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Saturday 19 June 2021

Happiness - Avika Singhal

Happiness is the feeling of contentment or when life fulfils your needs with a lack of worries. When people are successful, safe or lucky, they feel happy.

To me, happiness is my inner peace and satisfaction. Happiness does not have to be the same for everybody. It may differ from person to person.

I am happy when I am living a moment fully like when I play basketball when I go out for a vacation with my family, when I play with slime when I go out shopping, when I eat my favourite food and when I have money, and I can help the poor. Such things light up my mood, and I put aside all my stress and live in the moment.

Now the things can you pass your happiness to others so that they are happy too! Everyone likes being loved, right? Yes, everyone likes being loved and cared for. So if you follow the following things, then you can pass your happiness.

  • Pass a smile to them when you get a chance
  • Help them in their work
  • Show them love and respect 
  • Show that you care
  • Be in a happy mood around them
  • Tell jokes to each other(not offensive ones) laugh with them
  • Share your things and don’t remind them they favour repeatedly 
  • Be a good friend and keep secrets so that they can be warm and comfortable around you
Avika Singhal
Class VII
The Doon Girls' School