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My Happy Place - Harsha Suthar

In Fabindia School, I had good moments, but the best moments that I’ve experienced were in a particular class in my senior years. I have the best school life memories. And the teachers of the Fabindia School are excellent, they teach us so well. The Fabindia School made me lovely friends and the best teachers. They are like a treasure for me. The joys of school life are invaluable.

I remember my first speech in the assembly. I didn’t want to do it, but finally, I did it, and that was my best moment. When I went to present, I felt afraid, and then when I presented, I felt so good for the effort I applied. Now I feel better than my first speech day of presentations because I know that I can do whatever I want. The learning that I acquired made this moment so good because I knew I had trust in myself. I have overcome my fears and have not let them control me because we can’t know our capabilities if we are afraid. 

The teachers and principal ma'am are very supportive and friendly. I am blessed with best friends for the rest of my life and my best teachers in this school life. I have a good collection of school life pictures. Those school life pictures are my best memories, and I will cherish them throughout my life.
 I remember the days we celebrated, the extracurricular activities and we took part in.

I have studied in the school from Prep to XII. I am interested in extracurricular activities like games, cycling, dance, etc., and study. I participated in Science, Social Science, Art & Craft Exhibitions in Annual Function. I also participated in Athletes District Competition, Pali, Olympiad Exams & Exchange Programs to Heritage Girls School, Udaipur & Indraprastha Women College, Delhi. I enjoyed it a lot.

I went for educational trips to Ahmedabad & Himachal Pradesh. We had fun & learning. Later I developed an interest in Art. I felt alive, and the creative side of me came out. When I sketched my first Zentangle Art. I realized that it was fun and unique. I felt like I wanted to do more and more. And then I found my passion. Since today I have sketched over 50 Zentangles. This was good for me because I found what best fits in me. I got a good learning experience, self-confidence, motivation, and the will to do my best. 

In this school period, I learned truly. I directed myself. I learned dedication, hard work, discipline, sincerity, motivation, and self-actualization.
Harsha Suthar
The Fabindia School


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