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The Diary Of A Girl Who Is Definitely Not Anne Frank - Rishona Chopra

Date: 2nd December 2024

Diary Diary,

What an exciting and adventurous day it was today! Let me tell you all about it.
It was day two today of camping in the rainforest. I had expected it to be a plain and boring day with no events to look forward to but today something really surprising and unusual happened.

I was strolling in the forest wearing my white high-neck sweater as it was freezing which was in fact a bit odd for the rainforest we went to but either way, I was not enjoying myself. I just wanted to go home soon. While strolling through the forest, I was lost in my own world, gathering my thoughts together, thinking about how I would pass time with absolutely nothing to do as all the books I had got were nearly finished and since I had no access to the internet, reading online was no option either or watching television.

I desperately needed some form of entertainment. I did have my parents of course but they are not really the best form of entertainment. So all these thoughts were just rushing through my head and suddenly I tripped on a rock and fell flat to my face. I wasn’t hurt in case you were wondering but I definitely was very annoyed and frustrated. I looked back to look at the rock I had tripped on and realised that it was actually a very pretty one.

Rocks are usually black or brown and have the most ugly shapes (sorry Mr. Rock!) but this rock was really pretty. It was pure white with no spots on it and it looked less of a rock and more of a furball! I touched it expecting it to be hard but instead, it was as soft as snow. I thought it would be a snowball but for a rainforest like this one, it was quite unlikely. I held it in my hand and kept it safe in my jeans to show it to my parents later.

As I headed home, I could sense some sort of movement in my pocket. I took out the rock/snowball and it was very well still in the same shape. I checked my pockets but didn't find anything. I held the rock/snowball in my hand and I had almost reached the campsite when the rock/snowball moved. It opened up and its short thin tail stuck out. It was only then that I realized that I had been carrying a snow dragon in my hand.

When I saw its face, I immediately dropped it to the ground as that creature had stopped me dead in my tracks. It was then that I noticed its frightened eyes and its adorable face. I felt like picking it up again and hugging it (who could resist hugging something as adorable as that?) but that was the moment I also noticed its scary teeth and that is what prevented me from holding it again.

The creature then sat up straight and looked at me expectantly as if it expected me to hold it and hug it and that is what I did. I held it with shaking hands and at that very moment, its mouth curled up in such a manner as if it was smiling at me. I warmed up towards it and held it close. Its little hands were held up and were hugging me back. It was quite a heartwarming moment. It would be best to take it home with me.

As I carried it to our tent, I thought of how the dragon could have come here in the middle of a rainforest when it belonged on the mountain peaks? The possibilities dawned upon me. I realized that due to climate change, the mountain tops are melting and as they melt, their homes melt away too. That is how they end up in different habitats where they can’t survive for long.

I then decided that I would keep the dragon close to me for quite some time and then we would have to take it back to where it belonged with its actual family. As much as I really don't want to leave the precious snow dragon, the little dragon deserves to be with its own family and live a happy life free from all worries. So yes, soon we will have to bid him goodbye but that isn’t the end of it; I will cherish all the time we have together and will make the best out of it.

Good Night!
Rishona Chopra
Grade 8
Gyranshree School, Noida

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