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Learning Forward Podcast

Small things are big things - Tenzin Jambey

The tallest building in the world is made up of small pieces of bricks. Who said that small things don't make a difference? Yes, it does for me. It does make a difference.  People become greedy and avaricious when it comes to achieving something; because of greed, we try to gain it at one grab; we think of something big and put all our efforts and hard work at once, but, at last, we are unable to get it. We fail to achieve it because we think a miracle will happen when we put all our energy at once, but it still needs to happen.  Many students have a habit of studying at the last moment; they think that they would really work hard at the last moment and achieve to get good marks, but only those students who study from the very first day succeed in getting good marks. I genuinely agree that "little progress each day adds up to a big result," as I have experienced it.  Even little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Tenzin Jambey Pestalozzi Children's Village India

The dilemma between heart and mind - Tenzin Jambey

"Good evening, sir. How is everything and hope you are all good, me   waiting for Sunday's Good School and will see you in Sunday's Class. This is my reflection on ( SHARE A DILEMMA OF HEART AND MIND). It took me almost an hour to write  ,  and I guess    not everyone has the courage  to share the dilemma experience which I have shared. Hope you would love and feel good after going through my reflection." Tenzin Jambey Our minds and heart ask and wish for many things, but sometimes we come across such situations that our minds and heart don't agree to perform a task together. When the brain says 'yes', the heart says 'no' and when the heart says 'yes', the brain says 'no'. In this situation, we need clarification. I have also experienced the dilemma between my brain and heart, and the dilemma I faced is also faced by others. 1) "Being a student, our main purpose is "studying" every student is expected to learn good va

Freedom - Avni Karmarkar

Once upon a time, there was a colourless tiger. All his shades were greys, blacks, and whites. So much so that he seemed like something out of an old black and white movie. His lack of colour had made him so famous that the world's greatest painters had come to his zoo to try to put some paint on him. None of them succeeded, as the colours would constantly just drip down off his skin. Then along came Van Cough, the crazy painter. He was a strange guy who travelled all about, happily painting with his brush. It would be more accurate to say that he moved his brush about as if to paint; because he never put any paint on his brush, and neither did he use canvas or paper. He painted the air, and that's why they called him Can Gough. So, when he said he wanted to paint the colourless tiger, everyone had a good laugh. When entering the tiger's cage, he began whispering in the animal's ear and moving his dry brush up and down the tiger's body. And to everyone's surpris

The Joy of Appreciation - Aashay Nimish Gaitonde

It always feels great to be appreciated. It is a beautiful feeling when people around you encourage you for the different things you do in life, both big and small. Appreciation motivates you to try harder in whatever you do and be a better version of yourself. I would like to share a couple of incidents recently that I remember when I was received praise and appreciation. Winning an inter-school roller-skating race I once participated in an inter-school roller skating event where I came second in the Finals. I won a trophy & my parents were elated. I have been skating since I was six years old, so it was a wonderful moment. They hugged me and rewarded me by taking me to a “Marvel Studio” to visit my favourite comic superheroes and their film set. Here are some of the pictures taken - Even today, my mom & dad always take time out to drop me at skating class every day & this motivates me to keep practising and being a better skater day by day!  Securing the First rank in the