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Quality - Arav Agarwal

Quality is how something or someone is. Everyone has unique qualities, and we need an environment to develop our qualities. At My Good School, we all are building various qualities like leadership, listening, and teamwork. We all can choose the qualities we want within us by being self-aware, responsible, willing to learn and explore and mindful of ourselves and our surroundings. “Quality is more important than quantity” - Steve Jobs. Our mentor explained in our mind-body cricket session that it does not matter how many balls you play or the number of overs you bowl, but what matters is the quality of your batting and bowling, as that is what everyone will remember about us. I feel that our qualities become our character. So, to build these qualities, we want others to remember us as we should be passionate and act with integrity, empathy, kindness and patience, as these are the basic foundations of human values to live a successful and wonderful life. Name: Arav Agarwal Grade: 6A

The Ultimate Strength Of Human Beings - Oshi Singh

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's third law of physics. Simply put, a good deed done by a good human will eventually return to them. Similarly, an evil act done by anyone will return to him or her. The simple rule of karma is what goes around comes around. Take Ravan from the Ramayana, for example. One wrong decision and we all know how it ended. In a world as small yet as big as ours, it isn't easy to find people who are always honest and know the importance of Integrity. We all know what these words mean, but most don't practice them. Maybe that is why the world is the way it is. The questions might arise:   Where exactly can you find Integrity? Why are they so important? Are they even different? Why should you be honest? Just keep reading because I promise you will surely learn something new by the end of this article.  I like to believe Integrity lies within, waiting for itself to be found. Although Integrity and honesty are not qualities we h

Our takeaway from The Sunday School 2nd Oct 2022 - Disha and Kiran

My spinning top. Innovators Disha and Kiran from Pestalozzi Children's Village India, friends indeed! They not only collaborated to attend The Sunday School on one device, they even created these beautiful moments!!   The Art Of Focus book reading made us think.

The Value Of Integrity - Anvesha Rana

Reading Chapter 18, The Art Of Focus Honesty Wins Human Quality: Integrity Honesty is a value, but integrity is practice. We can be honest without having integrity, but we can never have integrity without being completely honest. Being truthful to others is honesty and being truthful to yourself is integrity. A lot of people are honest, but hardly a handful possesses integrity. Honesty is visible to others, but integrity is the amount of transparency between the world and us.  Trust is a vital factor for integrity. If we have confidence and belief in ourselves, we can only do what we deem right, but if we don't trust our instincts, we may end up being wrong. Faith in oneself should be the maximum, and it should be such that even if we are wrong for the entire world, we will still do what we think is right.  The king gave seeds to everyone for planting, and the one who grew the best plant would be rewarded, but no one had the ingenuity to arrive with an empty pot. None of the people

Honesty- Aanya Kumar

Today we read about Honesty. We should all be honest and have integrity towards our parents, teachers, friends, siblings and all those around us. We should not lie about anything. My parents have never scolded me for anything that I have done by mistake and confessed about the same, honestly. Instead, they have always encouraged me to speak the truth. A Chinese emperor did not have a child. He decided to call all the children of his area to his palace. He gave each of them a boiled seed which meant that it could never grow. He gave all the children a year. All the children had grown beautiful flowers, but one boy had nothing but an empty pot. One year passed by, but the situation remained the same. The emperor examined the pots and asked the boy about what had happened. The boy said he had taken care of it, but nothing happened. The emperor then disclosed the truth about the seed. The boy was made the heir of the emperor.  This is an ideal example where Honesty was rewarded by great ap

Honesty - Rishona Chopra

Courage, Bravery, we all must have heard these terms, a question might come to our mind: What is the most significant act of courage? The answer could be: Climbing Everest? Being a soldier? Well, it is actually none of is honesty. Let us see how with the help of a story: Being Honest Once there was a young girl named 'Mina'. She was taught to always be honest. To her, honesty seemed simple, just tell the truth.  Once playing in school, she pushed her best friend 'Lily' so hard that it started to bleed. Mina didn't mean to do that at all. She went to her, and along with her other friends, they took her to the infirmary.  Luckily it wasn't that serious, and the next day she was much better but wasn't able to play.  Lily was furious at the person who pushed her. She was unaware that it was Mina who did that. She told Mina that she was angry at the person who had made her. That was so rude. Mina, too, was hurt; she knew what she did hurt her friend. S

Honesty - Anvesha Rana

"Integrity is telling ourselves the truth, and Honesty is telling the truth to others." Honesty is probably one of those values we have talked about since childhood. Our parents and teachers often remind us to be honest. There may also be many situations through which we all have demonstrated honesty, but in the long term, challenging situations might suppress us to dishonesty. These are the circumstances that test our character, even if hope keeps us going, one has to be realistic and absolutely honest. Just because it is challenging does not mean taking an easier route.  Some of the ordinary men and women who have displayed extraordinary honesty are Lal Bahadur Shastri, Abraham Lincoln, Bobby Jones and Ivan Fernandez Anaya. They did not let the society determine their choices but took their decisions as per their own judgements. Their choices exemplified them and inspired others to take on similar steps.  Another instance of honesty are the Nghah Lou Dawr shops, this word l