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Vist to - Aria Gupta

I’ve loved reading for a long time, so I chose to join the Sunday school. We read every week, every Sunday, which  might sound boring, but it’s actually quite fun. is  My Good School’s website meant to tell more people about it  and its programs.  Scroll down, and you’ll see what affordable education is to My  Good School. Then, as you scroll down, see the Happy Teachers section. This  section is for all the teachers.  Last but not least comes the Joy of Learning fund. You can donate  there to ensure good quality education for more children.  Click here if you want to visit too. As a bookworm, I recommend you join it. You can think of it as  a ‘special book club’ where we discuss the story and its hidden meaning . Aria Gupta Grade VI Gyanshree School

Meet and Greet with Karan Madhok

‘ A Beautiful Decay’ by Mr Karan Madhok is a remarkable novel that looks at the barbarity beneath the surface in countries like India and America and the toll it takes on the lives of innocents. Visceral and intense, this book dives into the dimensions of oppression we face daily. It resonates with our strength and resilience to get up whenever we fall. Tune into this podcast where the author of ‘ A Beautiful Decay’, Mr Karan Madhok, spills the beans on his novel. Anvesha Rana - Host from Gyanshree School Mr Karan Madhok - Author of ‘ A Beautiful Decay’  The album is covered by Rishona Chopra!

Meet and Greet with Dr Akash Khurana

At the Meet and Greet hosted on Sunday, the 29th of January, we met with Dr. Akash Khurana. It was an enriching experience for all participants. From reading the book Mentor-Morphosis to a conversation with Mr RP Devgan, it was all so exciting and wonderful!  We discussed how to find the perfect mentor and who can be a bedrock mentor? As explained by Dr Akash, a bedrock mentor is one who believes in you more than you believe in yourself and he/she plays quite an essential role in our life.  We all simply loved the experience and wish to meet him again, hopefully at the new My Good School Studio at Dehradun. Here is a small screengrab of our session:

The Subtle Art Of Writing 📜 - Oshi Singh

-The Bewitching View Of My Wonderland- Hey, I am Oshi Singh from Gyanshree. I am also an intern at the Joy Of Learning   Program . Some of you might know me because of my posts on the joy of learning diaries. I am writing this article to pay tribute to  My Good School for helping me find the missing 'ME' time in my life. The Sunday School has also helped me immensely, especially as a writer. Finding time to read every week and learning how to be a better person, the weekly conversations always help me a lot. Also, reading other people's life experiences and getting the best out of them is a new skill that I developed here at My Good School. The teachers and interns here have become like family to me. It has made me believe that this is  where passion meets education. I am thankful to everyone here who is helping me develop into a better human being and giving me excellent life opportunities. I look forward to getting to know the people better and collaborating with them. Al