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Learning Forward Podcast

Change I have seen from my recent past - Tenzin Jambey

Time goes on. We become old, much more experienced as the year passes (like a changing season). Reflection on things and my surroundings has become a part of my life. And from them, I get life lessons. This summer vacation was full of learning and knowledge, indeed. Knowledge is something other than what you get by opening books.  Sometimes life and time teach you the best and most unforgettable teachings. So this vacation, I worked as a labour. Working under the orders of our boss was a different story. Well, for me, it was a lesson I learned that- life is not easy. For every human being, from poor to rich; and businessman to doctor, life is tough, and it is up to us- how we deal with it. The poor people think living a luxurious life is best and that money is everything.  We chase money like a donkey chasing a carrot tied with a rope to a stick, while the master controlling the carrot takes the donkey where he wants. It's just an illusion a donkey sees. And the same case is with u

Happiness - Avika Singhal

H appiness  is the feeling of contentment or when life fulfils your needs with a lack of worries. When people are successful, safe or lucky, they feel  happy. To me, happiness is my inner peace and satisfaction. Happiness does not have to be the same for everybody. It may differ from person to person. I am happy when I am living a moment fully like when I play basketball when I go out for a vacation with my family, when I play with slime when I go out shopping, when I eat my favourite food and when I have money, and I can help the poor. Such things light up my mood, and I put aside all my stress and live in the moment. Now the things can you pass your happiness to others so that they are happy too! Everyone likes being loved, right? Yes, everyone likes being loved and cared for. So if you follow the following things, then you can pass your happiness. Pass a smile to them when you get a chance Help them in their work Show them love and respect  Show that you care Be in a happy mood arou