Freedom - Aavansh Gupta

  August 15 is Independence Day, also known as Freedom Day. We celebrate it because, on this day, our country was free from the British. But did you know this was half of the freedom? We make poor people our maids and make them do whatever we want. Some people don’t even give them enough salary. We trap birds in cages and do not let them fly independently. We also tie a steel chain around dogs and cats. Can’t every living being live with freedom? So let me share a self-composed poem that will tell you about freedom. Freedom is the right to do  Whatever we want. Like flying in an aeroplane Or searching about thorn.   August 15 1947 When the British left our country Everyone did whatever they wanted But that wasn’t the whole freedom   We trap birds in cages. Do not let them fly They roam all around the cage Escaping is what they try   So, on Republic Day On January 26 Let us make a promise That freedom will be our bliss. Aavansh Gupta Grade IV-C Gyanshree School

Making Others Happy - Anoushka Vinod

To get true happiness, you need to make someone feel it. Life is full of twists and turns. You are bound to see a dark time in life. That's okay! All you need to do is turn on the light. In our session, we learnt about making others happy. I realised that if we want to have pleasure in life, we need to fill happiness in someone else's. I read how Walt Disney was always trying to make people happy. I adore Disney movies. Getting to know the story behind them was very intriguing.  A personal incident that I had with making others happy was very heartwarming. Whenever I used to stand at my bus stop, I always saw this dog who used to come sniffing everyone's lunch boxes for food early in the morning. This continued for days, and I started feeling pitiful about it. I came back home that day and asked my mother to give me extra food for the dog. From that day onwards, I thought about offering food every day. I want to make a change in the world. I want everyone to experience con

Freedom- Aanya Kumar

We usually hear our elders saying, "Our country has freedom... I am free to do what I want." But, do you think they are right? Actually, to some extent, they are. Our country became free from British rule in 1947. We mark off this great, joyous and independent by celebrating Independence day. However, doing whatever you want doesn't mean to do crimes. But, the critical question is what is freedom. Freedom is when we do not feel as if we are under the control of someone. Let me explain this with a short story- Rihan was busy watching a show when his twin brother, Ashish, called him. "Oh! Stop this show already... we have things to plan for the party tomorrow," said Ashish. Rihan replied, "What for? And anyway, this is the limited edition of the show. I am lucky to get it..." "Tomorrow is Independence day. If our country was not free, we would be limited to do almost everything... even seeing these shows." At this, Rihan jumped up. His instant

An act of Courtesy - Shambhavi Nautiyal

 Once, not very long ago, lived a woman named Annie. She was one of the workers at a cinema hall. One day, as usual, she was rushing for getting ready to go to work. She woke up late and thus could get fired if she got late again. Annie grabbed some milk hastily to drink it on the way to work as she didn’t have breakfast. As soon as she reached the place, she saw her boss, the manager, on his phone talking to someone. While he was busy on it, Annie took the chance and surreptitiously got to her popcorn counter. She felt famished by now as the milk wasn’t enough for her, so she drank some water as an alternative to reduce her hunger and started her shift. She did her work as usual, but she saw a man who seemed to be eerie. He looked old, pale and weak.  The famished man started coming towards the popcorn counter, making weird faces. Annie thought that he must have wanted popcorn to eat just like the other customers, but instead, he signalled her to come closer and whispered in her ear,

Freedom - Ushita Saxena

What is Freedom? Have you ever wondered about that? Generally, Freedom can act or change without constraint. The power or right to speak, act or think the way one wants to. To do something without someone controlling you.   It is essential in life. There are many types of Freedom such as: 1)Freedom of belief: the right to hold any belief. 2)Freedom of speech: The right of an individual or a community to say their opinions and ideas without fear.   We should have the right to seek and receive information and ideas of one’s choice.   Why is Freedom the essence of life? It   is because it helps us express ourselves, allowing us to become what we want to become. W e should have the Freedom to think and make our own decisions.   “ Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission”. Ushita Saxena Grade V Gyanshree School

Are your thoughts free - Rishona Chopra

Often people say things that hurt us and then capture our thoughts.  Like, when someone says, “you are not good at drawing at all. I am much better.” These things hurt us, and then we usually start criticizing ourselves. Their thoughts about us capture our thoughts. What people say about us is not necessarily who we are.  We are who we think we are, so if we start thinking about ourselves as someone else thinks, our thoughts are not free. We are not free at all. So people can say what they want to, of course, if they say something we must see if what they are saying is true but if not then don’t think about what they say because if your mind doesn’t have free thoughts, then you are not free and if you are not free then how will you be happy and if you are not satisfied then how will you feel peace and if you have no peace then you don’t have a wonderful, happy and peaceful life. And I’m sure all of us want a happy life. Don’t we? Rishona Chopra Grade V Gyanshree School

Freedom - Somnath Sengupta

The word “Freedom” has a different meaning for different people. For some, Freedom means to go anywhere they want; for some others, it means to think freely, and for some, it means to do what they want to do. The work Freedom has a lot of importance for our country India. India was under British rule for more than 300 years, and many people sacrificed their lives for our country's Freedom. From the time I understood, I always heard a story from my parents regarding our pet  parrot. My father had a pet parrot, and she was called “Meethi”. She was there at our house when she was just a few days old. She was very loved and pampered, and unlike other parrots, she used to have breakfast with my father and enjoyed folds like maggie and aloo paratha. Everyone told my parents that birds like parrots cannot be tamed, and they love their Freedom and will not even think to fly away whenever she gets a chance. Days passed by, and Meethi grew up to be a beautiful parrot. When I was a few mont

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