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Small things are big things - Tenzin Jambey

The tallest building in the world is made up of small pieces of bricks. Who said that small things don't make a difference? Yes, it does for me. It does make a difference.  People become greedy and avaricious when it comes to achieving something; because of greed, we try to gain it at one grab; we think of something big and put all our efforts and hard work at once, but, at last, we are unable to get it. We fail to achieve it because we think a miracle will happen when we put all our energy at once, but it still needs to happen.  Many students have a habit of studying at the last moment; they think that they would really work hard at the last moment and achieve to get good marks, but only those students who study from the very first day succeed in getting good marks. I genuinely agree that "little progress each day adds up to a big result," as I have experienced it.  Even little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Tenzin Jambey Pestalozzi Children's Village India

The Unforgettable Journey 🚙 - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy , used by Oshi Singh for representation only.  This poem is an inspiration from the poem, ' When I Set Out For Lyonnesse' by Thomas Hardy. There are two interpretations of his poem. First, he was out to a new land for his work, and over there, he met a girl and fell in love. Later they got married, and then he wrote this poem as he believed his marriage changed him for the better. Although the second interpretation is that when he went to the new land, which he refers to as Lyonnesse, he went through a drastic spiritual change, and after he came back, everyone could see he returned a better man. So his poem was about his journey from ignorance to enlightenment.  This poem that I have written captures the emotions felt by Thomas Hardy throughout his journey to the far-off land of Lyonesse. It captures how he was unsure before setting out on his journey and how he changed for the better.  When I set out to Lyonnesse,  A hundred miles away.  I

The Wonders Of The World - Rishona Chopra

Are you thinking I'm talking about the 7 wonders of the world? No, not that; I am talking about each of those miracles that we encounter in our lives every day.  Do you wonder where the beliefs gathered along life's journey have come from? Whatever you believe about happiness, love, respect, anger or stress is mainly thrust on you based on your social conditioning. Have you paused to evaluate them, accept what is right and discard any limiting beliefs? Do you wonder why you were born? Do you wonder why the world is there? Do you know why it is such that as it is? Well, to all these questions, there is only one answer - that it is a miracle to wonder about. Talking about wonders, I thought of the word "wander". Does it relate? Can we wander in our wonder? Yes, we do; with all these thoughts in our minds and all things happening, we always try to find a logical reason, get lost in our world, and start wandering.  But let me tell you a secret - The fact that I am alive a

A Miracle In The Sky - Rishona Chopra

Miracles are those little blessings God showers on us. It is that magic in our life that protects us.  While sitting on my balcony, I saw the sky and thought maybe it was a miracle in heaven. Perhaps something good is on our way. If we fall off a swing and get a fracture but heal soon, that is a miracle. Not everybody heals soon and lives their life, but some do, and those who do have a miracle in their life. Perhaps your life was sad, but a strange, cute puppy made you happy. That puppy is a miracle.  If you didn't study for an exam but passed, that is a miracle. (Do study for your exams, though)! Miracles may come as challenges, but miracles make us stronger. There is always a miracle in one's life. Maybe it is really small; you just need to have the courage to see it. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School