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Saturday 11 November 2023

Unveiling the Enchantment: A Quest into the Mysteries of Film and Music - Saikiran Sahu

"Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience, in the way film does and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark room of our souls." - Ingmar Bergman.

The world of music and films is vast and diverse, with countless genres, styles, and cultures contributing to it. Whether you are a fan, a creator, or just curious, there's always something new and exciting to explore. People connect with film and music profoundly because art forms have an unparalleled ability to tap into depths of human emotion and experience. Films weave narratives that resonate with universal themes, offering a visual and auditory journey that allows viewers to empathise with characters and contemplate the complexities of life. Music transcends language barriers, providing a direct pathway to the soul. 

So, the club I would like to initiate is the "Film & Music Appreciation Club". We could once a week discuss different types of movies from various genres worldwide. The generation is more into movies, and these movies can teach a lot. Both film and music possess the extraordinary power to evoke nostalgia and trigger memories.

In the end, In a world that can often feel fragmented, film and music serve as unifying forces, connecting individuals through the shared language of emotion and the timeless pursuit of meaning. 

We would like to achieve this, and for that to be achieved, I would like all of your support!

People who have joined the club:

Simar Kaur- Intern Head at My Good School. She is a great thinker with a podcast of her own, "Two Girls One Mic".

Oshi Singh and - Vice Captain of My Good School. She is the most cheerful and passionate person I have ever seen. She also co-hosts a podcast called "Two Girls One Mic".

Rishona Chopra - Captain of The Good School. She is way ahead of her age. At such a young age, she has achieved a lot.

Anvesha Rana - Podcast host for the Learning Forward Podcast. Very enthusiastic and a good role model for us.

Anushka Kathuria - An intern at My Good School, participant in the My Guide Inside (MGI) pilot program at Gyanshree School. She is hard-working and is best at what she does.

I would be glad to welcome you all to this club! I hope we discover the world of Films and Music together!

Film & Music Appreciation Club Secretary -  Saikiran Sahu

Email Address - 

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Sunday 25 September 2022

Left So Soon - Climax: Reveda Bhatt

Left So Soon-I’d like to thank all those from above watching me as I write this.

To all the RIPs,
Thank you for giving me a new perspective of life to look through-Not to hang on over a
moment, but to let go and move on.
From The One, You Left Behind,

So, hope you went through the series well and got to pick up some morals concerned with
our mortality.

To you,
Life is too uncertain to think about anything else but to live in the moment. This was not for
any other purpose than to give you meaning, the meaning of life, not a definition.

Look, because, anyways, it’s you who defines the word-Life, but the meaning is pre-defined.
Either way, we are born by the same process and even die by the same process, but the
difference appears in the way we live and the motive behind our living-some live to enjoy,
wanting happiness in return, some live to work hard, wanting money and fame in return,
some live to serve, wanting nothing in return while some never even get the time to want
anything in return as they return back. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to enjoy, work
hard or serve, it simply means that you have to keep on doing what you love, but don’t
expect anything in return, Karma returns and it will, WHEN IT HAS TO!

Trailer - BIRTH
Movie - LIFE
Climax - DEATH

We all know our ending, to kiss the soil, the climax for the actor is boring and for the
supporting roles, is sad.
The Director is God.
The Producer is you.
The Audience is everybody else.
Suppose, the Director has given you the starting and the ending of the movie.
The script is what you have to write.
If the Audience laughs, let them, thinking that they are stupid.
If the Audience cries, let them, thinking that they are emotional.
Let them because it’s you who knows the reality behind, because perspectives don’t match.
Yes, they don’t.
Nobody’s does, they pretend to.
Nobody can put you down, unless you let them to.
It’s your stage. Rock it, Superstar!

Before it breaks down!

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan School, Grade 9