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Learning Forward Podcast

Our takeaway from The Sunday School 2nd Oct 2022 - Disha and Kiran

My spinning top. Innovators Disha and Kiran from Pestalozzi Children's Village India, friends indeed! They not only collaborated to attend The Sunday School on one device, they even created these beautiful moments!!   The Art Of Focus book reading made us think.

My paper spinning top - Navuday Singh

My paper spinning top! Inspired by reading Swami and Friends at My Good School on Sunday the 2nd of Oct 2022. Navuday Singh Grade 5B Gyanshree school   

Autobiography Of A Top - Rishona Chopra

Hello there! I am a top, and my life is spinning. I hardly ever stop. My balance is excellent! I am a top,  I am as small as a drop. I spin very fast, I will leave you aghast!  I have my own spinny life, you see. I can't see anything correctly. I have two best friends - My Owner and my Floor. My Owner spins me so perfectly that I never fall and always do in on the floor because he knows he is my best friend. But now the only floor is my friend as my Owner lost me and threw me away, left alone wounded. Now, I am sitting in the park, separated from my friends, and finding a new owner. Rishona Chopra Grade 6 Gyanshree School

Makeshift Spinning Top - Ishwar Pratap Singh

  Hope you enjoy spinning the top! Share your top moment with us, comment below and maybe even share your experience with a  लट्टू  (top in Hindi) . Ishwar Pratap Singh Doon Girls School