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Appreciation - Asmi Patankar

  Appreciation I quite vividly remember the first time I needed some appreciation. Many years ago, when I was in Playgroup, I heard my teachers say that I could not scribble properly like the other children in my class. Later, when I came home, I told my father all about what I heard. He said, "Asmi, I know you tried your best. Now, please show me your drawing."  After I showed him, he replied, "But these are beautiful! You can really improve once you are older." And honestly, with the help of my art teachers, now I can draw much better than anyone could have expected from a girl who once could not even scribble! I am sure that this could not have happened without my father appreciating me or without the support of my art teachers. Asmi Patankar Grade 5 Billabong High International School, Thane