Monday 21 June 2021

Happiness and Me - Saisha Jain

In today’s blog, I will talk about happiness, what does happiness mean to me, and how do I pass on this happiness. There are so many things that make me happy. I am painting, being creative, listening to music when I am praised for my good deeds, and doing what l love.

I am a foodie, so yes, having good food makes me happy too.
Now, what happiness means to me?
For me, happiness is when I feel content. Happiness is a heart filled to the brim, celebrating little victories. Happiness is when I do something good when I create an aura of goodness in which every creature is satisfied.
How do I make others happy?
First, I will ask them to smile and give them reasons to smile. This is the easiest way to pass on happiness. Next, I will give them a compliment, making them happy and making me happy. Everyone loves to be complimented, and so they would love to hear these compliments. Now comes the sense of gratitude. I will teach this to everyone, which will help create an incredibly positive vibe in our environment. 
I could also arrange a big surprise get-together for family and friends to make them happy.
So, that’s my big splurge about my view of happiness. And writing about it makes me happy once again!

Saisha Jain 
Class VII
The Doon Girls' School                   

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