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Monday 6 May 2024

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Prince Raj

"Work smarter, not harder" is a popular adage that emphasizes the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing tasks and goals. Instead of relying solely on sheer effort and labour, the phrase encourages individuals to employ strategies, tools, and approaches that maximize productivity and minimize wasted time and resources.

Here are some principles underlying the concept of working smarter:

Prioritize tasks: Focus on tasks that are high-impact and align with your goals, rather than getting bogged down by busy work or less critical activities.

Use technology and tools: Leverage technology, automation, and specialized tools to streamline processes and reduce manual effort. This could include project management software, communication tools, or task automation platforms.

Continuous improvement: Regularly evaluate your workflows and processes to identify areas for optimization and refinement. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning and improvement.

Delegate and collaborate: Delegate tasks when appropriate and collaborate with others to leverage their expertise and resources. Delegation allows you to focus on higher-level responsibilities while empowering others to contribute.

Time management: Practice effective time management techniques, such as setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and minimizing distractions, to make the most of your available time.

Work-life balance: Recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout and maintain long-term productivity and well-being.

By adopting these principles and strategies, individuals and organizations can achieve better results with less effort, ultimately leading to greater success and fulfilment.

By Prince Raj 
Grade: IX-D
Sunbeam Hostel Lhartara

Sunday 29 October 2023

How to find happiness in everything I do- TENZIN JAMBEY

Many of my friends say that hard work is the key to success, but I believe that hard work without happiness, peace of mind, love, and knowledge doesn't bring you success.
Happiness is the state of mind when we feel relief and are free from all the worries, and at that moment we feel satisfied. Human activities are never-ending, and they have no end point. Under this human desire is something that is unlimited and endless. The more you have, the more you want. Some people don't achieve what they want. How sad it is that in this short life we won't get what we want so desperately. Life becomes a burden if we do things we don't like; therefore, it is very important to find where our heart lies. Many people on this earth want to achieve everything, but we must understand that we can never achieve everything; we can only achieve the things where our hearts lie.

We will be able to achieve only those things that have a connection with your life and that you love. Therefore, we need to find a way, a medium, a sphere, or an environment where all the activities are to your liking. We would never find happiness in all the things we do.

Just an example of myself I never loved doing math, nor did I get happiness after solving any questions. In this case, how can one find happiness in things in which he has no interest? When I took environmental studies as my subject, I loved it, and I got both happiness and interest from learning it. Now, when I connect my life with this subject, I get happiness, as my life revolves only around the things that make me feel happy, not sad.
As our lives are so short, we should not waste our time doing things we dislike. We should always work hard, keeping in mind that we are putting hard work into things that give us happiness and satisfaction.

Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
Image Courtesy- Canva

Sunday 27 February 2022

Goals - Anvesha Rana

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan, not the goal."

When we are young, we tend to be passionate about everything, but our elders constantly ask us what we want to be as we grow. The honest answer is that most of us don't know because deciding one profession out of so many choices can be exhausting. As we grow, our options also keep on changing. For instance, when I was young, I wanted to be a dancer, but later I decided that being a teacher was better, and after a few years, it struck me that being an architect is even more fun. I am not particular about what I want to be, but I will ensure that whatever I become is my own liking and choice. 

Goals needn't always be about a career at a personal level; they may even aim for a social or national cause. Paul Kagame, Lee Kuan Yew and John F. Kennedy are three different people who had the same patriotism for their nations and the same urge to work hard for their countries. Their efforts did not go in vain, and because of them, their motherlands are now at the status they had once wished for. Big Goals need Big Efforts; they did not achieve their goals alone; millions of people helped them accomplish their target. 

Goals can be long term or short term. If we want a particular job, we will work for it till we get it, that's our goal whereas, if we wish for a good grade we will work harder to attain it. You can start today by planning your goal and setting a deadline for it since a goal without a deadline is only a dream. We all have a purpose in life, and it is our responsibility to discover and fulfil it. A life without a purpose is like a boat without a rudder. Consequently, each of us must have the flame of passion and dreams always ignited, for it is the fire that keeps us going. Always rise up to your goals. 

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 9-B, 
Gyanshree School. 

Monday 7 June 2021

Patience - Maheshpal singh

Patience is more of a skill that can be learned and needs constant nurturing. It is the state of being that occurs between experience and reaction. Whether you’re trying to be patient with yourself, others, or life, it seems to always involve the experience of dealing with delays or obstacles. By cultivating a practice of patience, you’re able to let go of things outside your control and live with less stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Patience is considered to be highly crucial for every individual in the world. Besides, it is also stated that the people who can wait long achieve better things than those with no patience since it is impossible to acquire success in a single day.

Through patience, an individual learns about the importance of effort and hard work and not only success. It is false to believe that everything, including happiness, can be obtained only through accomplishments. When you look at what it means to have patience, you’re ultimately talking about dealing with your thoughts and emotions. As a spiritual being, there is an unbounded, limitless presence within you that is constantly seeking expression.

Maheshpal Singh
Class - Vl
The Fabindia School

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Success - Harshwardhan Parmar

Harshwardhan Parmar
Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. Will power always has a successful shower. The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal; it lies in not having a goal. We must not look at our past mistakes but be courageous and keep moving ahead. Success is nothing but one’s happiness when we fulfil our desires. 

Most men have not achieved their destination because they had some talent or opportunity, but they presented what was at hand and achieved success. Fortune favours the brave. Many people who have waited for their luck to help them have won, and those who did their hard work by themselves had lost. It happens, but one shouldn’t lose hope. As rightly said, “Failure is the stepping stone to success". All great personalities and personages, who have left indelible prints of their lives on the sands of eternity, are the men and women who converted their failures into success. 

All successes originate in the mind. First of all, it makes its presence felt in the form of a vision, idea, inspiration, or a dream. Turning the mental concept into tangible reality requires a long effort and perseverance. The entire course that leads to the successful realization of one’s dream is ridden with obstacles, discouragements, failures, and setbacks. The person who wishes to be successful and is discouraged by failures can never taste the manna of success. The truth is our failures are our stepping stones by whose medium we reach success.

Harshwardhan Parmar
XII Humanities
The Fabindia School