"I am an intern, and I simply love it! I get blogs from other students and post them. I also make a few designs for My Good School, which is marvellous. Interns help grow the school too. My favourite part is writing blogs, which not only interns anyone can do. I also like making designs for the program and love listening and reading to the book we read in the reading session".
Rishona Chopra
Gyanshree School
Learning and Development - Program
"I, Anusha Jain, am an Intern at the My Good School. Working here is a beautiful experience. The amount of freedom to choose the area to work on is remarkable. Currently, I am part of Joy of Writing under The Joy of Learning Program. Moreover, I am also part of the Podcast where we express and share our stories. The My Good School has not only provided me with an opportunity to explore different things, but the honest feedback I get from my teachers is also incredible".
Anusha Jain
Ahlcon Public School
Learning and Development - Program Team
"I am Ananya; I work as an intern at my good school. I joined this program and got a chance to select my area of interest. I am currently working in the businesses development team. I like creating different designs. I am happy that I have got a chance to use my skills at the right place. I also enjoy writing blogs, reading and listening, which anybody can do under the Joy Of Learning program".
Ananya Bhatia
Ahlcon Public School
Business Development - Design Team

"I am Anvesha, and I joined Good School this month only. I am new here, but I did not feel that way; all the managers and other interns are accommodating at this organisation. I love being a part of the Good School Alliance primarily because of the honest feedback I get from everyone here, which helps me improve my skills and initiate more company growth. The best thing about being an intern is that I can collaborate with the other interns, and we can together brainstorm more ideas for the company's development. As an intern, I complete the tasks that the managers give us, and I also write blogs for the Joy Of Learning Diaries". 

Anvesha Rana
Gyanshree School

Learning and Development - Program Team

"I love being an intern at My Good School, which gives me a lot of opportunities to learn. I like making posters and writing blogs which helped me enhance my writing skills and creative skills. In reading sessions, I learn about different life values like compassion, giving, and never giving up hope. I enjoy meeting so many interns from different schools, picking up different skills, and being mentored by teachers. As an intern, I can explore so many things which are helping me to find my strengths. I am thankful that I got this internship opportunity at the age of 10". 

Arav Agarwal
Billabong High International School

Learning and Development - Program Team

"I am Simar, and I'm new to The Good Schools community. I applied for an internship after attending a few reading sessions. At first, thought that being an intern would be nerve-wracking, but I was wrong! Rather it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Along with my fellow interns, I am working on the My Good School podcast, and I enjoy working on it a lot. Being acquainted with the program is refreshing as I can do something productive when I take a break from my schoolwork. I also enjoy writing blogs and reflections for the Joy of Learning Diaries. All this is new for me but, what makes me happy is that I went for it, and I love it!" 

Simar Kaur 

Gyanshree School
Learning and Development - Program Team


  1. I'm Brahamdeep thakur from pestalozzi india i joined my good school before 1 month and in my first day I thought that how the class would be like? But after two three reading sasion I found it very familiar and than istarted readung too .I love my good school and iam very thankful to all who helped me to bring on this path and I love pestalozzi too


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