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Sunday 9 June 2024

Meet and Greet with Dr. Sanjeev Chopra

Sanjeev Chopra is a retired IAS officer of the 1985 batch from Kapurthala, Punjab. He is a resident of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He was a Former Director of the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration and the author of  We the People of the States of Bharat: The Making and Remaking of India's Internal Boundaries, published in 2022. He is now the patron and honorary consultant to the Valley of Words International Literary Festival, held annually in Dehradun, India.

On June 9th, we met with Dr. Sanjeev Chopra for a half-hour meet-and-greet. Dr. Chopra shared his inspirations, travels, and love for reading, making it an interactive learning session for our students and teachers. 

As the author of We the People of the States of Bharat: The Making and Remaking of India's Internal Boundaries, Dr. Sanjeev taught us about the idea behind the book and its significance. We discussed how books and language are the greatest treasures, how the Foundation of Valley Of Words came to be, and Dr. Sanjeev's life lessons and takeaways

Visit the Valley of Words(VOW) Foundation:

Host: Rishona Chopra, School Captain 

Some key details about his visit:

Rishona, the school captain, invited him to speak to students about valuing literature and art and working with young people. 

Dr Sanjeev Chopra was introduced as a retired IAS officer who set up the Dehradun Valley of Words Literature Festival. He discussed his background in the IAS and different postings across India over 36 years. 

Dr Chopra emphasised the importance of reading books and critically discussing them at literature festivals. He shared his love for reading and how it has sustained him throughout his career and travels. The discussion was rich and diverse, covering various topics, including his recommendations for the Bhagavad Gita, the festivals he has attended, and his work promoting literature in Dehradun through the Valley of Words organisation. 

Dr. Chopra's visit was a unique opportunity for students to gain insights from his experiences, particularly in books, reading, and using skills to positively impact society.

Sunday 2 June 2024

Reflection For The Week - Sunday 2nd June 2024

Reflection of the week   

-From Jataka Tales-   

1. Why do we read about the Jataka Tales?  

2. Did the story connect with you today, and why?   

3. What learnings can we take away from the story "The Crane and the Crab." 

4. How do the 6 C's connect with the story?   

  Hint: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Character and Citizenship 

5. What is a forest haunt? 

6. Draw a fish comb. What are its characteristics? 

7. Varana Tree and its symbolism 

8. What is a pincer-like grip? 


- From The Hidden Life Of Trees-   

1. What did you learn from the chapter today?   

2. What impact does this book have on you?   

3. What are phenols? 

4. The Beauty of Nature 

5. Draw a woodpecker and note its features  

6. What are aphids? 

7. The intelligent and perfect cycle of nature and how it keeps going  

8. The meaning of the word "regurgitate" in the context of the story 

9. The language of trees 


These are some suggestions you can choose from. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful and thoughtful reflections!   

You can email your reflections to -, call for support Monday to Friday, 10 am to 7 pm, +91 135 2710958

Monday 27 May 2024

What really matters? - Rishona Chopra

“As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.”
- Seneca 
Life is a precious thing. Perhaps, one of the most precious things on Earth. But what really matters in this life? Does it matter how long we live, or how we live? It's the tough question of Quantity or Quality. What matters more? But, what is the point of a long life if that life lacks quality? Lacks happiness, peace and content? If life has quality, then no matter how short, it does leave an impression and a good one. What's the point of a long life if it's full of sorrow? 

Life is like a book. Just like in a book, its quality matters. Its humour, mystery and uniqueness matter more than how big it is. It doesn't matter if a story is long, but if it has that quality, we turn back to read it again and again. 

Ultimately, we need to ensure that we live our lives to the fullest. This world is full of risks. Our life can take unexpected turns so we must live every moment. We struggle to live with content and happiness but a simple way is to look at all the good things in life. Let's count our blessings instead of focusing on the little wrong things. 

A moment without happiness is a moment wasted. And with a precious thing as life, we really can't afford to waste any. 

Rishona Chopra 

Grade VIII 
Gyanshree School

Solace in Books - Ishika Shrivastava

"Books" are that one constant companion throughout the whole life and "Reading" is that one habit which brings joyous colours to your life. 

