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To be human... - Rishona Chopra

Humans. That term rings a bell, doesn't it? What does it really mean? Scientifically, humans are the most common and widespread species of primate. Psychologically, humans are complex beings, and their behaviour and mental attitude result from interaction within and between their internal biological, psychological and social systems. There are several definitions of "human", which are perhaps countless. I believe that "human" is just a term for creatures with two arms, two legs, two hands, two feet, two eyes, one nose, and two ears that can talk and express their words clearly. Apart from our distinct physical features, we are like any other living organism.   There is so much we can learn from the smallest of creatures. Ants, for example. They work diligently in an organised manner and are quite industrious. They never fight with each other and don't interfere with each other's work. They simply do what they do. Even sheep, they only care about getting

The Wheels Of Learning Never Stop Turning! - Rishona Chopra

Yes, it is rightly said that the wheels of learning never stop turning! Participating in the My Guide Inside program has enriched my thinking and perspective on several things.  "Mind + Consciousness + Thought = Reality" is the base of this book. Universal Mind is the source of all intelligence, and Universal Consciousness, allows us to be aware of our existence. And Universal Thought, which guides us through the world. There are several learnings I took with me from the MGI Pilot Program. I think we can all agree on how each session had its own beauty and importance.I am going to be sharing a few of the key points I think are quite vital to understand and know about. I learnt how we all are just lost thinkers. Our imagination is limited to what we know. Our thoughts and actions are based on the knowledge we know. It is vital to break that boundary and think beyond it. To add perspective to every situation. In any case, we think only from our perspective and stick to what we

My pen's view on nature - Yashraj Sharma

                                                      A big part of who we are or how we are recognised is the company we stay in, which means the type of people we are surrounded by.   Mother nature is also filled with examples like this, like this picture I took today at the Pradhan Mantri Sanghralaya . Let me tell you the 2 ideas I came up with when I first saw this picture. First, I thought that the part of the tree with the concrete wall in its background is the stage in a person's life when they have a fixed, enclosed and rigid mindset. But the part of the tree with the other trees in its background is part of a person's life when they are mixed with people with positive vibes and a "growth" mindset open to new thoughts and suggestions. This thought about the different perspectives of people depicted in this picture came to me from the 'My Guide Inside' session on Friday. The second utterly different idea I came up with was that when the tree had the co

The Lost Thinker - Rishona Chopra

Our imagination is limited to what we know. Our thoughts and actions are based on the knowledge we know. It is vital to break that boundary and think beyond it. To add perspective to every situation. In any case, we think only from our perspective and stick to what we know. If we consider ourselves lost thinkers, looking at each view and reflecting on the day correctly, we might find peace and happiness with everyone.  Sometimes, in situations at home that we experience with family or friends, we try to do the same outside. If someone misbehaves with us, we act the same way with other people. This happens because of all the feelings accumulated in us. We want to let it all out, and doing the same with others worsens things. We all need someone who understands our importance in this world and truly knows us, but no one can understand us better than we do. We have to be that 'someone'. Only then can we find true happiness.  You need to reflect and move on. You can't simply be

Living in the present, leaving the past in the dust - Rishona Chopra

Life is like a piano. You are the master; you choose the keys and create your own tune. But to make that memorable tune, you must first learn life's chords and rhythm. Understand the essence and be patient; only you can be the master and create a marvellous theme. It is our world, our decisions and our choices that we have to make. One cannot make a choice for us, but we should always lend an ear to good advice. Life is like an open book. It starts with an introduction followed by the growth of the story and, in the end, a conclusion. Whether we plan to make it a horror, fantasy, comedy, happy, emotional, or any other way is up to us. But we notice in the story that one is never alone; there are a thousand helpers. The pianist can only make a good tune with the piano's keys, and each key is critical. Do the keys fight with each other? No, they all know they are equally important, and the song is incomplete without any of them. Therefore, we should understand that no one is the

Flawsome and Fun - Our True Identity - Rishona Chopra Often we find faults in ourselves. In whatever we do, we consider ourselves to be the worst and keep finding spots in our own work; not only that, but we also start judging the work of others and keep finding flaws in it. It is never good to criticize ourselves or anyone, but knowing our mistakes and learning from them is good. Instead of finding faults and criticizing ourselves, we should look at it with a positive attitude thinking that we shall not make this mistake again. We all make mistakes and learn from them. We must not have a delusion about ourselves. Therefore we are flawsome - have flaws but are yet so awesome! Sometimes, we try to change ourselves for someone else, we tend to show off and change our look, personality and style just to make friends but that does nothing. It simply pressurizes us. Therefore we should have an open character and know we are flawsome yet fun. On the other hand, criticizing the work of others is clearly wrong because we nee

The Lure Of Being Secure - Rishona Chopra

I think something we all feel is insecurity. At some point, we start rethinking our decisions and doubting ourselves.  Insecurity is simply a negative feeling which is really a disguise to fit in. It can be caused due to jealousy, and a lack of self-determination and optimism. Before raising our hand in class, do we feel a slight doubt about asking a particular question? We might feel what will other students think? Will they think that we don't know the answer to such a simple question.  It is usually the thought "What will others think" that bothers us and affects us. No matter how much people say that we shouldn't care about what others say. Deep down, at some point, we do care, or at least I do. When someone says something about me in a negative way, it affects me if the person saying so is close to me as a friend or family.  Whenever we feel something like that, we can always talk to ourselves. When I feel jealous of someone I tell myself that I am turning green