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Learning Forward Podcast

Oh teacher, I salute Thee - Tenzin Nyingsel

"Teacher, a person who awakens joy in creative expression and knowledge," said the great scientist Einstein. They might indeed scold us or punish us, but that has always been what is done well for us. Whatever the teacher has always done for me has always been perceived as a valuable learning experience and never as an arduous duty. Teachers have always been the person in my life who've guided me on the right path of my life and have always encouraged me to move forward in my life.  At last, I want to say to teachers that whatever you've taught and have given lessons will always be walking by my side on my life path to which I salute you. Tenzin Nyingsel Pestalozzi Children's Village India

The Road Less Travelled - Rishona Chopra

There are two paths in life: the first is where you have many friends and where you are liked by everybody. You adjust and fit in the crowd. The second path is lonely. You only have a few friends and simply focus on your goal. Instead of fitting in, you stand out.  We can see thousands of bad examples around us, the ones we should not be influenced by. You can take the example of people who drink, who smoke, and teenagers who party all day and don't study. Often, we find ourselves trying to fit in with others. On this path, we see many people who don't like us simply because they are jealous. As it said, "If none hates you, you're probably doing something wrong"! On the first path, we find ourselves indulged with many people; we are happy, but as I said, around us are bad examples and hardly anyone good. Often, we get in touch with bad company and lose our way.  Although it is said to focus on the journey and not the destination, the goal keeps you moving in life.

Amateur Drama - Rishona Chopra

Presenting a play truly takes effort. After all that practice, you need lots of confidence.  I love acting and trust me, I get really nervous. I tell my parents to sit in a corner if I am acting so they can't see me! After the show, I am really confident and happy. The most embarrassing (well, sort of) role was when I had to act as a man. I didn't like the part, but I did like it a little - It was a mix of feelings. There was also this role I loved- When I had to do the voicing of Dorothy. I liked it, but I was so nervous that I had to practice after school too! The audition is the worst part - You have to perform in front of students from other classes, and then you don't know whether you will be selected. At some point, I wish I were selected and then feel I wish I wasn't! Totto-chan was very sure about what she wanted; her path was clear in front of her. I wish I were like her - having the courage to decide on a play herself. I just wish I could see her play! A play,

Out Of The Box - Reveda Bhatt

Thinking out of the box, People believe the path is hard, Paved with rocks. Just come to our world once! And, here, the world means a new way of thinking, And not another Earth; it’s not a pun! Reveda Bhatt Grade 9 The Aryan School

Why you should join My Good School? - Anusha Jain

Anusha Jain  Class 10 Ahlcon Public School My Good School works for the personal and social development of every individual. Find out how we work and what is in store for you? Discover more www.GoodSchools.IN  

Today Is The Day When You Define For Yourself - Rishona Chopra

Decision making and trusting our inner voice is indeed an art. The actual counsellor we have is our inner voice, our soul that understands our feelings and situation better than anyone.  Making decisions and choosing the right path is essential. It is better to choose a lonely path rather than a crowded path. Even as a child, when you try to stay on the right way, you feel the peer pressure, and due to that, you cannot make the right decisions. It's better to have one good friend than a group of bad friends.  Therefore it's better to go along the road less travelled. It means that we should not get influenced by others on the wrong path but should always trust our voice because it knows it all and protects us. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School