People who understand the art of reading will always find peace in it because books aren't only for reading but can also act as a safe place for many people. 

The enhancement of vocabulary and good communication skills are some of the important skills that one can have which is actually a necessity in the real world, they can also make your point of view even larger and you get to understand people and your surroundings more properly and in an adequate manner. 

With clarity in mind and diverging eyes to the sites,
there you are with a gift of seeking out the beauty in the darkest of times 
with all the prowess in your hands,
embrace the shower of familiarity that has been long forgotten.

Here I am, resting my words by resonating that reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary 

Ishika Shrivastava
Sunbeam Suncity School and Hostel

Monday 29 April 2024

The Art Of Orignality - Rishona Chopra

In today's fast-paced world, we have lost the art of originality and have forgotten its value. Today, books, songs, music, and poems can easily be written with the help of AI. It can write flawless articles, with perfect grammar but what we need to understand is that the flaws are what make the work so real and beautiful. 

When we write things ourselves, it has our thoughts put into it and our feelings which are a thousand times better than anything AI can create. Yes, we make mistakes and our work may have flaws but those flaws are what show us what we can improve on and make it better. The power of the mind is the greatest and if we don't put that power to use, it gets dull. It's like a knife, If not used, it eventually gets blunt and loses its sharpness just like we can lose our creativity wit. 

Let us take songwriting, for example, something that AI creates may be quite nice but when the mind creates that, there is a uniqueness to it and your creative touch can be felt. Originality is not doing something first, it's doing it with the power of the mind and by yourself. 

To me, reading an article with broken English and grammar yet beautiful with feelings and creativity is always better than one with flawless language and a lack of feelings. 

If we turn to AI  to do our tasks, then it just shows the lack of confidence we have in ourselves. The Art Of Originality is to not fall into the trap of betraying your mind, it is to follow through and follow the mind. 

Shakespeare didn't use ChatGPT to write "Comedy Of Errors" and look what a classic it is! We don't need AI to be successful in our work, what the mind can create is far more powerful because you can feel it. 

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VIII
Gyanshree School 

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Books are our Best friends - Animesh Kashyap

Books are our best friends, there is a saying. Books give us an enormous amount of knowledge. We go to school and learn a lot of new stuff. We are taught a lot of things and we are told some things. But to completely understand all concepts in the subjects, we need to read and consult the books.

The people who tell, teach or advise us are not always there with us but the books are always with us. We can refer to them and clarify our doubts or remind ourselves of some points we have forgotten or learn a point which we have not looked into so far.

Books may be costly to buy. But good books are worth more than the money. In some cases, friends don't come to help us, but books never cheat us. They always help us whenever we fall into trouble. Books play an important role in our lives because they make us knowledgeable, and intelligent, and help us to become mature and smart people.

Animesh Kashyap
Sunbeam School & Hostel Lahartara

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Reading For Pleasure and more from Sunbeam School Lahartara


We say that books are our best friends. to become their friends, we have to read them.

Reading gives us the opportunity to build ourselves; it helps us stand in front of people confidently.

People say that real life is not similar to books; it is all rubbish. Books prepare us for our lives. I also prefer to read books because they help me to be more creative, confident, and charismatic from within.




Life is no "brief candle" for me. It is a sort of "suffering torch," which I have a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before passing it on to future generations.

I am also exploring as much as I can.



Teachers are those who make children knowledgeable and cultured. A teacher is a beautiful gift given by God, as God is the creator of the whole world and a teacher is the creator of an entire nation. A teacher is such an important creature in the life of a student, who, through his knowledge, patience, and love, gives a strong shape to a student’s whole life. A teacher shares academic knowledge and ethical values and assimilates moral values that help us shape our personalities as better human beings. Teachers play a major role in shaping students' lives and futures.


Wednesday 20 September 2023

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Annaya Raj Gurung

Image from, for representation only.

I am reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, and this series is called “The Getaway”. In this book, Greg Heffly and his family are escaping to a tropical island called Isla De CoralesThis adventure has a lot of ups and downs. For instance, they got to go to the swimming pool, which was not very crowded, but there was an Iguana.

