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Monday 17 October 2022

Autobiography Of A Phone 📱 - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy, used for representation only.

Hello There! It is the strongest, most powerful thing available on Earth. Yeah, you guessed it right. The modern smartphone. I am sitting at the White House and writing this autobiography. My autobiography! 

Well, my journey began 30 years ago, in 1992. When 'IBM' invented the first smartphone called 'Simon'. When Simon succeeded, more of his family was created in the factory. 

I was one of the first ones to be created in the factory. While all my brothers and sisters went to different countries. I was still in the United States Of America. I was sitting in a shop watching people, and time passed by. What caught my attention was that most everyone was walking with their parents. I got really fascinated about who my parents might be? 

At that moment, I was brutally disturbed by a man who brought me here to the White House. For many months and days, which felt like ages, I was busy thinking about the answer to my question. 

The next day, a visitor came with his own smartphone and one of my brothers. I decided to let all the burden on my mind and technology out! I asked him all I wanted to know about my family. He told me about my family and birth, what humans call 'invention'. 

Our parents were 'Wired Landlines'! They had tails and didn't possess their own calculators, address book, world clock, fax, games calendar app, email or any modern technology we have! They just possessed the quality of being able to call. Also, he told me that they were really cheap for like the cost of 8 dollars! 

Afterall all this knowledge, I felt so grateful! We are so educated! So I started working hard. I found more things about myself and became Independent. I learnt new things every day, like the fear of being without a phone is Nomophobia. Hearing or Feeling your phone ring is Ringxiety. The first text message was made in December 1992. 

Although there was something that was still bothering me. It was not related to my family but rather a new emotion I had never felt before. It was guilt! After so many years of helping humans out, that was the day that I realised what a big sin we phones have committed! We spoiled their health, their ability to learn, find their own mistakes, and much more! Don't deny it; look at yourself! Do you go out? Do you play outdoor games? Do you have good eyesight? Do you try solving the questions? Do you keep trying until you get it right? No, the answer to all these questions is a simple NO. Now all you humans do is sit at home, play online games, and search Google for your homework questions and nowadays, children as young as 5-6 are wearing glasses! 

Now all I do is wait for death. I keep thinking about how humans will improve my siblings and me to what they think is bringing a positive impact in their lives by making it easier for them. 


 Grade VIII D