Tuesday 9 July 2024

My Guide Inside - Arfa Khan

MGI Reflection at My Good School 

What I took away from this session-
My Guide Inside is like a little voice, an inner wisdom that tells us what is good and wrong and how we feel. It is always in us; we must calm our brains and thoughts to know precisely what we want.

We don’t have to feel guilty for having a comfortable life—we should be happy to have the opportunity to help others with that! I felt the same guilt for quite a while. I thought that there were so many people dying and starving, and I was not able to help. 

Many people want to be like us, but we don’t reflect on it. But now I realise that maybe I will not be able to help everyone, and that’s okay because I can start from my community; that counts as help, too!

Our inner sunshine still exists, even if we have a terrible thought. Just because the sun has been covered by clouds doesn’t mean it has disappeared! The clouds will eventually leave, and it will be all sunny again. If we have a terrible thought, we should label it as just a thought and not pay heed to it. We are in control of our thoughts, and we can redirect them when we want.
Arfa Khan
Ahlcon Public School

My Guide Inside (MGI) Author Note:
MGI Online is for Indian school classrooms. MGI has 3 levels for: young kids, kids, and teens. Story-based MGI focuses on 3 Principles, Language Development, and 21 Century Competencies. MGI includes Hindi vocabulary and is ideal for Life Skills courses.
See: myguideinside.com

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