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My Favourite Season - Sonakshi Vaishnav

The rainy season is my favourite season of all. My birthday falls in the rainy season on 16th August. I like to eat pakoras, popcorn and drink coffee this season. The rainy season is also known as the monsoon season, which begins in June and continues until early September. The sky is generally cloudy throughout the season. The farmers are happy for rain showers in his field. Rain helps them to grow crops with natural water. They even store water for further use in the winter. When there is no rain, we all pray to god to get rain. In the rainy season, we could see rivers flowing and ponds and wells full of water. Rain is the main source of getting fresh water. 

People enjoy the rainy season as the weather becomes pleasant and rain cools down the temperature. All the plants and trees look more green and fresh. We use raincoats and umbrellas when we go out in the rain. We must stay at home in heavy rain. I love to go to the terrace and dance whenever it is drizzling. Rainy season brings smiles to our faces. It is a joyous season, and I love it. 

Sonakshi Vaishnav
Class V


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