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Monday 29 April 2024

The Diary Of A Girl Who Is Definitely Not Anne Frank - Rishona Chopra

Date: 2nd December 2024

Diary Diary,

What an exciting and adventurous day it was today! Let me tell you all about it.
It was day two today of camping in the rainforest. I had expected it to be a plain and boring day with no events to look forward to but today something really surprising and unusual happened.

I was strolling in the forest wearing my white high-neck sweater as it was freezing which was in fact a bit odd for the rainforest we went to but either way, I was not enjoying myself. I just wanted to go home soon. While strolling through the forest, I was lost in my own world, gathering my thoughts together, thinking about how I would pass time with absolutely nothing to do as all the books I had got were nearly finished and since I had no access to the internet, reading online was no option either or watching television.

I desperately needed some form of entertainment. I did have my parents of course but they are not really the best form of entertainment. So all these thoughts were just rushing through my head and suddenly I tripped on a rock and fell flat to my face. I wasn’t hurt in case you were wondering but I definitely was very annoyed and frustrated. I looked back to look at the rock I had tripped on and realised that it was actually a very pretty one.

Rocks are usually black or brown and have the most ugly shapes (sorry Mr. Rock!) but this rock was really pretty. It was pure white with no spots on it and it looked less of a rock and more of a furball! I touched it expecting it to be hard but instead, it was as soft as snow. I thought it would be a snowball but for a rainforest like this one, it was quite unlikely. I held it in my hand and kept it safe in my jeans to show it to my parents later.

As I headed home, I could sense some sort of movement in my pocket. I took out the rock/snowball and it was very well still in the same shape. I checked my pockets but didn't find anything. I held the rock/snowball in my hand and I had almost reached the campsite when the rock/snowball moved. It opened up and its short thin tail stuck out. It was only then that I realized that I had been carrying a snow dragon in my hand.

When I saw its face, I immediately dropped it to the ground as that creature had stopped me dead in my tracks. It was then that I noticed its frightened eyes and its adorable face. I felt like picking it up again and hugging it (who could resist hugging something as adorable as that?) but that was the moment I also noticed its scary teeth and that is what prevented me from holding it again.

The creature then sat up straight and looked at me expectantly as if it expected me to hold it and hug it and that is what I did. I held it with shaking hands and at that very moment, its mouth curled up in such a manner as if it was smiling at me. I warmed up towards it and held it close. Its little hands were held up and were hugging me back. It was quite a heartwarming moment. It would be best to take it home with me.

As I carried it to our tent, I thought of how the dragon could have come here in the middle of a rainforest when it belonged on the mountain peaks? The possibilities dawned upon me. I realized that due to climate change, the mountain tops are melting and as they melt, their homes melt away too. That is how they end up in different habitats where they can’t survive for long.

I then decided that I would keep the dragon close to me for quite some time and then we would have to take it back to where it belonged with its actual family. As much as I really don't want to leave the precious snow dragon, the little dragon deserves to be with its own family and live a happy life free from all worries. So yes, soon we will have to bid him goodbye but that isn’t the end of it; I will cherish all the time we have together and will make the best out of it.

Good Night!
Rishona Chopra
Grade 8
Gyranshree School, Noida

Friday 17 March 2023

The Chaos - Vani Pandey

A girl strolled down the hill

With blossoms in her hands,

A little puppy accompanied her

To complete her errands.

And just then came an enormous bird,

Carrying her away,

Her puppy kept on yapping,

But the girl asked it to stay. 

She struggled to get the bird's nib off her,

And once she got free,

She fled down like a small hurt bird

And waiting for somebody to hear her plea

But thanks to her fate,

There was a river there

She plunged straight through it

Like a smoldering flare 

That was the end, she thought

While making herself stable on the ground

But who knew that there were

A series of chaotic occurrences waiting to be found.

Vani Pandey


Gyanshree School 

Monday 19 December 2022

The Diary Of A Paper - Rishona Chopra

Dear Diary,  

I hope you have a day full of colours and joy because I do not have one! I was being made in the factory just yesterday, enjoying my life and relaxing until they put me in the suffocating packing of plastic. Goodness, it is so difficult to breathe; I think I might die!! I can't wait for someone to buy and get me out of the suffocating packing. Oh, there goes a customer! Yes, you please do pick me up!! And yes, that little girl achieved quite a difficult task, didn't she? 


