Tuesday 16 March 2021

Trust - Krishna Dave

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Trust is an essential thing in life, trust is hard to define, but we know when it's lost. It takes years to build but seconds to break, and it cannot regain. When a paper is crumbled, and you can smooth it over; but it's never going to be the same again. Trust makes the people believe in you like; when students trust, its a teacher, the teacher always tries to make the student future as bright as possible. Trust is fundamental to life, and it is always said that gaining someone trust is difficult, but it's not true if you build the nature of belongingness, then you can gain someone's trust easily without any difficulty. Faith and trust are two qualities that make a man great.

If you can trust, you are the person of courage because a coward person can never ever trust anyone in their life. When there is trust, communication becomes easy, and the goal can be achieved. It is a special thing to be trusted by someone. To be told, you are trusted is an even greater feeling. You should not trust anybody easily because people only take your advantage, always be careful before you trust anybody once you found someone you can trust then your life becomes good and sorted. 

Trust is like a good deed; it always comes in a good manner. Initially, being honest and trustworthy is the same because you never lie to someone, then automatically it builds someone to trust in you, which brings a feeling of happiness. For trusting someone, you should trust yourself first; if you can't trust yourself, then there is no way that you can trust anyone else because if you doubt yourself, then you will always doubt those around you as well. 

Trusting someone is always positive; trust is a scarce thing to find in life. It is always difficult to trust whom you don't know. Still, you should give one chance them by trusting them there will be two situations that person whom you trusted would break your trust then you should make that person your lesson by telling yourself that whom I trusted taught that you should never trust someone easily in your life or that person not break your trust, then you are lucky to have that person in your life. That person gives you good memories that give you the courage to deal with any problems in life.

Krisha Dave
Class- XII 
The Fabindia School
Image courtesy: health.hkej.com

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