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The School Bell - Simar Kaur

It is bizarre how a school bell can affect one’s mood regularly. The first bell of the day is accompanied by yawns, people rubbing their eyes, cranky comments, and excitement for a new day (which is rare in my case). Ah, the first class is sports. The most beloved classroom is the playground, where there are no rules. You don’t have to stay quiet or tire your hand while making notes when surrounded by the beautiful green grass. I perceived it as starting the day with an ounce of freedom until you get trapped in the strict regimentation as you enter through the large doors.  It is hard to sit down and study right after having an intense sweating session on the ground (which is very true for me since I sweat a lot). As soon as the bell rings, I go upstairs with the rest of the school and sit at my desk panting, drinking water and coughing. That was how I used to follow the bell and get myself prepped for the studying sessions which were to follow.  When I had maths and physics, I sighed,