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Wednesday 28 December 2022

The Power Of Love - Shambhavi Nautiyal

Have I felt the power of love?
(Thoughts and experiences)

Feeling the power of love, love to me is loving someone without any self-seeking interest; it may be full of evergreen thrill, adoration and concern, but it can also be thinking about a friend, being reminded of a glimpse of each other laughing together or having deep conversations and having a good time.

I feel love whenever I hear of someone's trust in me and how they can rely on me after coming a long way together with them in life. I feel love whenever I practice self-love by looking out for myself, no matter what, feeling that I have matured in myself and invested that time for myself.

Love is like a journey; the deeper you go, the more immersed, wise, and experienced you become and the more content and happier you feel with life. You may die, but your love shall stay on to be. 

Follow your heart; everything will be alright and meaningful, and helpful. It may be a journey of a relationship with someone else, something that goes down the lane of life with you such that if it's gone, it feels like there is no purpose in life. Love is what drives us all. It keeps us alive, whether it be the love for a hobby, for yourself, someone else or this world.

I feel love when someone listens to me carefully, is understood, has a place in someone's life and is cared for whilst the other person looks out for and considers themselves and wants the same respect in return is what is love to me.

The true mark on human memory is when you leave any impression on someone's soul with your heartfelt actions. That's all it takes to manifest your love for anyone by doing or saying whatever comes straight from the heart, which forms the phrase, 'Follow your heart and all shall be alright', a short but meaningful and helpful one.

Just the way it is famously said that your bad times give you a reality check about your close ones only, the ones who actually love you will come forward to extend a hand of assistance. If the love in you guides you to help someone who looks at you with distaste in their bad times, they will come to help you if they are a good person. Love leads you to goodness.

Love teaches you patience, and the good you do remains good no matter how the person responds. Your karma is only yours. Even if it is not returned from the person you do good for, it does come around.

Go on and love yourself!
Shambhavi Nautiyal

Class 8D
Ahlcon Public School

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Love yourself!

As we grow, we start thinking about what others think, but what matters is what you think.
Love yourself!

Comic Strip Team @ My Good School
Please meet the comic strip team for August:  Rishona, Anvesha, Simar, Arav and Gaurangi. Thanks to all the interns, they have worked hard to create comic strips on Humility. 
Arushi Goswami, a teacher at Gyanshree School, is our guide for the project.