My favourite paragraph from the book:

Mom said we should all head down to the beach, but I wanted to hang back and shower. I wanted to take my TIME in there, and I knew if she were in the suite, she’d hassle me about using too much hot water.

My opinion of the book - this book is very funny and interesting. I can’t wait to get the next series called The Meltdown to discover what will happen.

Annaya is in Grade 4 at Tashi Namgyal Academy in Sikkim, and the post is her first book 📖 review.

Monday 7 August 2023

Change I have seen from my recent past - Tenzin Jambey

Time goes on. We become old, much more experienced as the year passes (like a changing season). Reflection on things and my surroundings has become a part of my life. And from them, I get life lessons. This summer vacation was full of learning and knowledge, indeed. Knowledge is something other than what you get by opening books. 

Sometimes life and time teach you the best and most unforgettable teachings. So this vacation, I worked as a labour. Working under the orders of our boss was a different story. Well, for me, it was a lesson I learned that- life is not easy. For every human being, from poor to rich; and businessman to doctor, life is tough, and it is up to us- how we deal with it. The poor people think living a luxurious life is best and that money is everything. 

We chase money like a donkey chasing a carrot tied with a rope to a stick, while the master controlling the carrot takes the donkey where he wants. It's just an illusion a donkey sees. And the same case is with us people running behind an earthly thing like money. But if we think deeper, then we realise that money is an important asset to earn a living today and the same case for the donkey who runs behind a carrot to overcome hunger. 

There is a saying that "Too many cooks spoil the broth". Similarly, more money would not solve the problem but could lead to problems like - greed, desires, etc. And the conclusion for this will be that - 'For every problem, there is a solution'. And behind every solution, there is a problem. Recently, I have seen myself developing and becoming an idol for my juniors and even becoming a favourite of my house mother due to my efforts. Even in my village, I have a good image among everyone because I push myself to do better every time. 

Whenever I see any person older than me, I talk with them in a very respectful and comfortable way. They always give me a big smile when I meet them. If you work hard with your soul, life will pay you for that. When we push ourselves harder by getting out of our comfort zone, life teaches us lessons. And we are rewarded for the same accordingly. "That's the change that I have seen in my recent past".

Tenzin Jambey, Pestalozzi Children's Villiage India

Tuesday 4 July 2023

What it takes to spread the joy of learning at schools - Unnati Dabral

Children and Young Adults tend to spend their joyful yet crucial years of life in school. School days are the precious years of a student's life. 

The joy of learning in schools may be defined in numerous ways. Learning something new with fellow mates always has its charms and challenges, whether in the classroom or on the playground. 'Finding Joy' is seeing oneself grow little by little, learning, growing, falling, escaping, again coming on the loop, trying and experiencing unusual things in those marvellous hours at school.

Have you ever thought about our adrenaline rush while reading a thrilling novel? Oh! And how just a mere acknowledgement of the fact that its sequel might be available in our school library in the coming month excites us? What a relieving thought with an inexpressible enthusiasm.

An infusion of joy with learning helps a learner to feel less stressed. It motivates positive learning experiences. Children are more eager to learn when handled with care and happiness.

To understand what it takes to spread the joy of learning at schools, we need to know what actually brings joy to the students?

The answer is:-
∆ Games
∆ Toys
∆ Colours
∆ Artworks
∆ Cartoons
∆ Adventures
∆ Jokes
∆ Celebrations

And for these to take place, a teacher should have the listed qualities and thus qualifies his/her limitations to strengths:- 
∆ Passionate towards teaching
∆ Caring
∆ Kind
∆ Able to create a flowing atmosphere
∆ Introducing egalitarianism among students
∆ Humourous
∆ Knows his/her students

There is much more to learn, give, write, do, and thus explore. Looking forward to spreading the joy of learning at schools and worldwide.

- Unnati Dabral 
Fellow at My Good School for the year 2023-24

Saturday 24 June 2023

A trip to SchoolEducation.Com - Veda Varshita Marrivada

It was a fun and knowledgeable trip visiting the SchoolEducation.Com. It is a website created by the Good School Alliance program. It was an outstanding experience with many things to know about. As I scrolled through the web pages, I came across many other programs held by the Good Schools Alliance. There were many informative videos. Some programs were Happy Teachers, Sunday School, My Good School Retreat etc.

