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Sky: The forever tale - Sakshi Singh

Sometimes, like the Robin egg blue and sometimes like the ballet shoes.  Clouds serenely glide, The sky is a canvas wide. Stars wink like diamonds in the night, Painting stories with their light. The moon, a guardian, calm and bright, Guides us through the velvet night. Sunrise paints a fiery hue, A promise of a day anew. Sunset's kiss, a gentle sigh, As day and night bid sweet goodbye. Image Courtesy- Adorama Sakshi Singh  Gyanshree School Noida
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What would you do if your perfectly planned life fell apart ? - Nishan Karki

"The secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eight times." — Paulo Coelho. What would you do if your perfectly planned life fell apart? We all try to plan our lives correctly. This is necessary to lead a good life. But our perfectly designed life may fall apart. Well, what should we do in that case? My answer to this question is to plan it again, no matter how often we fail. Failures are just temporary. We encounter many shortcomings in our lives. These failures force us to give up. They hamper the plans of our lives. They act as a barrier in our life. Due to this, people give up and fail to lead a good life. However, intelligent people will take these failures as an incomplete part of their lives and try to fill them up. They do not treat these failures as permanent but as temporary. They take these failures as opportunities. They do not treat failures as barriers to success but as a part of it. The main aim of these people is to never leave their planned path an

Reflection on Life - Tenzin Jambey

Life is a journey where we encounter many things that give us beautiful moments and memories. Sometimes, life provides us with a bundle of happiness, but sometimes, it gives us a lot of sadness and sorrow. Happiness and sadness, failing and winning and laughing and crying are part of our lives, but still, we get depressed thinking about the things that make us sad.  My friend said that life is short; instead of doing what you like, why are you doing what you don't like. I said that life is strange sometimes to fit in the community; we need to sacrifice our happiness. Sometimes thinking about the future makes me feel worried, but sometimes it makes me feel happy that life may make you a successful person in future.  We never know how unpredictable our life is when our last goodbye is. At last, we should live our every second with happiness because the moment we are sad, we love every second of joy. Therefore, come out from the world of sadness and live happily. Image courtesy- Unspl

My Contribution To Change The World - Monika Pundir

Changing the world doesn't mean that a person has to change the whole world at once; it can be done by making minor changes in their society that would help spread the changes. I would like to contribute to changing the world by teaching basic things about life to the poor people in our society. Teaching them the meaning of one's value in life, how important life could be, and how it would affect the future. Monika Pundir Pestalozzi Children's Village India

जीवन का तथ्य - Saikiran Sahu

  जीवन का तथ्य  निडर बन जीना है  हमें इस दुनिया में , चाहे कितनी भी मुश्किलें आ जाए सामने  चाहे दुनिया अँधेरे से भर जाए  या भर जाए  मनुष्यों के अनर्थ कार्यों से परंतु  एक दीया भी न हमने ऐसा देखा जिसने, अपनी रोशनी से अंधकार को ना हराया  निडर होकर जीना है हमें इस दुनिया में।   निडर बन के जीना है हमें इस दुनिया में  चाहे श्री राम की तरह जाना पड़े वनवास में  या पड़ जाए धरती पर घोर संकट, या आ जाए  जीवन-मृत्यु की स्थिति हमारे सामने, परंतु एक जीवन ही क्या जिसमें ना देखना पड़े , उत्तार-चढाव हमें या, उठाना ना पड़े हमें एक पर्वत  श्री हनुमान की तरह इस युग में   निडर बन के जीना है हमें इस दुनिया में ।                                                                                - साई किरण साहू - Saikiran studies at Gyanshree School Noida, one of our top-performing schools. #GoodSchoolsAlliance

My Contribution To Change The World - Tenzin Jambey

What will be my contribution to making the world a better place? One person can not change the whole world, but we must understand that to bring peace, we all must contribute our efforts together.  Every person can not reach out to the whole world; some people who are illiterate, uneducated and poor don't have access to the other side of the world. But, yes! There is a world for simple people, even if they don't know how the world looks outside their village and town. One day, my grandmother asked me where this place called Dehradun actually lies because she had never stepped out of the village.  Like my grandmother, people in the town know nothing about the states, countries, continents, world and planets.  This is how life looks without education; without education, we cannot see the world beyond our surroundings.  Still, even though the world of the illiterate people is limited, there is a world for them: their surroundings, where they live with their family, community and t

My Contribution To Change The World - Pasang Sherpa

We can contribute to changing the world in a diverse manner. So I prefer to contribute to this objective by opening schools in rural areas.  Keeping in mind, how much social importance education has in this modern, complex industrialised society. It helps in imparting values, and reforms attitudes in children, and most importantly it is of vital importance.  But before contributing toward changing the world, one should know that revolutionizing the world is not so easy. One cannot change the world by himself/herself. The world is mammoth, it is changeless until everyone joins their hands together. Pasang Sherpa Pestalozzi Children's Village Society