Wednesday 8 February 2023

Oh Teacher, I Salute Thee - Nishan Karki

Teachers are the person who teaches us in school, tuition, online classes, etc. They try to give their best to teach us. Kabir Das, in his Shakis, says that if God and teacher are in front of me, to whom I shall greet first. Then he says, it is only possible because of our teacher that I can see and helps us reach God. He simply wants to say that teacher is even greater than God.

What Kabir said in his Sakhi is also true. The teacher always supports and encourages us to study well. They always advise us to go on the right path in life and always choose the right one. Teachers give us many things for which we should salute and respect them. 

Nishan Karki
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

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