Sunday 9 January 2022

Compassion - Sunita Mehta

3 feet everything! 

Hey! how old can he be...was the first thought that came to mind when I saw a  hooded three feet nothing walking down the road that cold foggy morning. My frantic eyes searched for an adult. Should I stop? Should I report the matter at the police post around the corner? Should I just wait there for a while?

This is no time for someone so young to be on this lonely stretch of road. I looked for a turn to go back. The rearview mirror adjusted as far as the eye could see, I slowed down. Suddenly, he was nowhere to be seen! 

Headlines flashed before me...I had to help. I turned and stepped on the gas. Everything sinister than I had ever heard of or read about came rushing by, only to come to a grinding halt. There he was, my little hooded runaway, nestling a pup under his jacket, returning the puppy to its mother. All of them, cocooned world of their own! After all, goodness still exists in this world.

Sunita Mehta Headmistress Gyanshree School Noida.

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