Dear Diary,

I am out of that plastic packaging, finally!! It's a day to celebrate and enjoy. That young girl is so lovely. She even threw that plastic packaging in the dustbin! I bet she understood my pain and threw him as punishment. I can't wait to draw and paint with those bright colours. 


Dear Diary,

It's been two days, and the girl hasn't put a single stroke of colour on me. She just comes to look at me, draws a little and goes away. At least, she should place me in front of a mirror so I can see what she is making on me. I learned a few things about her - She has a family, one sister and two brothers. The girl's name is Lily, and her brothers' names are John and Alvin, just like Alvin and the chipmunks! The brothers are naughty but cute. Her sister's name is Sara, and she is truly a sweetheart! Seeing her just makes my day. I hope Lily is creating a masterpiece for me; I am missing the beauty of those colours!


Dear Diary,

It's been about 6 days, and she has finally put a little colour on me. Her painting should be good after all that waiting I did. I pray every day that she puts me in front of a mirror. I really want to see myself!


Dear Diary,

Sorry, I haven't written to you in a while; I have been swamped. Turns out, the girl did make a masterpiece. I am in the museum of arts, and several people look at me and embrace my beauty. I am famous now! This was quite a journey from plain paper to a masterpiece. One thing I learnt on the trip was that patience is always beneficial. Life is a journey. Every day has a different beat to it. Life unfolds itself. It's a journey we can't force.


Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Monday 2 May 2022

Totto-chan: The Little Girl At The Window - Rishona Chopra


She looked out of the window,
She is a cute little fellow,

Opened the desk drawer again and again,
But she had a smart brain!

She called the street musicians,
Talked like a bold magician.

She was extraordinary indeed,
And did everything at top speed

Talked to Swallows,
And she was smart enough to find hidden barrows!!

This extraordinary girl is none other than Totto-Chan,
She is always ready with a plan! Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Sunday 6 March 2022

Honesty - Rishona Chopra

Courage, Bravery, we all must have heard these terms, a question might come to our mind: What is the most significant act of courage? The answer could be: Climbing Everest? Being a soldier? Well, it is actually none of is honesty. Let us see how with the help of a story:

Being Honest

Once there was a young girl named 'Mina'. She was taught to always be honest. To her, honesty seemed simple, just tell the truth. 

Once playing in school, she pushed her best friend 'Lily' so hard that it started to bleed. Mina didn't mean to do that at all. She went to her, and along with her other friends, they took her to the infirmary. 

Luckily it wasn't that serious, and the next day she was much better but wasn't able to play. 

Lily was furious at the person who pushed her. She was unaware that it was Mina who did that. She told Mina that she was angry at the person who had made her. That was so rude.

Mina, too, was hurt; she knew what she did hurt her friend. She just didn't dare to stand up and tell the truth. It was tough. That moment she realized how hard being honest could really be. 

Then she remembered telling her mother how simple being honest was, and now she didn't have the courage, to be honest. She thought that she might as well try telling the truth and tell Lily the truth. 

Lily couldn't believe it! 'Did you actually do that?' she said, surprised. 'I didn't mean to at all. I am really sorry,' said Mina. 'You aren't mad at me?'. 

'Why would I be? You were honest. And I believe you. I am sure it was a mistake.' said Lily with a smile.

It was courageous of you to stand up.

Like Mina took the brave step of telling the truth, it did look difficult. Imagine you being in such a situation. Would you speak the truth? The most significant act of courage is to, without fear, be honest! 

The terms honesty and integrity are often used interchangeably, but they are pretty different. They can be honesty without integrity but no integrity without honesty. Honesty is being truthful and upfront, while virtue is doing right without worrying. Or I both are equally important are one of the most essential values of life.

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Friendship - Sia Nagar

In March I shifted to a new society I only had one friend Tvisha. When I played a game with her, we were looking for someone who could play with us. We found a girl named Pankti, we played with her. The next day I played with her and lots of kids were there with her. While we were playing, I found a girl named Aarya. She joined us too, and we were good friends.

One day I was went to the park there was nobody except Pankti and Aarya then I got to know they both are also good friends, now we are best friends, and we have picnics and parties etc.