The school song of My Good School was melodious and splendid. It was soothing, lovely, and relaxing to hear. Also, many takeaways from the reflections given by many students were creative and helpful. Coming to the Internships, the reviews provided by the interns made me determined to become an intern in the future.

The various programs listed on the website gave me a sensation of excitement. The website also gave me the curiosity to learn many more things. The Meet and Greet podcasts were fascinating. It was a unique website because it was like an online school. There were several books to read. I could not notice how fast the time passed by just scrolling on the website for half an hour. The various programs also help us to build our vocabulary.

The My Good School Program focuses on the 6 C's, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, character, and citizenship, which are very important to success in our life and career. There is also a facility to buy many exciting books, such as:

Live Life In Crescendo
Blue Sky, White Cloud
Ratan Tata Ek Prakash Stambh

My Good School
Where passion meets education
And many more are based on our daily life and have many things to learn. This website is very inspirational for me as I could understand there are "No limits to knowledge and learning". It was a spectacular trip visiting the website.

In conclusion, we have many things to learn, and what we know today might help us tomorrow, and whatever we learn is a drop or a pond compared to an ocean. The trip to SchoolEducation.Com will allow us to learn many new things and succeed in our life.

Veda Varishta Marrivada
Grade 5 Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

Please listen to my blog post.

Saturday 11 February 2023

Thank you, iro 2023 & Food4Thought Foundation

Greetings from Sandeep Dutt at The English Book Depot, the bookshop that won the Award for Best Book Store of the Year Category in IRO 2023. Getting the prestigious Award in our 100th year of service at the Hyderabad Literary Festival 2023 is a big honour for us. Thank you, F4TF, for conducting IRO 2023 and recognising individuals and organisations promoting reading habits. I also thank all Sponsors, Aurobindo Pharma Foundation, Amadeus Labs, Odessa Technologies, Signode India Limited and Greengold Animation Pvt Ltd, for supporting F4TF and helping in organising IRO and, most important, identifying people from PAN India and appreciate their work. india reading olympiad® is a platform which enables, encourages, and endorses an ecosystem which creates functional reading spaces & joy for Reading and appreciates the efforts towards igniting a reading revolution across 13 categories, i.e. Life Time Achievement, Reading 4 Pleasure-School, Reading 4 Pleasure- NGO, Reading 4 Pleasure-Institute, Innovative Library Format, Innovation 4 Reading, Best Reading Club, Best Book Store of the Year, iambond Under 18, iambond Above 18, Joy of Reflection(Students), Best Library (F4TF) and Caught Reading. The three broad objectives of the india reading olympiad® are Encourage Reading habits and enable Joy of Reading at large, Encourage and appreciate individuals, groups and institutions which promote Reading and Inspire citizens to become lifelong readers & book lovers.

Sunday 29 January 2023

The beauty of bookshops - Rishona Chopra

                                                              When I enter a bookshop,

I see stories clinging onto shelves nonstop.

I want to look at every shelf,

Even the fantasy stories of an elf.

The environment makes me feel as if I should never leave,

Just sit down and read.

The cosy chairs,

Sad stories that shed tears.

Then I think,

I could have ordered books in a blink.

But it won't be as fun,

In the beautiful world of stories that has just begun!

"We are celebrating 💯 years of the Bookstore and have set up a social space above the Bookstore. The Learning Forward India Foundation works to support schools and schooling with reading, writing, speaking and learning. #MyGoodSchool" - Sandeep Dutt at The English Book Depot.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School 

Sunday 16 October 2022

Guru Bhakti - Rishona Chopra

You were the one who held my hand, 
You were the one who made me understand.
You don't just have a fantastic carrier,
You make me and many others happier.
You are a superhero,
You would be sweet and understanding even if I got a zero.
You have so many features,
I am proud to say you are my teacher.
You helped me to bring out my best,
You took care of the rest. 
You have so many features,
I am proud to say you are my teacher.
You can be strict,
And very smartly solve a conflict.
You can be sweet and kind,
But somehow, you hide your tired face behind.
You stay up late just to check your notebooks,
And make sure we read exciting books.
You teach us selflessly,
And very carefully.
You have so many features,
I am proud to say you are my teacher.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 28 August 2022

