My Good School

My Good School - Where Passion Meets Education


This book is for parents to select the school for their child, as the choice can have a lifelong impact on the growth and personality of the child.

A guide for you to look beyond that high-rise building and those perfectly manicured lawns—to go deeper in your search for your good school. It will encourage you to observe, question, evaluate, and choose a school that will truly prepare your child for a life beyond the campus, a life beyond theory, a life beyond algebra.

This book will help educators, school administrators and management to build and rebuild such institutions and change the future of learning.

Enriched with the knowledge, experience and, most importantly, the wisdom of The Doon School alumnus and school improvement coach Sandeep Dutt, this book will encourage conversations around our education system and help shape the future of education in the world.


• The author, Sandeep Dutt, is an alumnus of the Doon School and he has decades-long experience of working with schools to improve their outlook in qualitative terms.

• With the New Education Policy coming in, education has again become a focus area for our country.

• This book caters to a wide audience—from parents to teachers to school management.

Inside the book

Section I The What, the Why and the How of Teaching

  1. Why go to school?

  2. Quality in education

  3. How your child learns the best

  4. Performance scores must be honest

  5. People, process and outcomes

  6. Choice of curriculum

  7. Building schools with quality

  8. Fun in learning, learning is fun

  9. Life is parenting

  10. An eager child or an enthusiastic teacher?

  11. Why teachers are averse to change

Section II Redefining Education and Learning

  1. Reading at the heart of education

  2. Innovation and design

  3. The art of writing in school

  4. The Annual Day at school

  5. Schools must provide knowledge, not mere information

  6. Value of liberal arts education

  7. Humanity must learn humanities

  8. New teaching and learning approaches

  9. Freedom to perform

Section III Lessons for Life

  1. What education does

  2. School bell: The first lesson in time management

  3. Going to school

  4. Learning: From isolation to collaboration

  5. Teachers travel with you all your life

  6. Personal and social development at school

  7. Real-world learning

  8. Today is the day when you define for yourself

Section IV School Leadership

  1. Leadership begins and ends at the top

  2. Principal as the chief learning leader

  3. Student leader: Mentor or monitor?

  4. Smart teachers make smart classes

  5. Conclusion: My Good School—where passion meets education


SANDEEP DUTT is a school coach, bookseller, runner, mountaineer and social entrepreneur. His work for the International Award for Young People (IAYP) has been widely acknowledged all over the world. As a social entrepreneur, Sandeep works to empower young people and has been a mentor for many. His mission is to ‘help schools deliver better’ with a focus on building professional learning communities at schools. Find out more about the author

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William N Bissell: Sandeep is a lifelong student of My Good School!

Foreword for the book

My Good School

Where Passion Meets Education 

Sandeep is a passionate educator. He is one of those individuals who have dedicated his life to making the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. The way he has chosen to do that is by helping schools and teachers implement programs that will help students to become lifelong learners.  


He believes in the idea that if you can change a child’s life, you can change the life of their family, their community and indeed their nation. He has lived up to his motto for the last 35 years of his life in helping teachers improve their skills, helping school administrators understand how to deliver the best learning outcomes, helping school heads foster communities of curiosity, openness, learning and creativity in their schools. 


Sandeep has taken his lifelong experiences and summarized them in this thoughtful, provocative and very readable book.


I have had the pleasure of watching Sandeep’s work in the school I founded 30 years ago and the proof of his work lies in watching the graduates of the school who came from a small rural community do extraordinary things with their life. 


He has shown that regardless of where one is born, one's social or economic status, a good school can transform a child’s life by helping them learn and develop into ethical responsible global citizens. 


This book explains how schools can achieve significantly better teaching standards, foster a sense of community and help each student reach their fullest potential.


Sandeep does a great job of framing the issues that educators/school owners and administrators faced, also where they must focus their energy. As he said at the beginning of Chapter 2 - “A country is as developed as its Education sector. We in India should make ‘affordable quality education’ our development mantra and this alone will help us thrive as a great nation. No matter what path we take on the road to economic development, the quality of education will always be a speed breaker”. 


Sandeep’s book is an invaluable read for policymakers, school owners/administrators and teachers as it takes a 360-degree view of all aspects of what it takes to build great schools. The emphasis he places on the development of a strong culture of teacher’s training is reminiscent of Henry Adam, who said – “ A teacher affects eternity and one can never tell where their influence stops”. 


Applying the ideas in this book will transform how schools can deliver outstanding learning outcomes. I can say this as I have watched Sandeep apply this idea at The Fabindia School over the last 10 years as Chairman of the board.


Sandeep is able to do this successfully as he is a lifelong student. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.”


William Nanda Bissell

Chairman of the Board, Fabindia

Published by Rupa Publications  



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