Practice Makes a Man Perfect - Lakshyavardhan Singh

This time, I was given a project in Social Studies about the Major Landforms of the Earth. It is about three major landforms of the earth. These are Mountains, Plateaus and Plains.

Mountains - Mountain is the natural face of earth surface elevation. They are rich with resources and many important rivers originate from mountains. 

Plateaus - Plateaus are usually flat lands standing high above the land. Many plateaus of India are huge mining areas.

Plains - The fertile regions, plains are stretches of flatlands. Plains are ideal for cultivation and human habitation.

When I was doing my project, my mind was totally engrossed in it. I collected all the materials which were available at home only, I chose a place and made different landforms. We may forget what we have read, but it remains forever in our minds when we do it practically or understand it by making a project. Activities and projects develop our interest in studies and bring clarity to our understanding of the topics. 

Lakshyavardha Singh
Class VI
The Fabindia School


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