Sunday 23 June 2024

Reflection of the week - Sunday 22nd June 2024


-From Jataka Tales-   

1. What insights do the Jataka Tales offer?

2. How does today's story resonate with your current life experiences?

3. What lessons can be learned from "The Foolish Friend"?

4. What led to the son's drastic action towards his father?

5. Have you ever played darts, or are you familiar with the game?

6. Do you agree that a sensible enemy is preferable to a foolish friend? Why or why not?

7. Do you typically think before you act? Why is this important?

8. In what ways were the GNATs effective, and what roles did they play in wars?

9. What are some of the critical aircraft used by the Indian Air Force?

10. Can you draw an aircraft and describe its features?

11. What moral lessons can we derive from "The Stupid Monkey"?

12. Who is responsible for the destruction in the garden?

13. What key points should be considered when delegating tasks?

14. What are some interesting facts about gardening, and how would you manage a garden to prevent damage by animals like monkeys?

15. What insights can be gained from the story "The Robbers and Treasures"?

16. What is the reason the Despatchers create such a pattern to get money


- From The Hidden Life Of Trees-   

1. What insights did you gain from today's chapter?

2. How has this book influenced your thoughts or perspective?

3. What is a bumblebee and its role in the ecosystem?

4. How do humans rely on trees and forests for their well-being?

5. Observe a tree nearby and describe its characteristics.

6. What is an armada, and how does it contribute to the health of forests?

7. In what ways can a dead tree benefit the ecosystem?

8. Listen to a song by Peter Maffay and reflect on how its themes connect with the chapter. (Peter Maffay - So bist du 1979 - song in German) And when I go, only a part of me is gone.

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