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Education - Reveda Bhatt

Education! First, they ask what it is? Then they don't let you have your own definition! Warning: *CHOKING HAZARD* Contains I.C.S.E. - keep out of reach of kids studying elsewhere. We should have gotten that, but sorry, here in India, you don't have a choice but to mug the syllabus up! How do we do it? Does it remind you of something? It reminds me of Doraemon's gadget - the one just eating the bread; you could learn the whole thing from your book. Doesn't exist, but if it did, the top purchasers would be the children of Indian schools. Okay, so I personally don't like the system here. It's like you have to scan all that's printed in your books and make a photocopy of it on your exam sheet! Doesn't matter if even it's the last thing you would need in your life. You need to learn all about it. If you want to become a doctor, you should know the depth of the core beneath the surface. To become a geologist, you should know the names of the human body

I want to become an Astro Geologist! - Archita Saxena

Archita is an intensely inquisitive student of grade 3 in Gyanshree School, Noida. She dreams of becoming an astro-geologist, someone who studies rocks on the other planets. Here she is showing her effort at building a Mars exploration rover. She has named it RAN,  based on Ritu Karidhal, Anuradha TK and Nandini Harinath, women scientists who helped make the ISRO Mangalyaan. Archita Saxena Grade 3 Gyanshree School