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Humility Comic Strip - free-hand version

 We did this free hand! To be humble, you don't have to do something big; small acts can say everything. Comic Strip Team @ My Good School Please meet the comic strip team for this month:  Rishona, Anvesha, Simar, Arav and Gaurangi. Thanks to all the interns, they have worked hard to create comic strips on Humility.  Arushi Goswami, a teacher at Gyanshree School, is our guide for the project.

Lunch Time - Gaurangi Rastogi

In a boarding school, we have no lunchbox, but we have canteens there. That place was a place for showing affection, having fun, and interacting with teachers. As the head chair of my table, I must make my juniors eat the food properly, ensuring discipline and no wastage of food. When I became the head chair for the first time, it was a tough job to make my juniors eat properly, Sometimes, they did not like the dish, or the taste was too bad. Once I broke down, I was tired of the tantrums, but a senior made me realize that I was like them; when I was a junior. Today, I share and tell them that they eat little but everything! This lesson would be remembered all the time.   Gaurangi Rastogi   Grade-VII A   The Doon Girls' School

The School Bell

Refections from the reading session on the 27th of March 2022.  We are reading My Good School Where Passion Meets Education by Sandeep Dutt. Published by Rupa Publications, available online and in Kindle format at bookstores. You will definitely hear the school bell ring in your head whenever you lend your ear to it! The sound of the school bell has a certain amount of energy that makes the adrenaline flow, and we look forward to the next hour.  The first bell of the day brings in great energy as enthusiastic young, and fresh minds come racing into the school gates. The day will see the entry and exit of fun and joy in the class, till the last bell that leaves the campus devoid of energy and seems like the sunset hour in midday. Perhaps our first lessons in time management are rendered to us by this innocuous bell that may sound jarring at first but part of our growing years. A school period blocks time allocated for lessons, classes, or other school activities. They typically last bet