Thursday 11 March 2021

Tolerance - Diksha Choudhary

Tolerance is the ability to remain calm in every situation. It is a value that includes many values that a person should have like happiness,  respect,  patience,  humanity and many more, which will help to unite the people. 

We all live in a society, and society is formed by a group of people who have different elements or thoughts that make them different from one another. And if we don't have tolerance in us, society will lead to inner-violence, i.e. people will stop presenting what they want or stop talking to each other. To stop this, we need the skill to live together peacefully, again referred to as "Tolerance".

To be tolerant means accepting other people's opinions and preferences even when they are not that you agree with. Be tolerant is to be someone's support that will make him or her happy, giving him or her happiness. It also stops us, the young generation, from getting a feeling of hatred for others. It also increases curiosity for having new ideas. It will also give us the strength to accept others' values, and it is also to appreciate someone who will help him or her move forward in life.
We are living in a world where people of different backgrounds, cultures and religions are living together. To create patience and have peace between us, tolerance has become crucial and important to everyone, especially in a country like India, where people start fighting on the topic related to religion.
I want to give a real-life example of tolerance which I've seen myself. I met a girl who had been tolerant of her friend. They used to make fun of her, they always do taunting and are always humiliating her, but still, she didn't even speak against them.  Can you answer this? Obviously, the answer is that she respects her friendship, and she wants her friends to be happy, so she did this.
Finally, I would like to end my article with a beautiful quote ‘Life is just like painting draw the lines with hope, erase the errors with tolerance, dip the brush with lots of patience and coloured with love.'

Diksha Choudhary
Class XII Science
The Fabindia School

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