power outages 

If a significant solar storm were to hit the Earth, the worst-case scenario would be the damaged power grids, resulting in blackouts. The geomagnetic currents induced by a solar storm can overload power grids and potentially cause transformers to fail, leading to widespread power outages. 

           One example of such a black is the Canadian blackout of 1989

This geomagnetic storm occurred on March 13, 1989. It caused a nine-hour outage of Hydro-Québec's (largest power utility in Canada and a significant player in the global hydropower industry) electricity transmission system.

The ever-so-mesmerizing ‘Northern Lights’

Earth’s magnetic field shields our planet against solar flares and CMEs. 

When a solar flare reaches Earth, as it is about to collide, it meets with the magnetic field and spirals around it. It then goes down into the poles of the Earth. This area is known as the 'Aurora Oval.' When these flares collide with the atmosphere's particles, they excite and cause them to rush. This excitement causes the particles to light up!

Hence, giving us wavy patterns and 'curtains' of light, these are commonly known as ‘Auroras

Yashraj Sharma

Gyanshree School

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Friday 24 May 2024

Refelctions & Questions - The Doon Girls School

Jataka Tales & The Hidden Life of Trees

How can trees create their own microclimate?

The author explains that trees create leafy humus that can store moisture, and their branches can slow winds and create calmer air within the forest. Over time, these conditions reduce evaporation and create moist soil with better water storage, allowing more trees to thrive.

 by (Sanskriti- VI)

In "The Peacock Wings," what I gather is that our life choices should prioritize goodness, embracing both the flaws and beauty of others.

by (Aadya- VI)

Woody Climate Control

When the annual leaffall of beech trees occurs, it creates an alkaline humus that has the capacity to store a significant amount of water.

by (Ibadat-VI)

The Key Endeavour of Jataka Tales - Sanvi Rai

The key endeavour of the Jataka tales is to teach people the value of a good life. Every jataka tale teaches the people the values of mankind and humanity in various aspects. The message conveyed by Buddha in these tales has great significance. 

From the story “The Fowler and the Quail” we can witness the power of unity and oneness the cooperation and the strength unity lies within is remarkably evident. Yes, the story did connect me today and taught a mesmerising lesson about being in a team and we should not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs. 

In essence, oneness is a feeling of interconnectedness and being spiritually related to one’s soul and heart. We gain the supreme power to see tranquillity and beauty around everyone and embedded in each soul. Religion is a complex system of beliefs and practices concerning the universe's existence, nature, and purpose. It typically involves devotion to a higher power. 

Sanvi Rai
Class 9
Sunbeam School, Bhagwanpur

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