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The Significance Of Touching Feet - Shaurya and Soham

"It was a pleasure to listen to Soham and Shaurya talking about the importance of touching feet, which I always believed in as it has a cultural and scientific relevance. I am happy they both follow what Sunbeam stands for to always understand ancient traditions while having a modern vision!!! I wish them the best of luck in life! Jai Hind!" -  Amrita Burman  Deputy Director Sunbeam, group of educational institutions, Varanasi Season 14, Episode 1 Sunbeam Schools are teaming up a new series! Touching feet, an act of paying respect, is a profound topic to listen to, from Ram's last act before leaving Ayodhya to Arjuna seeking blessings before going for the war. All this has the same act of touching feet and the exact reason for paying respect. But is it worth touching someone's feet, or is it just an abstract act of paying respect? Tune into this exciting conversation between Shaurya and Soham to know the true '' significance of touching feet''. Thank y

The Hidden Key 🔐 - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy, used for representation only. Climate change has troubled  us to be lone,  But all we humans do is just moan and groan.  But why can't all humans see, That soil is the answer; it is our key!  Long ago, carbon was balanced,  But the humans made it unbalanced.  The soil that once held tight, Had to be lifted from its site.  Deforestation and desertification were the results,  And most people didn't react to it, unlike good adults.  But all we need to do is store carbon in the soil, So that the carbon no more does its harmful spoils.  We should restore the soil and the Earth,  And in the end, all of it would be worth.  Nature's loving technology was and always be there, And protecting it should be the duty that we all should swear.  The answer is right beneath our feet,  We should always respect and further teach.  The problem and the answer are simply a matter of balance,  What we all did was simply a matter of out-balance.  Will the Earth no

Compassion - Sunita Mehta

3 feet everything!  Hey! how old can he be...was the first thought that came to mind when I saw a  hooded three feet nothing walking down the road that cold foggy morning. My frantic eyes searched for an adult. Should I stop? Should I report the matter at the police post around the corner? Should I just wait there for a while? This is no time for someone so young to be on this lonely stretch of road. I looked for a turn to go back. The rearview mirror adjusted as far as the eye could see, I slowed down. Suddenly, he was nowhere to be seen!  Headlines flashed before me...I had to help. I turned and stepped on the gas. Everything sinister than I had ever heard of or read about came rushing by, only to come to a grinding halt. There he was, my little hooded runaway, nestling a pup under his jacket, returning the puppy to its mother. All of them, cocooned world of their own! After all, goodness still exists in this world. Sunita Mehta Headmistress Gyanshree School Noida.

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