Sia Nagar Grade III Gyanshree School

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Happiness with a book - Rishona Chopra

A charming, intelligent and sweet girl lived in a beautiful
village. She had many friends, and that was because she was so kind and gentle, and whenever her friends needed her, she was always there, whatever the circumstances. She did not mind if her friends did not help her. On every sad occasion, she always found happiness in it.

Her favourite hobby was reading, but she lived all alone! She could not buy books. Sometimes, her friends would let her borrow their books; someday, she would earn money and buy them. When she was roaming in the village garden, something caught her eye. She did not know what it was, but she ran in that direction where she saw it. She ran with all her might and finally reached there and guess what she saw, nothing but a book!!! She was so happy she started to dance with sheer delight! That was the happiest day of her life. She is still reading the book! (It was tremendous indeed) 

You must be wondering what is so special about a book? Well, no matter how bored you are or how sad you are, reading a book takes you to another world of imagination or takes you to see the sights of reality. So read a book whenever you can as books are probably your best friend.

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School

Friendship - Rishona Chopra

Friends are companions for life, a family that we choose for ourselves. It's, of course, essential to building a good relationship with them, right? 

Some of us might look at friendship as a bond that we share with our best friends, but it is not just a relationship that we build with our friends but with everyone around us.

It implies a friendly and compassionate attitude towards all, and it's essential to have good social skills. Now I would like to share a story about friendship.

Once I saw a young girl walking across the street. I waved to her, and she waved back at me. I could feel that she was timid. I walked up to her and asked her if she would like to be friends with me. She was very nervous and mumbled, '‘Yes." I didn't understand her behaviour but was friendly with her. Soon, we became good friends. We played, we helped each other. I never saw her mother or any of her family members around, but she looked happy when she played and talked to me. 

For a long time, I never really asked about her parents. But one day, I finally asked her if her parents were around so that our parents could meet up. She frowned. After a deep breath, she told me, "I don't have any parents. I live with my uncle and aunt. They are very busy people. But the way you have always been there for me didn't let me feel lonely.' I was taken aback by that response. I hugged her and told her, 'Thanks for being my friend too'.

So having a friendship with everyone is a gift for all. Did you see how that little girl felt so much happier after having me as her friend? Friendship helps us build better connections for life and gives us reasons to smile every day!

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School

Thursday 18 November 2021

Confidence - Rishona Chopra

Confidence is a feeling where you feel capable. Where you believe in yourself. A thought of confidence could be -
“ I can do it.”
This means that whatever you have as your goal, you can achieve it. You only have to believe in yourself. That is, you have to be confident.
Another meaning of confidence is to not be nervous. It is to express your thoughts without feeling nervous. It’s not that you have to not think before you say something or do something. It’s just to not fear what someone else will think of you.
Now I’d like to present a short story on confidence-

                                            The magic of Confidence

Once there was a young girl who used to live in the countryside. She was beautiful, intelligent, kind and simple. There was only one thing that she lacked, and that was confidence. She was nervous and had lost belief in herself. 
One day when she was crossing a farm, she saw that the crops were all gone! Surprised, she went to the farmers and asked where the crops were. The farmers tearfully told her that it was one of those soldiers of the evil king of Wales. The king who everyone feared of. The soldiers had taken it all as the droughts caused crop production in Wales to below. So the king ordered to take all the crops from the nearby farms all for himself!
The girl felt angry at the king but was too nervous to say anything.

When she went home, she narrated the incident and her feelings about it to her mother. 
Her mother, too, was angry at the king and told her daughter why she didn’t do something about it? The girl replied,” You know that. I am just scared too.” 
“Well, this is the scare you have to overcome. Just believe in yourself. I am with you, and I’m sure everyone in this town is with you,” said her mother.
“I’ll think about it,” the girl said

That night the girl had made up her mind to fight with the King and get Justice back. Just by believing in herself…
The next morning she told the entire town her plan. They all readily agreed. 
That day they went to the King’s court, and the young girl said,” You have caused us problems. You took our crops away only for yourself. If you take all the food from us, we might die from hunger and then who will grow the crops? Who will serve you food? If you need food, so do we.” The King was taken back with the angry response. He himself, having a nervous daughter, was surprised that the young girl was so confident. Now he had understood the problem clearly, and to everyone’s surprise, the king apologized and promised to take care that everyone had food to eat.
I’m sure you know now what confidence is and what it can do.

Name: Rishona Chopra
Grade: 5
Gyanshree School