Appreciate Everything - Rananjaysinh Rajput

 Appreciate Everything!

I’m thankful for the invention of cars.
But also, for ice cream and chocolate bars!

I wonder which I appreciate the most?
But while thinking, I remember, I even like to eat toast!

And by the name of toast, I recognize butter.
But then, I think that jam is a much bigger competitor!

Oh! I can’t stop liking things!
And yes, I even like paintings, birds and many more.
Besides, how can I forget a toy store!

Now I know what I appreciate the most.
It’s not a car, neither a spring.
In fact, it is everything!

A poem appreciating all the joys in life! 
By Rananjaysinh Rajput 
Grade 5A, Billabong High International School Thane


  1. Beautifully articulated by a brilliant young mind .. Keep it up Rananjaysinh... awaiting more reads from you....

  2. Beautiful. We all need to learn to appreciate the joys. Well expressed :)


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