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Two Girls On A Mic ▶️

Our script is ready and we will be recording this Saturday. We are doing the first podcast on mental well-being and Christa Ma’am joins and tells more about My Guide Inside. Tune in every month  Oshi and Simar, Gyanshree School

Road Ahead with Sandeep Dutt

 The show first aired on 28th January 2023 at 4.30 pm on 90.0 FM. Sandeep Dutt carries a huge legacy - Owner of Tne English Book Depot - Dehradun's Century-old bookshop - he has turned his passion for books into sharing his knowledge with the world - an author, mountaineer, Chairman of The Fabindia School as well as a School Improvement Coach with 200 podcasts in his kitty - his practical knowledge is gems for those who are seeking paths for self-improvement. Hear him on our programme Path Pradarshan as on Saturday - 28 January 2023 at 4.30 PM only on Radio Gham Chhaya at 90.0 FM #learningforward #joyoflearning #mygoodschool Radio Ghamchhaya is a Nepali Community Radio which is the first ever radio station established by the Gorkhali community, broadcasted in 3 languages, the radio station itself has a story. Play and experience the joy of learning!

Love @ My Good School

Play the episode Love @ My Good School My Good School Season 2, Episode 6 Recall the bond that connected you, remember the soul that touched you and let nostalgia engulf you as you recollect your tales from the land of the heart. Love, it’s love in the air as Anvesha and Simar are back with a podcast crafted with care, especially for you. We welcome you to My Good School Show Episode 6, where passion meets education, and yes, it’s love this time.  Tune into this beautiful conversation where Reveda, Amaira, and Saloni ma’am unfurl their stories filled with love. Join us in this celebration of love at My Good School and make it even more fun! Anvesha and Simar - Hosts from Gyanshree School  Amaira Bhati, Saloni ma’am - Gyanshree School  Reveda - The Aryan School    Comment below and let us know if you liked our podcast. If you want to be a part of similar podcasts, join us.  We hope to be back with a new podcast next month, and this time it will be all about Patience.  You will enjoy our

Amateur Drama - Rishona Chopra

Presenting a play truly takes effort. After all that practice, you need lots of confidence.  I love acting and trust me, I get really nervous. I tell my parents to sit in a corner if I am acting so they can't see me! After the show, I am really confident and happy. The most embarrassing (well, sort of) role was when I had to act as a man. I didn't like the part, but I did like it a little - It was a mix of feelings. There was also this role I loved- When I had to do the voicing of Dorothy. I liked it, but I was so nervous that I had to practice after school too! The audition is the worst part - You have to perform in front of students from other classes, and then you don't know whether you will be selected. At some point, I wish I were selected and then feel I wish I wasn't! Totto-chan was very sure about what she wanted; her path was clear in front of her. I wish I were like her - having the courage to decide on a play herself. I just wish I could see her play! A play,

Ahlcon Public School champions My Good School

"We had a GSA presentation at Ahlcon Public School . It was attended by 150 staff members.  The content  and delivery of the presentation were appreciated by each attendee. Thanks to Sandeep sir and all the interns involved - Rishona, Anvesha, Simar, Ananya, Vanshika, Akshat, Shirin, Jayesh and   Shaiva. Here is a glimpse into the video made while presenting". Ananya Bhatia, Ahlcon Public School and My Good School Intern.

Freedom- Aanya Kumar

We usually hear our elders saying, "Our country has freedom... I am free to do what I want." But, do you think they are right? Actually, to some extent, they are. Our country became free from British rule in 1947. We mark off this great, joyous and independent by celebrating Independence day. However, doing whatever you want doesn't mean to do crimes. But, the critical question is what is freedom. Freedom is when we do not feel as if we are under the control of someone. Let me explain this with a short story- Rihan was busy watching a show when his twin brother, Ashish, called him. "Oh! Stop this show already... we have things to plan for the party tomorrow," said Ashish. Rihan replied, "What for? And anyway, this is the limited edition of the show. I am lucky to get it..." "Tomorrow is Independence day. If our country was not free, we would be limited to do almost everything... even seeing these shows." At this, Rihan jumped up. His instant