Saturday 4 February 2023

No Discover Like Self Discovery! - Oshi Singh

We all wanted superpowers as children!

We want to be like Iron Man and Spiderman. Accept it or not but we all tried the levitating spell like Hermione taught us "Wingardium Leviosa". We all used household items like props. Spatula used to be the weapon and your bathing towel, your drape and our most memorable memory was saving the world. It sure seems like a lot of fun having a superpower like if you could read minds you could  be the best person around for everyone or time travel would enable you to have a perfect life because you could just use your power and not make any mistake. This sure seems perfect and it might be if someday we could experience it right? But the show must go on because as always I differ. Not because this doesn't seem tempting enough but because we all already have superpowers and I am not talking about a power to stop time or something like that but the one inside us like MS Dhoni has for cricket, Da Vinci for Painting and Robert Downey Jr. for acting. If you think you have to be famous to find your superpower you're wrong. It can simply be anything beatboxing for someone and modelling for someone. Now some of you might be under the impression that I am just saying this cliché stuff like everyone else but I differ again.

Hypothetically if I ask you a question that would you rather have a superpower or push a mysterious button and wait for the mystery to unravel. You would probably go with superpower right? Many of us would and with this ladies and gentlemen, I prove my point. When we have something that others don't, we start feeling special and unique. In time we let that thing define ourselves. Instead of taking risks and finding our personality, we play safe and stick on to that thing. It doesn't matter if you are a great athlete or a musician what YOU will see of yourself would be just one thing that is the superpower. If you were born and brought up in a family of dancers when you grow up, you would feel that your interest is dance, but the inner truth is that it's not. Take some time alone and whatever fascinates you is YOUR interest.

If you are thinking that this is just an aimless paragraph you are reading, cooperate a little more because the paragraph is really important. It is about finding your self-worth and self-discovery. So do you really know yourself? Why should you know yourself? Are the questions you might be wondering. Well knowing yourself is what will make you unique. It will help you find yours and a if you don't know yourself how can you except people to know you and respect you? 

Knowing yourself is no else than a superpower. 

Find your values, and your interests, your temperaments. Focus on yourself, and your strengths while making your weaknesses stronger than ever and if you don't know where to start, spend some time with yourself and you shall get all the answers. After all, there's no discovery like self-discovery! 

Oshi Singh
Gyanshree School 


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