We laugh, we read and we write - Rishona Chopra

The Sunday School is brought to you only by My Good School
Where Passion Meets Education

The Joy of Learning Diaries is a website where students can post their reflections on My Good School’s reading program every Sunday. They can literally post anything they want. We publish the Joy Of Learning Diaries, and our blogs go in an extensive diary where many students can post.

We connect the Joy Of Reading with the joy of writing by -

  • What we read in the reading session we reflect upon by writing.
  • What we have written can be converted into a podcast (audio file) - Joy of Speaking.
That is how My Good School connects the three joys.

We are here at My Good School, Here things are so cool! Together we learn, Here no teacher is stern!

We learn all the values needed,
After going to My Good School, we all succeeded!
There are several things you can do,
Each item is new!

We can read and write,
We are bright!
We can design and create,
After all, My Good School is great! 11.00 AM SWAMI AND FRIENDS by RK Narayan

11.40 AM The Art Of Focus by Gauranga Das

12.00 PM Hari Ghaas Ki Chhappar Wali Jhopadi Aur Bouna Pahad Hindi Edition  by Vinod Kumar Shukla 

Read With Us!📖📖

Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Monday 15 August 2022

My Great Grandfather - Rishona Chopra

Hearing - Great Grandfather, you might think he was my grandfather's father, but I am talking about my grandfather, who is so great. I call him"Nanoo". He is the most fun person I know and very cute. We both eat popcorn together and watch TV shows together too! He has a gym cycle in his house, and I always go to his flat to ride on the bicycle. He shows me my mother's photos and old CDs and books. 

I am teaching him how to play Sudoku, too, it's a challenging game, but he is learning it really well and is so passionate. I got a Sudoku book 3 years ago and only did 40 Sudoku, but he got one 3 months ago and has completed 70 puzzles! He definitely won't rest until he has completed all the puzzles! He sometimes has back pain, so I try to help him as much as possible. Sometimes, I can't understand what he says, but when he laughs, I laugh too, even though I don't know why he is laughing! 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Thursday 28 July 2022

My enriching world of books - Anusha Jain

 ''A reader liver a thousand lives before he dies'.'

"A book a day keeps the stupidity away".

Books are our companions and friend of all times. They entertain us, teach us, make us knowledgeable, improve our vocabulary and, most importantly, help shape our lives. 
Today, I want to share my small world of books with you. Hope you like it! Happy learning! :)

My Library

Anusha Jain
Class 10th, Ahlcon Public School

Thursday 14 July 2022

My library, my treasure - Yashraj Sharma

We all must have heard the old saying, “Books are our best friends”. That is true; I also have a small and compact home library. I’ve always been interested in reading since I was a child, and books have taught me many life lessons; now, I am trying to work towards making them my personality traits. Books give us food for thought, just like a true friend.

Happy reading.

Yashraj Sharma

Grade 8

Gyanshree school

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Books: My Love - Gaurangi Rastogi

Everybody knows that Books are man's best friend, but for me, Books are my besties and unleash my imagination. Make me forget my pain or sometimes brings some memories back. Books changed my perspective on everything.

Like: Boarding schools are so strict! No offence, it was my first thought on the topic. But after I read some books on other people's experiences in other schools. It made me realize that it is an opinion. I have been a reader since childhood, and it helped unleash my imagination.

My childhood started with the stories of Mahabharat, Ramayana, Panchatantra, and many more. I always wish for a bookshelf in which I can store my books more efficiently. Some books are by my favourite author Ruskin Bond. I always love to experiment with the books like the evolution of the authors.

Fun Fact!- I named my shelf 'The Author's Collection'. Isn't it interesting? The biggest reason for books being my love is that they have added awareness to my life. Here is the picture of my "The Author's Collection'!

- Gaurangi Rastogi, The Doon Girls' School