Saturday 19 June 2021

Ipshita Rathore - My School, My Happy Place

My Good School
'FABINDIA' was not a school to start with. It is a famous textiles brand known the world over. But its owner Mr William Bissell decided to serve the local artisans' community and return to his motherland. With this noble thought, he initiated the establishment of The Fabindia School - the first English Medium School in the whole Bali region. The dream team of our board members played a major part. It has been 28 years since its establishment, and we are growing with new learning experiences every day. 

We have been a part of many programs such as the My Good School program (MGS), Learning Forward Program, Exchange Programs, IIMUNs, and many more. All these programs added more value to our education. We have become more interactive, collaborative, and most importantly, grown into responsible citizens through these programs. Our school has fulfilled the primary goal of education: "Education is not limited to textbooks but refers to the overall development of a child". It's been a wonderful journey and continues with more enthusiasm and curiosity to learn every aspect of life.

Ipshita Rathore
Class XII Science
The Fabindia School

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