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"PEOPLE are more important than THINGS" - Nishan Karki

https://goodschoolsalliance. school "Most of the important things in the world have  been accomplished by people who have kept  on trying  when there seemed to be no hope at all." ~Dale Carnegie People and things are very different from each other. People are social beings who can communicate, interact, work, play, and share their thoughts, ideas, emotions and opinions, like other things. Things cannot do all the activities mentioned above. People possess many important values which make them more important than things. Things are just objects which have a physical presence. Things include utensils, stationery, chair, table, electronics, etc. People only gave the ideas to invent these things. It shows that things exist because of the people who invented them. Therefore people are more important than things. There are many reasons why people are more important than things. Some of them are listed below: ● People can take care and look out for each oth

People are more important than things - Tenzin Jambey

Reflection from Sunday School Some people will choose expensive things, luxury items and valuable commodities over human beings, and some will give more importance to humans than any other things, even over the bag of gold and diamond. We all know very well that everyone is not the same. And therefore, one person can not change or bring goodness to others. First, we should be one to improvise our mindset, and we should be the ones to bring a good change in ourselves. It is so true that people who have been close to death always give importance to other humans. These people respect all classes of people- from young to old and from poor to rich. I still remember the tragedy of my uncle, who once almost lost his life after being stuck under a rock while working. Nowadays, he is earning his life by serving as a driver. He has a very kind heart. He respects everyone. And sometimes he gives a free ride to the labours and workers as he has also been a labour and he knows their conditions of w

People are more important than things - Aria Gupta

Reflection from Sunday School Dear Readers, From now on, I’ll be writing most blogs through short stories. I took this decision because I believe stories can share a message and captivate the reader at the same time. Feel free to give feedback in the comments.  Here’s the first story:- Amongst the mountains lived a young girl named Nidhi. She had heard of a precious stone called 'Diranma'. It could give powers to the owner and strengthen them in some way. Nidhi had been fascinated with the stone ever since she heard about it. One day, she told her parents, “Mumma, Papa, I want to look for Diranma!”. “Are you out of your mind!” exclaimed her mother. “It’s too dangerous, sweetheart,” said her father. She didn’t listen to her parents. At midnight, she woke up and packed a sack containing five loaves of bread, two apples, some cashews, some water and a sleeping bag. She ventured out in the dark. After walking for a few hours, still determined to find the stone, she found herself in

Small things are big things - Tenzin Jambey

The tallest building in the world is made up of small pieces of bricks. Who said that small things don't make a difference? Yes, it does for me. It does make a difference.  People become greedy and avaricious when it comes to achieving something; because of greed, we try to gain it at one grab; we think of something big and put all our efforts and hard work at once, but, at last, we are unable to get it. We fail to achieve it because we think a miracle will happen when we put all our energy at once, but it still needs to happen.  Many students have a habit of studying at the last moment; they think that they would really work hard at the last moment and achieve to get good marks, but only those students who study from the very first day succeed in getting good marks. I genuinely agree that "little progress each day adds up to a big result," as I have experienced it.  Even little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Tenzin Jambey Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Reflecting on the dilemma between the heart and the mind - Nishan Karki

Dilemmas occur daily when we make decisions regarding our various problems. One of these dilemmas is the dilemma between the heart and the mind. This dilemma is recurring and unending in nature. It is like hunger which occurs many times. Our want or need is satisfied once, but after some hours, it again occurs. The same is true with the dilemma between the heart and the mind. The heart and the mind are very much crucial for our survival. We may get many suggestions from our minds and heart while making decisions. We need to specify the wise, convenient and prominent decision. I have experienced such a dilemma several times in my life. This dilemma makes me think more than I usually do. I investigate the problem and identify the most prominent and convenient decision. When I have some money, I want to use it wisely. I want to spend the money on the items which are beneficial to me. Many things revolve around my mind, and the dilemma occurs between the heart and the mind. My mind tells d

Reflections from The Sunday School 15th Jan 2023 - Pestalozzi World

What do you value in life? "Things that people do for me for my own good, like my school teachers, staff members in Pestalozzi as well as the staff working for "My Good School" and the uncles and aunties working in EBD, creating a lot of good memories with them are the valuable things in my life. My family's support and courage also matter greatly to me." -  Tenzing Dhekyong N. "I value time very much, and I respect and value people who spend their valuable time on us. This not only encourages me to become a better human and not let their efforts go in vain but also give time to others who may need it cause it's time which is the actual ultimate healer. Blessed  " -  Tenzin Tsering. "The thing I value the most in my life is my home. It is the place from where I started the journey of my life.No matter where or how far a person goes, he/she has to come back or end up with a place called 'home'. The home provides us with most of the thin

2022 in My Good School - Rishona Chopra

  My Good School taught me many things,  It opened up new swings. From Totto-Chan To Swami and Friends From Art Of Focus To Wise and otherwise This journey has been one of a kind. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Creating. Sometimes I just look at the paper, Not knowing what to write. I feel my mind has gone blank, Nothing more left to write. Should I search for a topic? Should I ask someone? I finally started to notice that all writings, Come from something I have learnt. It is in my heart and in my mind. The answer is in my heart. That tells me what to write. My Writing, in the end, Comes from A unique book. That perhaps why I read, At My Good  School. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Minimalism - Rishona Chopra

Take a look at all the things in your house. Are they bringing any value to your life? Are they even close to you? Do you use them? Your room would probably be filled with things that you don’t use or don’t bring any value to your life. Imagine a life without those unnecessary things. Pretty plain and boring. Right? Not really. Humans have created a belief that is to love things and use people.  Loving things will give you temporary happiness because as soon as things are finished, we crave them again and plead for them, and if we don’t get it, we are disappointed or angry. While on the other hand, if we love people with a true heart, happiness lasts forever. People crave things so much and so that without them, they are not able to survive. Imagine people can’t live without water, food, and now people can’t live without things! Doesn’t it look a little silly? Honestly, I thought the same. I felt that things were the most important for me. My entire room was filled with things I didn’t