Thursday 16 February 2023

Launch your child into Space with Slooh

In season 10, episode 11, Anna Paolucci is in conversation with Sandeep Dutt, the Founder of the Learning Forward India Foundation. 

Slooh has democratized school space access through innovation, and in association with the Learning Forward India Foundation, Slooh is spreading the joy of learning in India #JoyOfLearning. 

Space Program Technology: From backyard telescopes to networked mountaintop observatories, 15 online robotic telescopes, including a flagship observatory at a top site in the world U.S. Patent 7,194,146 B2, issued in 2006 for instant imaging via networked telescopes, 18 hours of live feeds per day, 1000 plus daily "Missions" to space 

Community: From a solitary experience to a social one Student communities sharing control of the observatories Live Star Parties syndicated to the media attract millions of viewers Education: From textbooks to experiential learning Gamified, asynchronous STEAM curriculum from elementary to college Fulfils NGSS requirements by enabling the capture of phenomena for analysis Join a global community, and explore space via a network of robotic mountaintop telescopes. 

Live online telescope feeds unique astronomical events from Slooh's observatories in the Canary Islands and Chile. School Space Program makes learning a fun process. My Good School curriculum focuses on service, skill, sport and study. The Slooh program adds value to the school curriculum. 

The Learning Foward India Foundation through My Good School encourage schools and students to become involved in activities beyond study; this helps develop confidence, knowledge and networks.

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