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Happiness - Arjun Vaishnav

Happiness is an emotion, enjoyment, joyfulness and contentment. Many people have feelings for happiness. Then happiness is enjoyment and entertainment for me. Some people are happy when they receive gifts, while some are happy when their dreams are fulfilled. I also get so glad when I receive a gift on my birthday. There are many incidents in my life when I was happy. I want to share one of the best incidents of my life when I was happy. I went for an outing with my family members at Tungareshwar. We enjoyed many things there. We enjoyed the natural beauty and the forest area where we saw many types of trees, rivers and animals. I was thrilled when I crossed the river by paddling through it. There is a temple of Lord Shiva there. It is a vast temple. We ate many things there. It was a memorable and happiest day of my life. I was thrilled on that day. My family members and I enjoyed the picnic a lot. In my eyes, happiness is not only enjoying with our family members, but it could be wit

Happiness - Mangilal Dewasi

Night Camp at School Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction,  contentment and fulfilment. While happiness has many different definitions, it is  often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction.  But there are also some people for whom happiness is talking about how they feel  in the present moment, or they might be referring to a more general sense of how  they feel about life overall. For me, happiness is the moment when I talk to my friends about various  topics. The amount of happiness I get from here is uncountable and indescribable.  Talking with friends is the most amazing experience in the world, which never ends.  We can't talk with family or relatives or anyone else for more than a limit. But with  friends, there is no limit to talk. Every thought from our mind comes to our mouth when  we are with friends. Like, we can talk about our personal life, family life, social life, and  anything; we can talk. I would lik

Trust - Krishna Dave

Trust is an essential thing in life, trust is hard to define, but we know when it's lost. It takes years to build but seconds to break, and it cannot regain. When a paper is crumbled, and you can smooth it over; but it's never going to be the same again. Trust makes the people believe in you like; when students trust, its a teacher, the teacher always tries to make the student future as bright as possible. Trust is fundamental to life, and it is always said that gaining someone trust is difficult, but it's not true if you build the nature of belongingness, then you can gain someone's trust easily without any difficulty. Faith and trust are two qualities that make a man great. If you can trust, you are the person of courage because a coward person can never ever trust anyone in their life. When there is trust, communication becomes easy, and the goal can be achieved. It is a special thing to be trusted by someone. To be told, you are trusted is an even greater feeling. Y

Tolerance - Komal Sompura

Tolerance can be simply stated as the ability to accept and live and let others live or tolerate the issues that are not bearable, or a person finds it rigid to agree with the faith. Tolerance varies from person to person as it can’t be measured. It can also be considered unprejudiced. A person is towards different ideas and faiths as we live in a vast diversity where people have a different mentality. The variation of tolerance level depends on different people; some people accept things not in their favour, whereas some of them oppose. Tolerance is required no matter how one lives, and tolerance is, after all, a virtue. Yet, tolerating virtues are certainly greater when based on living in the bigger picture of life described in the sacred literature. The world of the mind is small. What is good for one may be experienced as bad for another; happiness is another’s sadness. Ultimate reality is bigger than the mind, and this is what sacred literature informs us about. The beginning of r

Tolerance - Vinayraj Singh

Tolerance means to tolerate the issues which are not acceptable, or a person finds it hard to agree with the beliefs. Tolerance can also be regarded as open-mindedness. Open a person is towards different ideas and beliefs because we live in a society where different people think differently. For example, it is wonderful for some people to take drugs and even drink alcohol, but it is considered bad for other people. This is just one example; even when choosing a leader, some people are against the chosen leader. So tolerance is how comfortable someone is with the things which go against their will. In India the tolerance level varies from person to person, some people accept things that do not happen the way they want and some people do not and actually protest in order to show their approval. So, at last, "Tolerance is the ability to forgive those who tend to speak before anything." Vinayraj Singh Class XI The Fabindia School

Tolerance - Khush Suthar

Tolerance refers to tolerate the issues which are not acceptable, or a person finds it rigid to agree with faith. Tolerance is also considered as the open-mindedness of people towards different beliefs and ideas. We live in a society where people with different mindsets finds things pole apart. Some people find late-night parties and consuming alcohol bad, and the person attending these activities leads to be bad, whereas some people find it chill. Tolerance cannot be measured because it varies from person to person. When electing a political body, some mindsets don't match, some are in favour, and some are against them. People tolerate things not happening in their favour, whereas some people protest for their demands. Thank you. Khush Suthar Class XI Science The Fabindia School

Happiness - Akshita Rathore

Happiness is the most expensive thing in the world. If we are happy, then we can make others happy. Happiness is a medicine that makes people physically fit and strong. I get happiness by talking to my father and taking care of him. A happy person does his work happily and enjoyment, but if the person is sad, he can’t focus on work. People get happiness from various things: By making others happy, talking with friends, listening to music, I experience happiness when my dream comes true. In the world, no one is happy. Everybody is busy with their work, and everyone has tension. In every situation, just be happy, and your problem will be solved. So be happy always. Akshita Rathore Class X A The Fabindia School

Tolerance - Diksha Choudhary

Tolerance is the ability to remain calm in every situation. It is a value that includes many values that a person should have like happiness,  respect,  patience,  humanity and many more, which will help to unite the people.  We all live in a society, and society is formed by a group of people who have different elements or thoughts that make them different from one another. And if we don't have tolerance in us, society will lead to inner-violence, i.e. people will stop presenting what they want or stop talking to each other. To stop this, we need the skill to live together peacefully, again referred to as "Tolerance". To be tolerant means accepting other people's opinions and preferences even when they are not that you agree with. Be tolerant is to be someone's support that will make him or her happy, giving him or her happiness. It also stops us, the young generation, from getting a feeling of hatred for others. It also increases curiosity for having new ideas.

The future of education

The future of education will be built on immutable values alone: A ppreciation, Caring, Co-operation, Courage, Freedom, Friendship, Happiness, Honesty, Hope, Humility, Love, Patience, Peace, Quality, Respect, Responsibility, Simplicity, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Trust, Understanding & Unity. Joy Of Learning (JOL) will inspire you by using examples of where the values are already being used by children in schools and share practical tools to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. JOL is an extensive and profound learning experience that immerses members in a model of inquiry and problem-based learning. Students work collaboratively to gain knowledge to solve their significant challenges, we champion peer-to-peer learning. #JoyOfLearning "We live in a society consumed by materialism and the desire for more. Does this mean our next generation of children will grow up being literate and numerate greedy consumers whose lives are judged by their houses' size and the